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  1. Lavo added a comment on a file: Sign in through Steam   

    ​Do you by any chance have a large forum? (Over 250-500k+ members)
    EDIT: Just saw this was in the file comments, can you PM me?
  2. Lavo added a post in a topic: Sign in through Google   

    The file hasn't been updated to reflect any changes discussed so far.
    Google Login is vanilla functionality in 4.0.0, so this plugin will not be needed in IPS 4
  3. Lavo added a post in a topic: Support for TLS and a few other questions.   

    1. TLS is not something that IPB handles that will be handled by your webserver, so yes providing you have properly set it up it will support TLS.
    2. You can disable this on a per user / per group basis with ACP Restrictions.
    3. Yes, you can change your license url for free every 6 months and there is a charge if you move it more often.
    4. It is indeed a SAAS solution.
  4. Lavo added a record in IPS Extras   

    [UTF8 Converter 1.1.6] Copy utf8 tables to have the x_utf prefix for testing
    The database I'm working on is an amazing mess right now it's got a mix of latin1 and utf8 tables.
    What I would like to suggest is copying those existing utf8 tables to the new prefix as they would be missing otherwise.
    Another thing I noticed is that if I've selected to convert to utf8mb4 it doesn't convert utf8_unicode_ci to utf8mb4_unicode_ci
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  5. Lavo added a post in a topic: Sign in through Google   

    What issue are you having?
  6. Lavo added a post in a topic: Sign in through Steam   

    That is most definitely not the problem, did you by anychance test without your forums member sign in required on?
  7. Lavo added a post in a topic: Sign in through Steam   

    Can confirm, could you post the order of what your login methods are in? If steam is at the top, move it down and make sure that the default one is up there instead.
  8. Lavo added a post in a topic: Sign in through Steam   

    Could you post/pm me with your board url?
  9. Lavo added a post in a topic: Sign in through Steam   

    Can you click "Disabled" on the Steam login row, it should be showing as enabled.
    EDIT: I may have misread something...
  10. Lavo added a post in a topic: Sign in through Steam   

    Not on this one since this is just to provide a login service, however the one you are referring to can use that this stores in the database.
    I would say to go request it there, but you already have. :P
  11. Lavo added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Introducing the new AdminCP   

    Those action buttons better be ladda enabled! :P I like my eye candy.
  12. Lavo added a post in a topic: Add whoops for in_dev error handling   

    When we devs have in_dev enabled (or whatever the equivalent may be in 4.x) could you integrate this error handler into the core?

    Sure, you could say it's up to the dev to install that but that could require us to potentially reimplement it / swap our your own implementation every time an upgrade is performed.
  13. Lavo added a post in a topic: LinkedIn Login Method   

    I believe this is a security precaution that prevents people from logging into existing accounts that haven't been linked through the user cp.
    A temporary workaround would be to inform existing members that they need to link their account through the UCP, I'll make the error message more user friendly in the next release.
  14. Lavo added a record in IP.Board   

    Media dimensions fail to be set
    Take the following bbcode[code=auto:0] [media='400x300'][/media] [/code]
    When rendered, it spits out the following html*[code=html:0] <embed pluginspace="" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="best" loop="true" play="true" {height}="" {width}="" src=""> </embed> [/code]
    *Formatted for convenience :P
    See it in action at [url=""]this[/url] test topic.
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  15. Lavo added a record in IP.Board   

    BBCode Bug
    Not entirely sure what's going on here, but I just had someone on one of the forums I help out on post this... glorious piece of bbcode.[code=nocode:0] [spoiler][url=[/spoiler]][/spoiler][/url] [/code]
    The results of which you can see in my test topic if it's still around by the time you read this :) [url=""][/url]
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