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  1. sijad added a post in a topic: F5 takes down any IPB Site?   

    ​that was you?
  2. sijad added a comment: SSO & API Configuration Between IPS & Main App   

    Hi, I'm interested
  3. sijad added a post in a topic: Use convertutf8 to convert to utf8mb4   

    Hi, it seems convertutf8 is useless after installing or finishing upgrade to IPS4, i need to convert a community from utf8 to utf8mb4, it would be great if we could use convertutf8 for convert to utf8mb4.
    more details:
  4. sijad added a file in Utilities and Stats   

    Instant Informing v1.0.2
    Will let users to see Notifications, new Message and new Reports count without refreshing the page
    How To Install
    To install you just need upload XML file (Admin CP > System > Site Features > Plugins > Install)
    Fork on Github
    • 0 reviews
  5. sijad added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Emoji in alt break HTML
    Hi, in a non-utf8mb4 database, emoji in alt of an image can break the post content
    • 5 replies
  6. sijad added a comment: [RC5] Parser allow all kind of classes   

    can we have something like this in parser.php?
    <?php /* Only allow explicitly set css classes */ protected $allowedCssClasses = array( 'ipsStyle', 'ipsStyle_underline', 'ipsStyle_center', 'ipsStyle_left'... ); public function allowedCssClasses() { return self::$allowedCssClasses; } It's seems to be alittle easier to implement
  7. sijad added a file in Multimedia   

    Before/After :: Image Compare Tool v1.0.0
    Before/After is a common and easy way to show and compare two different image, this mod will let you add this ability to your community easily.
    Online Demo
    Easy to Use and EditCKEditor ButtonFully ResponsiveMobile/Touch FriendlyHorizontal and Vertical Orientations
    • 1 download
    • 0 reviews
  8. sijad added a file in Member Extensions   

    Links Preview v1.0.0
    Links preview will let users to see a preview of links.
    Ability to select groups who can see links previewAbility to exclude internal linksAbility to exclude external linksAllow to choose width of previews Fork on Github
    • 3 reviews   
  9. sijad added a post in a topic: Bitcoins   

    Hi, it wasn't really a problem, and it's working right now
  10. sijad added a comment: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron   

    Hi, you can download it in marketplace:
  11. sijad added a comment: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron   

    Hi, you can download it in marketplace:
  12. sijad added a comment: InterMedia - Dawid Pieron   

    Hi, you can download it in marketplace:
  13. sijad added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Parser probably can cause run js controllers
    Hi, I'm not totally sure if it's a bug or not, but in /ips4/system/Text/Parser.php#907
    $def->addAttribute( 'div', 'data-controller', 'Text' );Allows to all div elements have data-controller attribute, which can cause run js controllers for example:
    <div data-controller="core.front.core.sharelink">run sharelink controller</div> 
    • 2 replies
  14. sijad added a comment: [RC4/RC5] custom css only loaded from 1 out of 4 plugins   

    Hi, yes i had this problem, it's because of this line:
    array_pop will only return one style but in dev mod we don't have only one style
  15. sijad added a comment: [This Site] Notifications   

    Uh fixed, thanks, it feel like to be blind

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  1. Dorian Gray » sijad

    Sijad....does Instant Informing allow the notification to be seen in the browser tab. Like if I have 5 notifications, will it tell me in the browser tab (5). Thank you so much for making that as that is literally the only reasoning stopping me from upgrading

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    you're coolest IPS staff, after bfarber of course :D

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    I know I'm quiet for while, but i need to improve my abilities, meanwhile I've learned much more about vulnerabilities so my code are safer now ;)

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    This is a browser feature intended for developers. Do not paste any code here given to you by someone else. It may compromise your account or have other negative side effects.

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    need something to go on!

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    this again is just meant as a friendly correction since I've seen you do it a lot in the jobs board.*

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    As a friendly correction (since I don't think English is your primary language), when you want to tell someone you'd like to take up a project for them, you generally say you're "interested in it", not "interesting in it". Interesting just describes a specific something. "This is interesting" vs "I'm interested in this", as an example. I hope that makes sense, and I don't mean to insult you or anything, this again is just meant as a friendly...

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    maybe new subscriptions for IPB 3.4

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      Hope so, if not we would need a tool to convert subscriptions to NEXUS :P

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      maybe :D it's my dark

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    Next station ? IP.Nexus

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    New Text Spoiler "hover version released" download here ;

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