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  1. Watty added a post in a topic: Need a little help...   

    Here's a screen capture to hopefully help.

    The red boxed column is what my original code gives me - I'm hoping to find a way to get a grand total of the entire "Clicks and Paper Cost" column.
  2. Watty added a post in a topic: Need a little help...   

    Thanks, BlackNovaDesigns - but that will only return the "grand total" for the last record displayed (unless I'm missing something).  I'm hoping to add the totals for all the records displayed in order to have a grand total.  Any other suggestions?  :(
  3. Watty added a post in a topic: Need a little help...   

    I have the following code which works fine:
    <td>$".($row['papercostguts']*$row['sheetcountguts'] + $row['papercostcovers']*$row['sheetcountcovers'] + $row['clickcountscovers']*$row['clickcount'] + $row['clickcountsguts']*$row['clickcount2'])."</td>  
    I'm wondering if it's possible to get a grand total for all the displayed records based off of the above?  Soooo, let's say there are 5 records displayed in the table and the column total generated from the above code might be 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20. 
    Any code I can use to display a "grand total" of 51?

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