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  1. tazoul added a comment on a blog entry: IBSkin Sale! 25% Off ♥ PLUS ♥ Many New Skins Released!   

    Any future updates for a purchased skin are free of charge, or there is a maintenance fee?
  2. tazoul added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Calendar Improvements, Part II: Consistency   

    Now that Calendar will also support attachment & social sharing linking, I hope it will be one more reason to expedite to resolution of the image problem in Facebook :thumbsup:
  3. tazoul added a comment: Filenames of attached images   

    In one scenario the filename is fine (shows the original), in the other case it shows the renamed. This as I demonstrated affects all ipboard forums. Shouldn't both work the same way? I really don't see what is the use when the images are resized within the post, to use a strange filename? Why when the image is a popup, the filename is the original one?
  4. tazoul added a comment: Filenames of attached images   

    I have set it up so guests cannot see the attachments, just the filenames, and from what you are showing me then there is a problem when attachments are being viewed by members, if the images are set to be popups then the original filename displays, if the attached image is resized inline then the system-created filename is displayed. Would you like me to pm you a test account that I have so that you can see what I described in a previous post with the examples?

    I should also mention that this is not a problem specific to my site, the same problem also is recreated in other sites that use the inline resizing of photos. I have tried this in other ipboard forums that i am a member in, and I can recreate this problem. Here is one of the examples from invisionmodding.com, which use attached images like I do, that shows the problem, notice what the cursor says when hovering the image:

  5. tazoul added a comment: Filenames of attached images   

    Example 1:
    The above image that I put as an attachment and then added to post, maintains the original filename both when hovering over the small version, as well as when you click on it and it pops up.

    Example 2:

    In this link [url="http://www.suntbridezilla.com/topic/95-concurs-culinar-choco-lovers/page__p__577#entry577"]http://www.suntbride...p__577#entry577[/url] the attached image, regardless is you see the small size, or if you click on it to expand to the original size, has the renamed filename: [b]post-2-0-57950500-1296143482.jpg[/b] If I edit the post I can see that the original filename was: [b]2008_12_04-Brulee.jpg

    [/b]I suppose that in the first example the image has also being renamed byt the system, although this cannot be seen in a post, like in example 2.. In both examples the process to attach the file was the same, and in both the original images have been resized in the post. The only difference between the two examples is the way the image is being viewed, a popup in the first example, inline in the second example. In the first example it works perfectly as far as I am concerned. Why doesn't this happen in the second example? It should "Behave" the same, associating and showing the original filename and not the renamed one...
  6. tazoul added a comment: Filenames of attached images   

    [quote name='teraßyte' date='02 February 2011 - 05:04 PM']
    Because the file is saved with that name on the server so you can't simply replace the name and give out the link, it would just return a "File Not Found" error.

    At least that's what will happen if I get properly what you're saying.

    But it works on some examples I mentioned above, however it does not work when an attachment is resized and you click on it to see the full image... so since it shows the original filename when the full image is popped-up, why doesn't it work when it is being resized to full but inline? I hope you understand what I am trying to explain...
  7. tazoul added a comment: Filenames of attached images   

    [quote name='Hatsu' date='02 February 2011 - 03:43 PM']
    Just a few examples, why IPB does it this way:
    [list][*]The software has to guarantee a unique filename for each picture unless you want that a user accidently overwrites an already existing file.[*]Furthermore, it has to guarantee that the file system can read the name, think about all those languages with different letters.[*]The next thing is, that you have different rights for different forums and you can post images in a hidden forum. If you know the name of the image you can easily link directly to a file and avoid the permission system of IPB.[/list]There are certainly more reasons.

    Yes, I totally understand this, so as I said I suppose it also associates the unique filename it gives to an image, with the original filename, because the original filename is not completely lost, you can even see it when editing a post. What I don't understand is why when viewing an image it does not do the association and show the original filename which is the most convenient thing to do. It is better for a user to see a descriptive filename, for example "server_cpu_statistics.jpg" than something which makes no sense to them, nor to the original poster.
  8. tazoul added a comment: Filenames of attached images   

    Correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is that it renames the image, and also saves it, attachments are saved/grouped per month. However it keeps the original filename in the database, and when the attachment is shown then it correlates the original filename with the image saved. So when someone looks at the image, the image has a meaningful name (which is usually the case), regardless if the image is resized, or if they click on the image to see the full size. Similarly this also helps when trying to do a search for a specific attachment...I don't see the point nor it is usable if attachments are shown to the members with filenames that mean nothing...
  9. tazoul added a comment: Filenames of attached images   

    And one more question if you don't mind... for example, in this post [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/312246-download-sos31-show-forums-moderators-v200/page__view__findpost__p__2073571"]http://community.inv...ost__p__2073571[/url] aren't the images attachments? Why they seem to have normal filenames and not like the one I described above?

    Here is another example... an attachment I made in a topic in the community forum [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/328746-download-hide-links-from-guests/page__view__findpost__p__2064524"]http://community.inv...ost__p__2064524[/url] How come and my attachment retained the original filename?
  10. tazoul added a comment: Filenames of attached images   

    I haven't noticed that until recently. Is there a way to preserve the original filenames and prevent the auto-renaming?
  11. tazoul added a record in IP.Board   

    Filenames of attached images
    I notice that when someone attaches an image to a post, the image gets renamed to something relevant to the post. For example if a [b]photo.jpg[/b] is uploaded, it will be renamed to something like [b]post-2-0-41814700-1296518353.jpg[/b] A good example can be found on this page of my forum: [url="http://www.suntbridezilla.com/topic/89-top-5-cele-mai-ciudate-verighete/"]http://www.suntbride...date-verighete/[/url]

    I am almost sure that a while back this was not happening, so I have no idea what triggered this. How can I change it back?
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  12. tazoul added a comment on a blog entry: Buy 1 Skin Get 1 Skin Free!   

    Didn't receive an answer in time either...
  13. tazoul added a comment on a blog entry: Buy 1 Skin Get 1 Skin Free!   

    If there is an upgrade to a skin, do we have to pay for it, or you only pay once for a skin and get free upgrades?
  14. tazoul added a comment: "share this link via Facebook" not functioning properly   

    It's the same problem, once it gets solved it will work everywhere.
  15. tazoul added a comment: "share this link via Facebook" not functioning properly   

    [quote name='bfarber' date='01 December 2010 - 02:49 AM']
    which happens to be one that is specified via a meta tag...probably if you remove the meta tag Facebook will give you the options you're looking for).

    I have removed the meta_image from the ACP and the problem still remains...

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