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  1. T-T added a post in a topic: Warning system in 3.4 reset negative warn_level values to 0 -- How can these be recalculated?   

    I guess it is also worth asking if future updates (3.4.3 for example) are going to reset negatives back to 0 again...
  2. T-T added a post in a topic: Warning system in 3.4 reset negative warn_level values to 0 -- How can these be recalculated?   

    I recently completed the upgrade to 3.4.2 from 3.3.x.  Some of my moderators noticed that some warn levels have been reset.  I am using both negative warn levels (-1 through -5) for bad behavior and positive (1 though 5) for good behavior.  This let us use the warning system as both a punishment for bad behavior and a reward for those who are helpful.  This system worked really well for us under 3.2 and 3.3.
    In 3.4, however, I noticed that all negative warn levels have been reset to 0.  Warn logs still show the negative values but overall warn_level values in the database reset to 0 for those that had negative values (pre-3.4 upgrade).  After the upgrade, new negative warnings are recognized and their warn level goes into -1 and so on so it still functions as it always has with regard to negative values being assigned.  All positive warn_level values remained untouched. 
    So it looks like part of the upgrade to 3.4.x involved resetting any negative values in the warn_level members table   Is there a way to re-calculate the warn levels so that pre-upgrade levels are restored?
  3. T-T added a post in a topic: 3.4+ Please bring back the ability to use negative numbers in warnings   

    My community has used negative and positive numbers in the warning system for many years.  This is used so that the warning system acts more like a warning as well as a reinforcement system.  Do something bad? Negative 1 is given.  Do something good and +1 is given.  These positive "warnings" (though we renamed warns) are a prize for being helpful and nice to others in the community in much the same way that negative "warnings" reflect bad behavior.  This was set up using -1 values for negative behavior and +1 for positive contributions  in the ACP.  It has worked wonderfully in 3.2 and 3.3.  once I upgraded to 3.4 all of the negative values were reset to 0 and IPB no longer recognizes negative numbers.  I am not sure if this is the result of this bug or some other reason...  Please bring back this ability to use negative values ( <0 ). 

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