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  1. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: Some Pre-Sales Questions   

    you can either buy owned license thart lets you host IPB at same host where you got your Mybb and Wordpress so then youe e-mails wont be affected, but if you pick pre-hosted IPB then IPB will offer you email accounts i think :)
  2. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: Testing 4.0   

    nice i have renewed my license now to try out the alpha test version so badly :)
  3. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: Zetaboards Conversion   

    that one is coded in python since it has .py file extension so i doubt that it really does copy data from db it would mostlikely kinda use cache to clone category title, section title and so on but cannot convert members and posts since to convert those you need mysql database access which zetaboard does not provide, and that has been stated in a topic at zetaboard where some one asked for conversion script from zetaboard to IPB or so and the zetaboard said that they dont provide any database access or downloads at the moment so it will be impossible to convert the data from zetaboard to any other forum software right now.
  4. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: Zetaboards Conversion   

    invisionfree is based on older IPB version just that they modified it around :) but zetaboard idk how phpbb has a converter from zetaboard when they dont provide database copy or access :/
  5. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: Active member again   

    like Aiwa said you dont have to re-buy a license since once your old one expires it will only expire so then you gota either use invoice that says 25$ or request new one by following the reactivate steps as Aiwa gave you so it generates a new invoice on 25$ once that is paid it will be active for another 6 months so each 6th month you need to pay 25$
  6. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: Different Domains   

    yeah like Rhett said it has to be on same domain because ip.content requires IPB core to work since ip.content isnt stand alone script.
  7. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: IPB 4 will support php 5.5 ?   

    you can try dl this '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> it's a test file that will test your server to see if it meets the requirements :) also idk if this file is download able by non clients.
  8. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: Changing Plans   

    if you mean by upgrading package to higher on then all they do is modify your cpanel account or something or just that they modify license to allow more users and so on it does not effect IPB copy files or data at all.
  9. Jake Sully added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Front-end Responsiveness Round-up   

    Nice, can't wait to get hands on beta version off IPB 4.0 :)
  10. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 Cost   

    wait so if you already have an active license you wont be able to get 4.0? or is price changes only for new customers that decides to buy 4.0? while active ones gets free upgrade to 4.0?

    @Amerrrr i would defently not pay 465$ for a IPB license when IPB site itself has it for 175$ so 465$ is a ripp off for an IPB license.
  11. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: Upgrading from IPB 3.4 to IPB 4.0 Beta   

    wait what you bought a IPB license fro 465$? if so then you have been ripped off, a IPB license costs 175$ :)
  12. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: Upgrading from IPB 3.4 to IPB 4.0 Beta   

    wait isnt Q2 when final 4.0 of IPB being released? while before it the beta will be going on?
  13. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    Okay just wanted to make sure :) since i would be suprised if IPB decides all of sudden require every users who has a license to upgrade it to new one to get 4.0 but luckely that wont happen :)
  14. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    when IPB 4.0 is out will existing license work on IPB 4.0 as well or do we all have to re-order to get new type of key?
  15. Jake Sully added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    it's 31 days this month so today it's 15th march so how can that even be 16 days? if yesterday was 18 days left this month and today it's 17 if you count with todays day so idk how you missed 1 day.

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  1. alex.1096@yahoo.com » Jake Sully

    I see you are still active here. Just came back recently a few months ago. :)

  2. Jake Sully » JPavey

    well actually my friend only designs a .psd then she pass it over to a coder that codes it :) and you will get contact with coder offcurse :)

  3. JPavey » Jake Sully

    How much we talking and a full customization or just all images edit and some colours changed etc.?

  4. Jake Sully » JPavey

    Okay um maybe a friend of mine can make 1 for you for cheaper price? instead of huge expensive price :)

  5. JPavey » Jake Sully

    Not to bad, just thinking of buying a custom skin maybe :D

  6. Jake Sully » JPavey

    my site is going fine :) how is your site going?

  7. JPavey » Jake Sully

    Allright Jake, hows site going lately? :D

  8. Jake Sully

    is any 1 here a avatar fan?

    1. TheGamingCenter

      No, Just You...

    2. Jake Sully

      dont be rude TFC you allways seriously and rude. if your gona keep posting these rude stuff you mine as well not to.

    3. ørret

      Not a fan of avatar (though it's an awesome movie). I'm a star wars fan, or was. Actually gonna watch first movie made now ^^!

    4. Jake Sully

      aha okay :/ well i hope any 1 here is avatar fan that wants to join my avatar forum i made :)

    5. AlexJ

      Was never a fan of any single thing :) My likes keep changing :P

    6. Jake Sully

      lol AlexJ XD

    7. martin-al

      I really enjoy the movie, and looking forward to see the next one. But probably not that much fan as you.. ;)

  9. Jake Sully » Shadow82x

    Hi is it possible that you add my site banner/link on your site? And i will add you banner/link on my site :-) pm me with your awnser. Than You

  10. Jake Sully

    if your a avatar fan then you should join http://avatarmovieclub.com :)

    1. TheGamingCenter

      You really need to get that OCD Problem fixed...

    2. Jake Sully

      There is nothing wrong to make avatar site and you dont like the avatar movie so your just trying to be rude att Me.

    3. TheGamingCenter

      No, I like the movie you just have straight up issues with it. You would change your attitude if you knew who I was.
      Let's just say "I got banned".

    4. Jake Sully

      I dont have any issues att all.

    5. TheGamingCenter

      Have you ever had a girlfriend?

    6. Jake Sully

      Bah allmost, i will have 1 soon.

    7. TheGamingCenter

      How old are you anyways?

    8. Jake Sully

      Why are you asking for this kind of stuff? And im 19, you then?

    9. Olivier Turbis

      Oh god

    10. Jake Sully

      Whats wrong Oliver Turbis?

    11. Olivier Turbis

      Nothing's wrong Jake Sully why ask

    12. Jake Sully


    13. TheGamingCenter

      lol @Olivier

    14. Fishfish0001

      Im sensing some "Trollololol"ing

    15. TheGamingCenter

      I think you might be right :3

    16. xCurlyx

      you guys are too cool

    17. TheGamingCenter


    18. Shadow82x

      oh boy.

    19. Jake Sully

      Hi shadow82x

    20. iRobbo

      'TheGamingCenter' really needs to grow up he was yelling at me to give him rep on IPS over aim -.- Little boy.

    21. Jake Sully

      yea i agreed with you iRobbo :)

    22. Fishfish0001


    23. MagnumOpus

      Trolololololol +1 to anyone who gets the reference... no you're actually not getting +1 rep.

    24. Jake Sully

      Lol MagnumOpus