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  1. Rici added a post in a topic: Check SEO and Meta-tags (Search Engine)   

    It always breaks at 36% testing...
    (Doesn't look too good until that btw...)
  2. Rici added a comment on a blog entry: Get Ready For IPS 4.0!   

    Imho the script should lead the user directly to the download path of ips4, when their system check was successful. And i'm speaking of today of course! :D
    (I feel so unbelievable ready!)
  3. Rici added a post in a topic: Where is the app of the languages?   

    I guess he is speaking of the page here on the community, were members could provide single translation strings for IPS (in different languages) which then could be downloaded as a package.
    In fact, I also wouldn't know where to find them any more. :D
  4. Rici added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 Beta Released for Active Licenses only?   

    Its not always that easy to just say "Take 3.4.6 and you are gonna be happy (forever)".
    I'm waiting for years now to upgrade my vB3 to IP.Board (or Suite when 4 arrives). I made my decision to wait for IPS(4) when it was announced for the first times, cause I didnt want to go through all that conversion/upgrade, design and "addon" work twice. I gave that information to my community and since then... they/we wait. For months and years now...I forward all the informations given here about how cool IPS4 gonna be and all the stuff it'll make so much better than ever before. And still: as it is today we are still on vBulletin 3. And I dont want to take the "risk" upgrading to IPB 3.4.6 this weekend to be informed about the beta release of IPS4 on monday.
    I bet I'm not alone with such a situation. As I mentioned, I really love the work and effort developers here put into their product. But the absence of release information is not always easy to handle and thats why I hope everyone will at least try to understand the situation of others.
    Bah... its too early in the morning. Sorry for all dat awful English. -.-
  5. Rici added a post in a topic: Question Regarding IP Board   

    Hi there.
    First things first: no, of course this is not the right forum. As you mentioned you already bought your IP.Board, so "Pre-Sales Questions" won't be right for sure. ;)
    So, you already got a board using another software and want to convert to IP.B? There is a converter script you should for that transfer.
    It will make your databases content "usable" for IP.B. The files on your webserver (what you called "ftp") won't be needed any more, as they are replaced by those from IP.B.
    So: backup your old files, upload the new ones from the package you downloaded here, install a new IP.Board and use the converter script to get your data.
  6. Rici added a post in a topic: Is there any way that u can get new news directly?   

    Not quite sure if "pre sales questions" really fits it (guessing this topic will be moved soon), but I guess what you are looking for might be rss feeds ?
  7. Rici added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 Beta Released for Active Licenses only?   

    I really could understand argumentations from both sides.
    As I'm software (or at least web) developer myself I really know that whooshing sound mentioned earlier. Nevertheless both my customers and bosses want to know about when projects, sub-projects, tasks and so on are going to be finished.
    I could hardly more appreciate the way devs are taking here, by tweaking the final product near perfection; all I wished for were informations about the progress more regularly (love those company and dev blogs!) instead of giving us two entries in two days and then going silent again for the rest of the month. :(
  8. Rici added a post in a topic: Disable/Change "About me"   

    There might be another way of achieving this:
    Instead of a "hard" disable of areas like "About me" e.g. you could try to edit your profile view template (if your concern is really just about this page).
    Wouldn't be too hard to rearrange your profile informations there or change some headers, phrases and so on.
  9. Rici added a post in a topic: Is there a way to proctect your ipb skin from getting ripped?   

    Not one thing going online to the internet is protected from being stolen...
  10. Rici added a post in a topic: What does this option do?   

    Imagine the following category-arcticle-structure
    You are viewing category 1.
    If your option is disabled you will only see subcategory 1 here.
    If your option is enabled you will see subcategory 1 and all articles listed below it ( article 1 & article 2).
  11. Rici added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Embeddable content   

    Made my morning
  12. Rici added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Q&A Forums   

    What I took from the blog entry, was not to make every ipb/ips admin turning his site into stackoverflow, but to give them the ability to switch a forum to a new mode here and there... Its still part of the forum/board package after all.
  13. Rici added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Q&A Forums   

    I hope one blog entry per month isnt the new interval. Really need more of this cool stuff! ;)
    Really appreciate this feature - guess half of my (sub)forums would make really cool q&a ares....
  14. Rici added a post in a topic: Regenerating Sitemap.xml   

    The info text is speaking about 10.000 topics, not 10.000 posts.
  15. Rici added a post in a topic: Spamming Forum is watching your Community Index? :rofl:

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