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  1. Jamie. added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor   

    Cool :tongue: is it in beta 2 ?

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  1. Jamie. » Jason H

    Nice name lol

  2. BurtonBoy » Jamie.

    v.LabeLz.x Add Me Babe

  3. Jamie. » Andy Rixon

    Hey andy i see your an Active C now, come on skype plox

  4. Jamie. » .Corey

    Hey can you send me the premium sneek peek vid of v5 plox :P

  5. Junkyard129 » Jamie.

    Can you do the tabbed skin thing for 3.1.4? If so, please PM me! Thanks!

  6. Jamie.

    Just made a simple skin with tabbed categories Waiting for it to be approved

    1. AndyF

      It 'almost' is, you have a PM :)

    2. Jamie.


  7. Jamie.

    Just made a simple skin with tabbed categories Waiting for it to be approved

  8. Jamie.

    Quick Question : Can i change Community Forum Software by IP.Board into "Site Name is powered by IP.Board" ?

    1. Lewis P

      You'd be best to send in a ticket for this. I can't imagine it being a problem as long as it is correctly linked back here, but to be sure...

    2. Jamie.

      will do

    1. Breadfan

      You really don't know who Pitabite is? You're kidding right?

    2. Lewis P

      .... I have no idea. Should I?

    3. The Heff


    4. Jamie.

      im jw as they are a IPS Market mod

    5. Ryan H.

      Probably an account used by Tera for testing purposes.

  9. Jamie.

    Will nexus and content beta for 3.2 be out soon ? sorry for asking

    1. TheRevTastic

      No because 3.2 is beta, they don't support beta help etc like that.

  10. Jamie.

    is the beta out ?

    1. Charles


    2. Jamie.


    3. Jamie.

      Time :)

  11. Jamie. » Andy Rixon

    Hey andy pandy

  12. Jamie.


  13. Jamie.

    Hopes there will be another "Complete the Suite Promotion" for the 3.2 beta

    1. rsyvarth

      Agreed, I need to get some of the other applications so I can develop for them...

    2. ShadyX

      oo i would love a sale to add to one of my licenses :D

    3. AlexJ

      I need that one too :)

    4. .Ian

      I believe one offer just finished if you follow IPS on twitter.

    5. ShadyX

      Pah :( makes me feel the need to open a twitter for such occasions :P

    6. AlexJ

      I didn't knew about that either :( Twitter damm u!!

    7. Jamie.


  14. Jamie.

    Loving 3.2 cant wait to renew

    1. Grime

      Ooh. I don't see that.

    2. Jamie.

      its becouse its hidden :O it might be a drop down where we get to put app links :)

    3. .Ian

      It is for when there are more apps - it automatically drops down to a second level

  15. Jamie. » Sammy Nicole

    yep sure i forgot the pass to it but i know it now

  16. Sammy Nicole » Jamie.

    Can you use XBN Skilled instead? That account is not banned... ^^;;
    If you want to still use XBN Jamie, I'll have to contact an admin to unban it.

  17. Jamie. » Sammy Nicole

    any chance that i could be unbanned then ? my User is XBN Jamie

  18. Sammy Nicole » Jamie.

    Ah yes, IPS Spam Service has been activated in our forums. So that could be the reason why.

  19. Jamie. » Sammy Nicole

    do you have ips spam service ? as it counts my xbnation email as spam all the time :@ but any way ok

  20. Sammy Nicole » Jamie.

    You sure you were banned? I'll check with your account if you're banned but, I wasn't informed that you were banned.

  21. Jamie. » Sammy Nicole

    i didnt sign up today i signed up about 2 days ago and no my name was XBN Jamie or XBN Skilled

  22. Sammy Nicole » Jamie.

    The server's down at the moment so how can you sign up? Oh and make sure you don't sign up with your username "XBNATION.COM" or any other domain name. I'm not the owner of the site, but I'm one of the top people there and the owner doesn't like advertisements.