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  1. paw added a post in a topic: Vouchers - redemption Date and outstanding $ amount   

    Just a few ideas for vouchers

    first a use by date so that you can close of any unused vouchers after xyz years ? secondly a balance of unused vouchers ? I know they are deemed as payed and added as a credit, but until it is spent that is not my money especially if i have people using downloads to sell items, they could use that voucher money to spend there and then that money goes to the vendor not me.
  2. paw added a post in a topic: enable / disable gift vouchers ? plus any user guides   

    If you have enabled this, when in the store, they'll see two new options underneath the package categories

    the best i could find was it said to enable ? but where in nexus do I enable / disable gift vouchers ? and any guides on this, theses can only be purchased and sent to existing users yes ?

    or can they be purchased for friends etc ?

    any information on this anywhere ?

  3. paw added a post in a topic: multi vendor ecomerce - is this possible with ipnexus   

    That sounds like the classifieds app, that is a third party that would do that but I am not sure if the product creator is still updating it ? it is easy enough to find and follow up on on the downloads section here.
  4. paw added a post in a topic: Secondary Forum Titel Icons   

    you can add an image there by using the forum description / html as well
  5. paw added a post in a topic: How do I hooking into the parsing of URLs?   

    You may also be able to use the bad word filter for this ?
  6. paw added a post in a topic: hide file information ? how   

    no buddy I am sorry, there probably is a way this could be done somewhere in the back end as it must be stored some where ? just me and the back end are miles apart and i never venture there, to frightened i will break something.
  7. paw added a post in a topic: Feeling Stupid Over Sidebar Content   

    [quote name='synesthete' timestamp='1341841812' post='2285071']
    As an aside, I've yet to find a good hook or customization to bring in a "Recent Articles" block in the sidebar. I've actually gotten it a bit, but it doesn't match the "Recent Topics" with the avatar and user information. Do you or does anyone have any info on a good Recent Articles block or example of customization that works great?

    yes there is a free hook ? Micheal that allows you to bring a nominated block into the side bar, so create a feeds block for articles then hook that up, it does not match everything exactly but it works well. you can see it on my site here I will get the hook and post a link for you, if not I think there is a paid mod that will allow you to hook in a block / blocks or what ever and that may work, failing that you may need to get a custom job done ?
  8. paw added a post in a topic: Ban/Suspension- moderating members - can someone explain this to me?   

    [quote name='Aselox' timestamp='1341794438' post='2284952']

    rather than bump maybe ask a specific question
  9. paw added a comment on a file: Bump Up Topics   

    any closer on a update for this one ? low stressin just asking
  10. paw added a comment on a file: Bump Up Topics   

    Are there plans to take this to 3.3 or will this work with the upgrade ?

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