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  1. Mat B

    It looks like you're writing a letter...

    1. AndyF

      The nasty paperclip tool ?

    2. Amy T

      What Andyf said.

    3. Katsuma

      3.2.0 should show that when a user types more than 140 characters.

  2. xCurlyx » Mat B

    Thank you for leading me on the right track this is soo confusng and new!

  3. Morrigan » Mat B

    I love your title! Just thought you should know.

  4. MijailR » Mat B

    hello!! almost a day pass since i open the ticket

  5. MijailR » Mat B

    i buy IP.Gallery and IP.Nexus but i have some questions.. can you access to the chat?

  6. MijailR » Mat B

    hello mat... can you answer my support ticket?

  7. DeLaGhetto1 » Mat B

    Please go to chat my friend needs help installing the Ip.Shoutbox

  8. .Peter » Mat B

    Ha! Welcome!

  9. DawPi » Mat B

    Oo, nice! :)

  10. AndyF » Mat B

    Welcome ;)

  11. Guest » Mat B

    Welcome to the team!