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  1. ShawnGossman added a comment on a blog entry: IPS Job Opening: Piracy Dept.   

    If you ever need any more applicants, I have a degree in criminal justice with more than 10 years (mainly management) in criminal justice related work field experience.
  2. ShawnGossman added a post in a topic: Three important things for your website   

    Good topic!

    Grammar is what I have to work on the most. I get to typing so fast at times that I will miss words and in the end result, it looks like I am not an English speaker... haha. But I have blogs so they are giving me quite a bit of practice.
  3. ShawnGossman added a post in a topic: Converted from SMF, a few issues   

    Thanks R&R!

    It didn't seem to do the job but its a conversion so I'd expect some things to have issues :) Nonetheless, its not major.
  4. ShawnGossman added a post in a topic: Converted from SMF, a few issues   

    Howdy :)

    I just converted from SMF 2.0.5 and have a few issues:

    When a member (who has a lot of topics) clicks on topics or posts on the profile page, they only see what they have made post-convert. They don't see any of the content they created before the software was IPB.

    Also, are PMs supposed to be grouped on one page? Like seeing all them in the conversation on one page? If not, that is fine. If yes, that is not happening on my forum.

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