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  1. NightAngel added a post in a topic: Does IPB has @ mentions ?   

    No direct link but when the search starts by "@", there is an error.
    The search at the top right...

  2. NightAngel added a post in a topic: Mandrill Bouncer   

    Cool ! It's imperative that I test it !
    I also hope that a similar solution will be integrated IPB4 eg :-) It seems to me that Mandrill is natively integrated but interactions between IPB and mandrill are limited without the use of such a plugin...
    Thank you very much and good day !
  3. NightAngel added a post in a topic: Some questions about custom fields...   

    First I apologize if my subject is not in the correct forum.
    On my board , I have a custom field "vehicle" , a drop-down list from which the member selects his car (mark/model).
    For example : Porsche 911 (996), Porsche 911 (997), ...
    I proceed with a single custom field because it isn't easily possible to create a dependency between multiple custom fields ( a "model" field which depends of the field "marks").
    The "problem" ( everything is relative , I agree with you) is that members have several Porsche .
    I could duplicate my custom field ( drop-down list) with car 1, car 2, car 3, ...
    However I don't think it's very clean and this will cause problems when searching .
    For example, if a person searching owners of "Porsche 911 (996)" in the field "car 1" while the owner mentioned that vehicle in the field "car 2" .
    I don't know if my question is relevant and understandable, I do not speak English very well and I beg you to excuse me.
    Thanks and good day.
  4. NightAngel added a post in a topic: Host external pictures   

    Thank you for your reply.
    I think that this feature should be enable/disable by forum : no interest into forums such as "various topics", etc.
    I have a community of about 4,000 members, 5000 visits/day , 500 connected/days et I have immediately 4Tb of storage ( quickly expandable to 32TB).
    It was just a proposal :)
  5. NightAngel added a post in a topic: Host external pictures   

    Excuse me in advance if my post isn't in the right forum.
    I think it would be interesting to propose an feature for automatically retrieve external images.
    Indeed when a member uses the img tags, images are usually hosted elsewhere ... logic ! This isn't an immediate problem, but often members use external services free. A fter several days / weeks / months / years , the images no longer exist and sustainability issues arise... lasting quality.
    I must admit that because of the missing media, many old discussions lapsed .
    In my opinion this is a real problem especially since the primary interest of a forum is the richness of its content which should not be altered over the years .
    Forgive me if my words are not very clear, but English is not my native language .
    Good day.
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