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  1. CallieJo added a post in a topic: How to Restrict visitors to only seeing the Teaser Paragraph?   

    Thanks. Is there any way to show part of the article and then "else"?

    I think the OP would be better suited to show x many characters of the article before "else". It's really important not to only show the same message on all article pages. They must contain part of the content or it will indeed be useless for seo purposes. And I believe that's what the OP is asking for.
  2. CallieJo added a post in a topic: Nexus + "All" Official Addons   

    I'd really appreciate an answer. No answer suggests "no" I assume.

    I have a lot of ideas I'm trying to find solutions for.
  3. CallieJo added a post in a topic: Changing the default accept a friend from auto to manual.   

    If you read the blog entry about profiles you will see they are changing to followers instead of friends.
    If you scroll down the last page of the comments , I've asked about the purpose of the new "no follow" and whether they reconsidered privacy.
    If you are concerned about privacy, you might want to read this privacy topic where profile privacy concerns were addressed. You can read IPS's stance on why they don't see privacy as a top concern at this time, but you cannot reply since the topic is now closed.
  4. CallieJo added a post in a topic: Unlisted Privacy Option   

    This just makes perfect sense! A separation between what is useful in certain areas as opposed to the entire gallery. For those of us who use the gallery, we need more options to utilize it further. For example, it would be nice if users could store different avatars & cover photos to use for different times of the year without them showing up in the gallery where it's not relevant to the community as a whole.
    I recently posted something similar for a different topic :
  5. CallieJo added a post in a topic: How to Restrict visitors to only seeing the Teaser Paragraph?   

    I don't know if it's possible since I haven't played with IP.Content in a while.

    I'd like to do the same or at least a message to say you need to register to read more.

    We need more options.

    It's not good to have all those links to articles producing duplicate content in the search engines because the site is linking to a bunch of different pages with the same error message. A good way to help kill your SEO! And it's horrible for guests to land on pages with the same error message all over the place...not very useful nor user friendly at all!

    Your suggestion would at least show the teaser with different content on each page. Much better for SEO and most importantly better for guests!
  6. CallieJo added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Profiles   

    What about sites that are not just anonymous users?

    If using FB etc login & synced updates, a paid membership, a business community, a professional community, a local community,'s not that hard to figure out who people are. And people don't hide their identities as much as they did 10 years ago when identity privacy was most important. Today, privacy of user's "personal" content (profile updates, personal blogs, photos, videos, etc) is most important. Not so much their real names.
  7. CallieJo added a post in a topic: Interaction between post images and gallery images?   

    Good question!
    The only answers I'd suggest are:
    Members would have to be aware that all content uploaded to non-private albums are indeed public even if posted in private forums. Might become confusing for members, though. Uploaded images go into a private album that is used for posts, blogs, profile....but not shown in the gallery. VB3.7-4.x do this for custom profiles & blogs. Album & images not shown to others but themselves....but used in the custom profiles & blogs. You could have 50 backgrounds and the only ones showing anywhere are the ones used for customization on the front-end. No one sees your album. An admin setting to decifer whether or not each individual forum uses attachments or gallery. Not everyone will have gallery. But, for those who option to use it or not in each forum maybe. Private forums could be set to use attachments. Not sure if this would be a resource hog or not though.
  8. CallieJo added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Give a sample IP.Blog Theme   

    Thanks Michael. I appreciate you trying to help.
    Unfortunately, I'd really prefer an easy way for members to style their own blogs themselves. Originally I thought I could use examples to help them get started. But, it's too complicated for them to learn to code the css etc. I have an old community on vb3.8 that I'd like to move to something with better notifications some day. I just haven't found anything to match some of it's personal features that the community relies on. One being the member customization options of blogs. Moving it to vb4.x/5 is not an option I'm willing to make at this time.
    Thanks and have a splendid day*
  9. CallieJo added a post in a topic: Interaction between post images and gallery images?   

    It would be nice if all member attachments went directly to a default album for that user. And easier to reuse in forum posts, blogs, articles, etc. At least for those who own IP.Gallery...automatically placed in default album. Same with avatar/photo. No need to have different systems to manage all uploaded pictures.
  10. CallieJo added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Give a sample IP.Blog Theme   

    No, sorry...I have not.
    I don't have answers for IP.Blogs at all. It's just too complicated for members to customize right now.
  11. CallieJo added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Import from Picasa, G+, Facebook, Flickr   

    This is common today. What's more is that people use their "cell phone" to upload videos & photos to Facebook, etc. They are not going to download those to their phone and then upload to your community.

    I hear all the time " it's too easy to upload photos & videos to Facebook from my cell phone and too hard to do it in your community ".

    We need an easier way for users to upload their content from cell phones and an easier way to let them import their content from social networks into our community (as you suggested above).
  12. CallieJo added a post in a topic: Sort by "First Post Likes"   

    Yes, there should be.
    Especially if you have a forum you use likes as a type of vote/popularity. We should also be able to sort by ratings.
    ATM, we cannot sort topics by number of likes nor by ratings. These features are not utilized in the forum list at all. Only on the individual topic.
    Sorting by ratings is common on the internet. Sorting by likes is common in other paid forum platforms.
  13. CallieJo added a post in a topic: Nexus + "All" Official Addons   

    Will we ever be able to use Nexus with all other official addons like integration with downloads?
    For a webmaster niche type website, Nexus + Downloads is great.
    For the forum, subscriptions work great. You can buy a subscription to upgrade usergroup to see forums that that usergroup can see.
    What if we want to sell individual photos or albums in the Gallery? What if members want to sell albums or individual photos?
    What if we want to sell individual Blog content from the blogs? What if members want to sell a subscription to their blog?
    What if we want to sell article/database content from IP.Content? Again, you can buy a subscription to upgrade usergroup to see that content. But, what if you only wanted to sell individual content items? Then subscription is not ideal. Especially if you have a lot of individual content items.
    What if we want to sell access to calendars? Again, the usergroup subscription could help as a whole.
    So, what's left out of the above in the current way things work?
    IP.Content for inividual content items
    It would be nice if Nexus integrated with "all" official addons in a way that admins & members could benefit from. Many websites are not necessarily based on downloads.
  14. CallieJo added a post in a topic: Easy as Facebook to upload videos/pics from cell phone?   

    We have a huge project coming up. The biggest requirement is the ease of uploading videos and pictures from cell phones .
    It must be as easy as Facebook. Clear & straight to the point without requiring tutorials to teach people how to do it.
    Will the next new version of gallery in IPS 4.0 be as smooth as Facebook for cell phones users?
    If not the gallery, either the forum or blog would be a fine replacement as long as cell phone users can easily upload videos & pictures.
    This project does not share it's content outside a paid members' area and will not use Youtube or any other third-party site for any of it's content.
    The videos from cell phones is our biggest concern.
    The site is on it's own dedicated server and is not open to search engines, bots, general public, etc. It's a subscription site. Not worried about bandwidth, etc.
    Thank you & have a splendid week*
  15. CallieJo added a post in a topic: Video Blogging   

    I'd like to know the answer as well. Thanks.

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