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  1. .c0bra added a comment on a file: Warfare   

    Awesome skin

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  1. .c0bra

    Support is fast. /sarcasm

  2. .c0bra

    XGC is up for sale!

  3. .c0bra

    Created some new skins, for all of you! will be posting them up this week! hope you like them guys!

  4. .c0bra

    Created some new skins, for all of you! will be posting them up this week! hope you like them guys!

  5. .c0bra

    Taking a break from skinning Gears of War Skin will be up tonight and a few edits to Skyrim!!

  6. .c0bra

    Uploaded his first files for purchase!

  7. .c0bra

    Help me where do I go to download the Beta as I want to look into making a new skin for 3.2.0

    1. Glumbo


  8. .c0bra

    Cant wait for IPB 3.2.0

    1. Daren B.

      can't wait for it to be released :(

    2. Shadow82x

      you shall wait.

    3. .c0bra

      I am happy to wait, just excited and want to use it :)

  9. .c0bra » HT control

    Your not the Rightful owner of that skin so why are you selling it belongs to me thief

    1. TechModders

      nice site ! who designed it?

    2. TheRevTastic

      I believe he did.

    3. Paranormalis

      Really nice design there! You did a great job. I don't own a XBox but a PS3 otherwise I would join. Now, make one for the PS3! HAHA

    4. ørret

      Skinbox based site.

    5. TheRevTastic

      What do you mean by that?

    6. ørret

      It is brave, re-done i think.

    7. TheRevTastic

      Yup your correct then, just looked at the source, has brave in it :P.

    8. .c0bra

      It is indeed

    9. .c0bra

      I told Oliver so its all cool

  10. .c0bra » DawPi

    Great way to bring members to my site.
    I was going to ask if you would like to join my website we made a custom skin took us all week lol. http://xboxgamingcentral.com

  11. DawPi » .c0bra

    Glad u like it dude! :)

  12. .c0bra » DawPi

    Hey man great work with the referral system love it :)

  13. jeramie78 » .c0bra

    cool let me know when its done if you need a beta tester. Check my site xblforum.com

  14. .c0bra » jeramie78

    I will be turning into a modification once I finalized it.

  15. .c0bra » AnthonyKinson

    Hey man come check out XboxGamingCentral now
    Made a new skin

  16. .c0bra » Olivier Turbis

    You make bad ass skins keep it up man. I hope to join you one day!!! :)