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  1. 2dub added a post in a topic: best answer 3.4.x vs 4.x   

    I too would like to see the best answer revived in an update. 
  2. 2dub added a comment on a file: Read That Topic/Announcement   

    Any forecast on when this would be available for 4.0?
  3. 2dub added a comment: View New Content and Activity Stream Merger   

    So with this would multiple users be able to review the same item and the system calculate a aggregate score. Also, would you be able to rate the same item under multiple categories?
  4. 2dub added a post in a topic: what is the extent of the facebook intergration? Any other Social Network apps?   

    So IBP does import status updates from FB/twitter???

    Is there a way to make it so it can only export to FB/twitter but not import from them?

    I've been getting complaints from members about the number of political type comments in the status updates.

  5. 2dub added a post in a topic: IPChat needs work...   

    I agree with most of the OP.

    I'd like to see a moderated chat option
    The ability to open multiple chat rooms.

    I don't care too much about the hosting.
  6. 2dub added a post in a topic: favicon.ico issue   

    Absolutely, The favicon and metaimage need to be maintained.

    I thought it was only me.
  7. 2dub added a comment on a blog entry: Nominated Charities   

    I'd like to nominate UMPS CARE Charities. www.umpscare.com

    UMPS CARE Charities is a 501©(3) non-profit established by Major League Baseball (MLB) umpires to provide financial, in-kind and emotional support for America’s youth and families in need. Through our youth-based programs, professional baseball umpires enrich the lives of at-risk youth and children coping with serious illness by providing memorable baseball experiences, supporting pediatric medical care, and raising awareness for foster care children waiting to be adopted.

    UMPS CARE Charities provides benefactors with ‘Major League’ support by remaining true to our established creed, “Helping People is an Easy Call”.
  8. 2dub added a post in a topic: Email integration   

    I just a member request this, and came here looking to see if it existed. It would be incredible.
  9. 2dub added a post in a topic: Is it possible to...   

    Okay I didn't think so but thought I'd ask...

    Thank you
  10. 2dub added a post in a topic: Is it possible to...   

    I have a member who would like to have a font other than my system default as his default. Is it possible to have a member specific default font?
  11. 2dub added a post in a topic: Interested in Nexus   

    I'm interested in Nexus because I believe it may be a good resource to replace subscriptions, manage my ads and more things I'm interested in down the road. I've read hundreds of posts about Nexus, but wanted to know if there was official documentation so that I can read and learn for myself the full capabilities.

    Is there such an animal?
  12. 2dub added a post in a topic: Moderated Chat Feedback   

    I think the moderation tools would take this to the next level. Please keep us informed about the progress on the next version.
  13. 2dub added a post in a topic: IP Chat questions   

    Exactly. A way for unregistered guests to participate by possibly quickly entering their name and email.
  14. 2dub added a post in a topic: IP Chat questions   

    If there a way to moderate chat? Specifically if I have a guest for a live chat I want to que all questions to the moderator who will select which get through to the guest as not to have a circus which can't be easily followed.

    Can those not registered use the chat? If I have a guest for a live chat I'd like to open it up so that non members can participate.

    Thanks in advance.

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