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  1. Elbmek added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    Would this be the glitch that allows private messages to be sent to me, when they are addressed to somebody else? This has happened on a few occasions but not regularly.
  2. Elbmek added a post in a topic: Happy New Year 2014   

    Been with IPS for a while now Rhett.
  3. Elbmek added a post in a topic: Happy New Year 2014   

    Cant see any mention of this but I would like to thank the lads and lasses at IP for their brilliant customer support, in some cases, patience, and for the fabulously solid forum software. I cannot understand why people still use 'inferior' products when this is by far the best on the planet. I came over from vBulletin, best move I ever made.

    Happy, wealthy, and healthy new year to all the staff and to the members of this forum. Long may you reign.
  4. Elbmek added a post in a topic: Quote box   

    I think I might have solved it. Instead of my clicking on the speech bubble between <> and the twit logo, I clicking on the folder 'paste' first of the three brown ones. It said:

    Because of your browser security settings, the editor is not able to access your clipboard data directly. You are required to paste it again in this window.
    Please paste inside the following box using the keyboard ( Ctrl/Cmd+V ) and hit OK I just tried it in my forum and I still had to use the brown folder and paste into the box, but this time it did not tell me the browser security settings prevented etc etc
  5. Elbmek added a post in a topic: Quote box   

    + Clients 18,912 posts Posted 21 minutes ago
    I didn't even realize there was a paste button on the editor. I just used it and I see nothing about it needing a quote box. It does give a popup explaining that it can't access the clipboard directly (that's a security thing, it's not a bug, the operating system doesn't allow it) but you can paste there and it shows up without being quoted for me, I just pasted this from your post above:

    Darn thing worked for me, talk about call me a liar!!!! I am going to try it on my forum now.
    No still not working - could it be a setting, if so what might it be.
    I have tweaked nothing

    I just tried using right click and paste on a blank below - it took several clicks before 'paste' became active.

  6. Elbmek added a post in a topic: Fonts Adding to Forum   

    Thanks Mike, that's solves one little hitch, but could still do with more fonts as standard. Every forum I am in or have been in, members modify their posts according to taste. Invision should be no different (except better of course!!!!).
  7. Elbmek added a post in a topic: Quote box   

    I own an army forum and members post information and news on anything that is of interest to the members, eg: I post astronomical news from NASA and space.com; other soccer, military news and history. When I cut an item and open the relevant post/reply. I cannot click on paste because it waits until I open the quote box before it will let me paste it in.

    I have just copied a sentence out of your post, it will not lit me paste it until:

    I click on the speech bubble. It then asks me if I will allow access to the clipboard. When I click on ok, the text appears in the box ' What are you trying to copy and where from ?' now allows me to add it to the open text as normal. I am on Win 8 and IE10. It also did it when I had Firefox and Chrome. (but that's another story)!

  8. Elbmek added a post in a topic: Fonts Adding to Forum   

    No. I have an extra font in my forum, requested by the member. Every time there is an upgrade, it removed the font, so it has to be manually replaced.
  9. Elbmek added a post in a topic: Fonts Adding to Forum   

    I do not understand why we have so few - font preferences is prevalent and relevant.
  10. Elbmek added a post in a topic: Quote box   

    please please please stop the damn forum from insisting I use a quote box for cut and paste, it is VERY annoying and I don't want it!!!! :angry: