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  1. paulnwb added a comment on a file: Topic Moderators   

    I'd purchase this if you could chose to specify which forums it can be used in :)
  2. paulnwb added a post in a topic: Little tweak for a better looking forum   

    I wouldn't class half of that as essential information, I mean, who really cares about what member no. someone is? The joined date is also viewable in the member profile area. I really don't see the need for it.

    Just clutter in my eyes, but each to their own :)
  3. paulnwb added a comment on a file: ProMenu Plus   

    Been using ProMenu 2 for a good while now. Was expecting the option to pay a renewal fee for v3, however, this app offers a lot and as far as the support topic goes, it is well maintained.
    More than happy to buy again :)
  4. paulnwb added a post in a topic: Overall Feedback of Latest Upgrade After 2 Years   

    For a mobile app, I've installed Tapatalk for my forums. It's free to install on your directory but your members have to pay for the app.

    It supports:
    iPhone iPad BlackBerry Android Chrome

    When creating or replying to topics, you can upload pictures and they will be hosted by Tapatalk:

  5. paulnwb added a comment on a blog entry: 3.3.x skins now available - IPBForumSkins   

    Brilliant mate. A donation will be on its way!!!

    [quote name='steve922' timestamp='1332626166']
    Sure would be nice to have updated skins on Skinbox.

    Ehren will get it done, be patient. Just remember where Skinbox would be right now had he not taken it over ;)
  6. paulnwb added a comment on a file: Classifieds   

    A clean application that will compliment any community.
  7. paulnwb added a comment on a blog entry: Classifieds 1.1 Released   

    Excellent, I've just bought it. This was the major application I was waiting for. Thank you very much, Andy! :)
  8. paulnwb added a comment on a file: Header Links   

    Just what I needed. Thank you!
  9. paulnwb added a post in a topic: Dates should be localised   

    Yup, me like
  10. paulnwb added a comment on a blog entry: Add custom pages to your board   

    Just purchased this. The custom URL's tipped me over the edge to buy it. Cheers Ryan, just what I need :)

  11. paulnwb added a post in a topic: So far, disappointed by how far Gallery 4 misses the mark   

    Apologies, but I'm unable to find such suggestions. I'm only able to direct myself to other posts/threads which state your feelings and opinions about the (so called) problem. Not anything, which suggests how it could be implemented.

    Please, could you point me in the right way?
  12. paulnwb added a post in a topic: So far, disappointed by how far Gallery 4 misses the mark   

    Jesus, all this rubbish about watermarking. If you're worried about disk space, then simply disable it and just have users watermark their pictures before uploading.

    I've got to say, Matt is doing his best to make everyone happy. I've heard criticism about the watermarking system in Gallery 3 and it's good to see he's took that on board and has made it so you can change the watermark on an image. If that means a second image is stored, then so be it.

    Ditchmonkey, to me, you're coming across as insulting. Matt has implemented a solution and if it's one you're not happy with, are you able to suggest how it should be managed? The way I see it, the only way to let you change a watermark, is to do what Matt has done.
  13. paulnwb added a post in a topic: Live sites?   

    Hi bud, feel free to take a look at my store:
  14. paulnwb added a post in a topic: Multi-Community Forums In One   

    Hi mate, as both a biker and gamer myself, I think keeping your gaming site independent and creating a separate biking community would be better.

    I've noticed your Velocity Gaming board is relatively new. Would it not be considered best practice to concentrate on attracting gamers to the site, instead of changing your point of direction with it so soon?
  15. paulnwb added a post in a topic: Product Information Page   

    Another alignment suggestion from me. This is one thing which I feel looks really untidy.

    At the moment, the description/information is wrapped around the item image. Is it not possible to keep it aligned using two columns?

    Currently like this:

    Maybe have it like:

    Anyone else agree?


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  1. paulnwb

    WOW, only just realised payment methods couldn't be selected by my members in Nexus. Take it this was an issue in 1.0.2?

    1. AlexJ

      Yes. Fixed in 1.0.3 Update it asap.

    2. paulnwb

      Yeah man, I did haha

    3. Collin S.

    4. paulnwb

      I've sorted it now, Collin. Thank you.

  2. paulnwb

    Thanks for the comments, fella. I'm in Liverpool. Been here all my life!

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    Eh up lad. Where in the north west are ye based ? Am a Bolton man myself, living in Ireland since I was a nipper....
    Liking your site btw.