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  1. TCB added a post in a topic: Global Forum Message   

    Fantastic hook.

    One question though: it is also showing in the IP.Gallery. Is it possible to either disable displaying it there, or have its own unique announcement? :D
  2. TCB added a post in a topic: Queued Items   

    Looks excellent, can't wait to install this one

    Thanks a lot
  3. TCB added a post in a topic: Fixed width layout   

    Of course the customer should be able to decide if he wants to use the forum with a fixed width or floating. This should be nothing more than a setting in the ACP.

    I don't care which of the two is better. Instead of having a debate on this, just give us the option and let us decide for ourselves (like vBulletin does for example).
  4. TCB added a post in a topic: Do you want the ability to re-size photos (avatars), to come back?   

    I've upgraded to 3.2.1 but can't find this new feature anywhere. Where should it be?
  5. TCB added a post in a topic: Saved Queries   

    I won't be using this very often, but it'll be very useful for those moments I'll do be using it :D

    Thanks a lot
  6. TCB added a post in a topic: Download: Fusion Menu   

    Does it work on your live-board, or do you only have it installed on the test version?
  7. TCB added a post in a topic: Bump Up Topics   

    I like that addition as well: when topics are getting headed, instead of closing them, you could also debump them: make last post date one day older. This causes the topic to move to another page on the forum index. Fantastic tool.

    But as the hook is right now: very good also. Thanks a lot for making it and sharing it with us.
  8. TCB added a post in a topic: Why 3.2 ?   

    I also have this overkill of white lines when I reply or start a new post. Horrible

    I'm on Chrome (Mac)
  9. TCB added a post in a topic: Enhanced Gallery Images in Board Index   

    d'oh! So obvious and still I overlooked that possibility :P

    Could you add the option to select the albums to show (or to ignore)? Right now it's all albums or just one
  10. TCB added a post in a topic: Image Approved By   

    Allright, thanks for the clarification (and the hook)
  11. TCB added a post in a topic: (LAV) Dashboard update notifications   

    I agree with the slowdown of the admin after installation. I think one check a day for updates would be sufficient for me (cronjob?). Have disabled it for now, but will enable it as soon it stops checking for updates each time I visit the acp.

    Thanks for the hook anyway (y)
  12. TCB added a post in a topic: Enhanced Gallery Images in Board Index   

    Thanks for creating this free hook, I really appreciate it.

    Question though:
    * Currently it's showing two Last Images blocks (the default one and yours): how can I remove the default IPB one?

    For a future update could you change the settings so that we can select more albums (or select albums to exclude)? Right now it's also showing Members Albums, which are not that interesting to show all visitors
  13. TCB added a post in a topic: Image Approved By   

    Thanks a lot! A real handy addon for the gallery.

    I've installed the hook (and it's showing under the 'installed hooks'), but the 'approved by' line doesn't show. Does it only work for images approved áfter the installation, or should it also work for images approved prior to the installation?
  14. TCB added a post in a topic: Portal or Content summary page   

    hear, hear..... it's extremely user unfriendly and throws community managers back to the Old Ages. It's the most old fashioned way of setting up content pages I've seen in many years. I really thought that it would be at least as intuitive as vBulletin or Wordpress. Boy, was I wrong
  15. TCB added a post in a topic: IP Content Basics Video Tutorial   

    I guess nobody's listening.... the term 'feedback' and 'official support' hardly means anything on the official IP board. Most of the help comes from other IPB customers. Very weird and hard to get used to.

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