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  1. Lavo added a post in a topic: SSL certificate to the IP.Chat server   

    ​I fail to see how this is a client problem that can be solved with a forum upgrade? Surely this is just applying a SSL certificate to the server, there's a whole bunch of wildcard certs you can pick up and install for cheap.
  2. Lavo added a comment on a file: Sign in through Steam   

    ​Do you by any chance have a large forum? (Over 250-500k+ members)
    EDIT: Just saw this was in the file comments, can you PM me?
  3. Lavo added a record in IPS Extras   

    [UTF8 Converter 1.1.6] Copy utf8 tables to have the x_utf prefix for testing
    The database I'm working on is an amazing mess right now it's got a mix of latin1 and utf8 tables.
    What I would like to suggest is copying those existing utf8 tables to the new prefix as they would be missing otherwise.
    Another thing I noticed is that if I've selected to convert to utf8mb4 it doesn't convert utf8_unicode_ci to utf8mb4_unicode_ci
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  4. Lavo added a record in IP.Board   

    Media dimensions fail to be set
    Take the following bbcode[code=auto:0] [media='400x300'][/media] [/code]
    When rendered, it spits out the following html*[code=html:0] <embed pluginspace="" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="best" loop="true" play="true" {height}="" {width}="" src=""> </embed> [/code]
    *Formatted for convenience :P
    See it in action at [url=""]this[/url] test topic.
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  5. Lavo added a record in IP.Board   

    BBCode Bug
    Not entirely sure what's going on here, but I just had someone on one of the forums I help out on post this... glorious piece of bbcode.[code=nocode:0] [spoiler][url=[/spoiler]][/spoiler][/url] [/code]
    The results of which you can see in my test topic if it's still around by the time you read this :) [url=""][/url]
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  6. Lavo added a comment on a file: Epsilon (Gaming/General)   

    Awesome skin and a friendly and responsive developer!
  7. Lavo added a file in Integration   

    LinkedIn Login Method v1.1.2
    With this addon users will be able to sign in with their LinkedIn accounts!
    Current Features: [*]New accounts signup seamlessly with LinkedIn. [*]Existing accounts can link their LinkedIn account to their accounts. [*]LinkedIn profile photos are imported to users avatars, new users are imported automatically. [*]Existing users can Import/Update their photo from LinkedIn.
    Any suggestions to improve this plugin? Post them in the support topic!

    I will be starting work on improving this application to make it a more deeply integrated app with IP.Board soon, thanks to those of you who donated!
    Want to speed up that process? Donate! I've reached the $65 target and will be starting development on the next version shortly, so now would be a good idea to post in the topic or PM me your ideas/feature requests!

  8. Lavo added a comment on a file: Sign in through Steam   

    There has been a way to allow users to sync their steam account to their existing account. This feature has been in it since 1.0.1(Which was released a day after the initial release~), if you look in the User CP you will find Manage Steam accounts and a button to Link your current account.
  9. Lavo added a file in Utilities   

    Save hook and reload v1.0.0
    This plugin will add a Save and Reload button when editing hooks.

    Really useful when your constantly editing a hook while developing it.
  10. Lavo added a file in Commerce   

    Minimum Donation Amount v1.0.0
    This plugin will allow you to set a minimum donation amount on IP.Nexus.
  11. Lavo added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    Sign in through Google v1.0.6
    This plugin will allow new users to sign into your forum through the Google OAuth authentication system.
    Uses no OAuth Libraries, solely IPB API.
    Configuration for Display Name usage, either to force input(MUST Allow Display Name Changes, else real name is used), or use information provided by Google, either full name, given name, or family name, and what group users registering through this method should be placed in.
    This Plugin will also Allow Existing Users to Associate Their Google Account with their forum account, and import thier Profle Photo For Use From Google.
    Shows an icon for users who have registered through google login within the acp members list.
    Includes a Wrapper Class for making further calls to google API Services as a site may need for the user on their authorization, and documentation thereof.
    Supports Google 2-Factor Authentication.
    Supports Mobile skin usage.
    Is Listed as a 'Community Enhancement' for 3.4.x administrators, to better manage the specific settings relevant to the modification.
  12. Lavo added a file in Integration   

    Sign in through Steam v1.1.1
    This plugin will allow users to sign into your forum through the steam open id authentication system. Existing users can link their steam accounts in the members control panel.

    Donations are appreciated if you would like to fuel my Dr Pepper addiction click here .
    This project is open source, you can find the GitHub repository here .
  13. Lavo added a file in Utilities   

    SolusVM VPS Stats v1.0.1
    When setup properly this will show more information in the server status area about the current vps stats such as current memory usage or hdd usage.

    If you are using 3.2.0-3.3.2 download version 1.0.0.

    Not Working, Everything displaying 0MB?
     [quote post="2208592"]
    To get this to work, you must add the port (of your API) to your servers (VPS) firewall allowed list. For instance, if you use https add port 443 if your API url is http://<panelurl>:2856 add 2856 to your firewall allowed list.
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  14. Lavo added a file in Maintenance   

    (LAV) Dashboard update notifications v1.1.1
    When entering the ACP, this hook will place information on the dashboard to see if any enabled applications or hooks, that have specified a update url, for any updates.

    If it detects an update it will notify you that there is one available and direct you to the page application manager/hooks page with the check for updates already enabled to list what needs updating.

    NOTE: If you are running 3.2.0 use 1.1.0 only.

    If you are running 3.2.1 or above use 1.1.1 only

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