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  1. alexp999 added a post in a topic: Post Edit History - REALLY NEED THIS   

    Any news if this is being implemented for IPB 4.0?
  2. alexp999 added a post in a topic: Website with multiple forums   

    You can also set a different skin per forum, so for each category have a different skin to make them each look/feel unique.
  3. alexp999 added a post in a topic: Compound Profile Fields   

    I've used "display: inline-block" on a couple of elements, although they still go through a hook. Just means I can stick them next to each other.
  4. alexp999 added a post in a topic: Compound Profile Fields   

    In topic view, could you just not alter the CSS so they display inline?
  5. alexp999 added a record in IP.Board   

    Unable to Centre Images with Rich Text Editor
    If you click on an image you cannot select the center align button, it is greyed out.
    You have to toggle plain text, add the center tags yourself, then toggle back.
    The issue is made more confusing by the fact their is no recognition you are actually focused on the image, click it and nothing visually changes. There should be a box or something round it to show you have it selected.
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  6. alexp999 added a comment: Firefox for Android, not detected as mobile browser   

    If it is a simple regex change, can you post it?
    Otherwise I assume a new user agent entry just for Firefox Mobile?
  7. alexp999 added a record in IP.Board   

    Firefox for Android, not detected as mobile browser
    I first noticed it on my own site, but have now seen it happens on the IPS forums here.
    With the Firefox for Android browser, the skin does not get set as mobile, despite both android and mobile appearing in the user-agent string given by Firefox.
    Do we need a change of regex, or order?
    IPB forums seem to be the only sites which do not detect Firefox Mobile, and it has been out some time for Android.
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  8. alexp999 added a comment: CDN & Profile background images   

    Found this when googling for a fix, despite being on IPB 3.4.3.
    It seems that the anti-cache number, is only updating with the profile pic.
    So if you update just the profile background, it does not change. I had to change my profile pic to make the background change.
  9. alexp999 added a comment: Display Hidden Articles   

    For now I have had to revert the chunk of code which checks to see if it is published to that from 2.3.4.
    Will you change this from fixed, or do you have somewhere else that it can get noted so it is not missed for 2.3.6/4.0
  10. alexp999 added a comment: Display Hidden Articles   

    This needs to be optional, this completely messed up our unpublished articles by showing them to users who do not have the required permission as the block is cached.
    Why did this functionality change?
    There needs to be an option you can tick in the block feed to only show published content if you are going to start showing unpublished content by default.
  11. alexp999 added a comment: Cannot Highlight Image in Editor if it's the only thing there.   

    The problem is also that when you click on it, it does not highlight so there is no visual recognition that it is actually selected, before you starting applying any formatting to it.
  12. alexp999 added a post in a topic: Dates in Cached Feed Blocks   

    I ended up making my own solution to this in the end.

    Wrote a plugin to grab the data and strip out all the fields I don't need and cache it, then another block which is not cached which grabs that cached data and converts it to the output and correct time for each user.
  13. alexp999 added a comment on a file: (tng34) Custom Profile Field Dropdown   

    In the example on my website. The custom fields are configured and only appear when a user enters the information for it.
    This is not a hook for grabbing system spec information, that would require a java app and heavy integration.
    It is for displaying groups of custom profile fields as dropdowns. I have just used System Specs as an example from my website. :)
  14. alexp999 added a comment: bulkmail in html don't sending images   

    What is the fix for this?
    i need to send a newsletter with some images.
  15. alexp999 added a comment: Forum description does not escape apostrophe / single quotes in URL title   

    This is for version 3.4.1 by the way. I'm not too familiar with the new bug tracker.
    I have made a workaround for now by using ' inplace of the '

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