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  1. iJeff added a post in a topic: As a front-end designer IPB is a nightmare lack of CSS classes   

    I can not believe there are only a dozen of CSS classes, to control the zillions of blocks and elements. Even worse, each group or type of page does not has its own css class. If you have ever used 'wordpress' you would know what I meant. wordpress has CSS built-in even for the tinest element in a document. And It's hell easy even for a beginner level web designer to customize the way they can., Only because extremely specific CSS classes. For instance, If I am viewing single post, (topic view in IPB, or article view in IP content, where I needed it most) wordpress would add .single css class to body element among others. Likewise to other type of different public view templates.

    There is no way you can style a different template or page without messing with the core files. I have little to no knowledge of XML, since I have pretty good understanding of HTML, I was able to pull this trick off where I could. But as a general rule, 'never ever be general with css' ., be as much specific as you can. It would result in adding more classes and one time hard work. But it would save zillions of hours for many of us.

    Thanks for consideration.
  2. iJeff added a post in a topic: Paypal does not accept CC from Pakistan   

    But on the other hand, you should see a customer like me from Pakistan. Who has never used VB and even loath it. I am your product evangelist too. Over the facebook, twitter, Google+, and other site whereever I go. IPB is my first recommendation to them. - I have been your customer for the past 3 years. So customers have good track record, can be given a favor to charge their credit card through other gateway, (which in my case did happen, and support charged the card through the alternative gateway).

    So the sole point is, before the support denies someone upfront, they should look at customer history too. or ask them for additional proof. like ID Card or Passport copy from customers then denying the customers. Who wants to lose legit customers in this age ;) and I hope you consider it.
  3. iJeff added a post in a topic: Paypal does not accept CC from Pakistan   

    The issue was resolved. because I was not willing to accept the reason the support had offered.

    1. It's not issue of fraudulent transactions from Pakistan. there are more than 30 or more country where paypal accept CC which are lower in rank than Pakistan and have more fraud.

    2. Problem is, Our Govt denied the favors paypal was looking to operate here. They wanted to operate like a bank without being a bank. And our central bank had serious issue with that. So they were not granted the permission to operate like that.

    3. Pakistan is nation of 190 Million people. any startup like this one can barely ignore it.

    4. I still don't buy the reason as support laid out, that Pakistan has higher rate of credit card frauds. It's invalid. If someone is looking to credit card fraud, he would simply download this software from Warze sites instead. I don't see any point that a fraudster want to download original.
  4. iJeff added a post in a topic: Paypal does not accept CC from Pakistan   

    There is more credit card fraud in US/UK than here in Pakistan. I am sick of all this bullfaeces. I can easily download this piece of faeces from any warez forum. than getting myself treated like this. return my money or enable the download.
  5. iJeff added a post in a topic: Paypal does not accept CC from Pakistan   

    Still no response from Support. :(
  6. iJeff added a post in a topic: Paypal does not accept CC from Pakistan   

    I just logged into my client area after a while, and tried to renew my license. And found now you have changed the payment method to 'paypal' whereas previously it was a card processor.

    Sadly, paypal does not accept credit cards from Pakistan. and I can't find a way to renew my license. I had raised a support ticket but there is no response in the past 30 hours +
  7. iJeff added a post in a topic: I can't purchase from Marketplace Paypal doesn't accept payment from my Country   

    it's actually quite pain in the ass for me... I am either requesting devs to give me mods as a gift or accept moneybookers/alertpay - some dev would agree to 'create' an account on alternative service while some would just not reply or some would be just kind enough to gift me. but this whole thing drives me nuts.. esp., when you have money to buy and you don't choose piracy and want to support developers too.
  8. iJeff added a post in a topic: I can't purchase from Marketplace Paypal doesn't accept payment from my Country   

    But I am rather curious, when IP does have its own credit card processor why do they need paypal for marketplace?
  9. iJeff added a post in a topic: I can't purchase from Marketplace Paypal doesn't accept payment from my Country   

    I love to support developers, however I can't buy any of the paid mods or themes in the Marketplace due to the fact that paypal doesn't accept payment from Pakistan. I can easily grab these themes or mods from warez sites or torrents, But I hate it. Therefore I am requesting, kindly sort this out. I am already an active customer of IPB and I can't figure why can't IPB just charge my credit card on files than redirecting me to paypal site... it's really uncool and unprofessional when you already have your very own credit card charge system. please consider it.
  10. iJeff added a post in a topic: IPB 3.2.1 Appreciation Thread   

    One word. I am blown away. It's not just the new skin. But entire new features. And as an Admin it has made running a forum breeze. Well done. IP Team.
  11. iJeff added a post in a topic: IP Content front page templates are bundled with the package   

    I am just testing the Demo of IP Content, and wonder the templates we see for frontage and articles come bundled with the IP content or I will have to create them myself.... I am a newbie at PHP and HTML and it would be tough for me to create those templates myself. secondly how do i set the ip content as the forum homepage ?
  12. iJeff added a post in a topic: IPS Marketplace suggestion. Upload funds!   

    the most frustrating experience so far for me is to buy anything from IPS Marketplace, which only accept payment via paypal. and Paypal does not support our country. I have to request to developer to accept the alternative payment methods like Alertpay or Moneybooker some of them agree while some don't. Here is suggestion to let the users upload the balance for purchasing the apps/skins in IPS Marketplace through the Clinet Area which uses different payment gateway and works with any credit card, this way the users like me can purchase the item from marketplace as well. :)
  13. iJeff added a post in a topic: I can't buy anything in the IPS market . Can iPS help me ?   

    Is there any way that IPS can help users like me ? I am based in Pakistan and payapl does not accept credit card from my country hence I am not able to buy anything from the IPS market is there a way IPS uses the same payment gateway which it uses for its products.... like IP Board for the marketplace as well. So I can buy products in IPs Marketplace as well. Please suggest !
  14. iJeff added a post in a topic: Topic Prefixes - Are they coming or not?   

    Thanks Kyanar!!! Just signed up for alertpay it would take couple of weeks before my cc get verified!!! Thanks again for your suggestion.

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