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  1. NenaDice added a post in a topic: Show yourself   

    Here is a picture of me taken last summer.

  2. NenaDice added a comment on a file: Top X Stats   

    You can view it on the top or footer or both places.
  3. NenaDice added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    I liked it a lot as well. It looked very nice and sharp.
  4. NenaDice added a post in a topic: IP Converter Problems, All members showing as Guests?   

    Did you run the rebuild option afterwards btw?
  5. NenaDice added a post in a topic: Ads? What the heck?   

    That is why it is always best imho to do some checking first before rushing and making posts like you did in the OP. Just saying :)
  6. NenaDice added a post in a topic: Forum Community Website rated #1 and uses IP Board / Invision   

    Congratulations :)
  7. NenaDice added a post in a topic: Ads? What the heck?   

    I do not get any ads here either. Most likely, as pointed above, it looks like your pc might be infected. Run a scan with a antivrus/antispyware program.
  8. NenaDice added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    Featured Users v1.0.0
    This application will allow you to add a member/members to the featured list. That would be ideal imho to reward your most active and/or popular members by placing them at the featured list. 

    Users added to the featured users list will appear randomly. Every time that the forum page is refreshed a different user will appear. Anytime that an user has been added to the featured users list, he/she will receive a notification about it.

    You can display the featured users list at the top of your forum index, bottom or sidebar. You can also enable and disable the application, choose the group/s that you want to view them and as last but not least you can also control the avatar size of the featured users.
    Installation: To install the application, unzip the mod package and upload the contents of the admin folder inside your admin folder keeping the structure intact. Then go to your Admin Panel->Applications & Modules->Manage Applications & Modules and on the right side where it says: Applications Not Installed you will see a new application added called: Featured Users. Click on the install button.

    To configure it go to the Other Apps tab then from the drop down list choose Featured Users and it will take you to the Application 's Management Area area where you can add featured users and set the settings.

    Under the Configuration Tab you can:

    1) Add users to appear at the featured users list.

    2) Add a note, (optional), to let your users know why that particular user has been added to the featured users list.

    3) Manage the featured users and the notes.

    Then at the Settings Tab you can set the settings for the following options:

    1) Enable/Disable the application.

    2) Choose the position where you would like to display the featured users block. At the top, bottom or sidebar.

    3) Choose the group/s that you want to view the featured users.

    4) Choose the avatar size of the featured users.

    Configure everything accordingly to your needs/likings.
    For more info on how the application looks like when being used, please check out the attached screenshots.
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  9. NenaDice added a post in a topic: A story of a marketplace refund or how I am pushed to the dark side.   

    Can you please elaborate a little further here? What custom javascript is that? That from the mod or your own custom code? Because the way I see it it looks like the extra work needed is more than justified and it is naturally that it will cost extra if the developers chooses to charge for his/her time/work.

    I do not understand why you are complaining about Ips. When you download a third party mod here firt of all you do that at your own risk and second there is an agreement that you have to agree before downloading a mod. Not to mention that there are no refunds regarding digital goods once they are downloaded. That is in paypal 's tos as well I believe. Also from the look of it when you have submited the other tickets that you are complaining about, you are asking for new functionalities that are not in the software. Hence their answer that you should post in the request forum for an extra feature that you would like to add to your forum.

    Your threats about joing those russian sites that rip off other people hard work to use stolen mods is not cool at all. I will be very blant here, I would say you leaving this community is a good riddance.
  10. NenaDice added a post in a topic: How long is it normal to wait for support to answer?   

    According to Lindy 's post you have started the ticket less than a half day ago. Why are you saying that you have been waiting for days? Lying/exaggerating is not the way to go no matter how frustrated you get.
  11. NenaDice added a post in a topic: Users Online   

    @Rated, I would appreciate it if you did not pm me about your forum issues. I am trying to help you here. Telling me in private, and I quote:

    I find it highly offensive and rude. What do you think, that I am here to do your bidding? If you can not wait patiently until you are helped then you can either hire someone to look into this for you or find someone else to do your bidding for free or submit a ticket at your client center.

    Whatever you do, do not contact me ever in private anymore.
  12. NenaDice added a post in a topic: Users Online   

    Did you do any modification to your forum prior to that happening? Can you atry to truncate the session table btw and see if that would help?

    If it will not, then as adviced above, open a ticket at your Client Center as it will take some looking into.
  13. NenaDice added a post in a topic: Users Online   

    Can you post the link to your forum?
  14. NenaDice added a post in a topic: "You earned commission!" email   

    I second this as well. It would be indeed a nice addition.
  15. NenaDice added a post in a topic: Theme adaptation, database transfer and other similar stuff - Paid job   

    Can you please elaborate a little further as to what you meant with: "proper database and redirect setup."?

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  1. Spud1 » NenaDice

    Hi NenaDice, i'm stay for to buy a your product.... as well, i have seen the hide links for guests and hide all tags....i'm confused.... in hide all tags can be used to hide the tags only for the guests? thanks

  2. lmbuehrer » NenaDice

    ok so I got IPB up and running, but now I'm at the hard part I beleive.. think this would be easier via IM?? If not.. If were both online at the same time we can go to chat, but this is my first time using IPB and i'm going from smf to ipb so it's alot different for me.

  3. NenaDice

    You are most welcome. Glad to have been of help :)

  4. Joey_M » NenaDice

    Thanks for your help with changing the 'forums' title tab, much appreciated mate! :)