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  1. nitt added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    I already checked the upload foder , permissions are set to 'write' , also there is no credits folder in the upload folder
  2. nitt added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    I can't upload images for shop categories and items as well

  3. nitt added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    it works thanks
  4. nitt added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    I have installed icredits with the latest update,these are the errors I get

    front end,when I change the skin

    " alt="3JYYcWf.png">

    admin, when I try to set the group permissions

    Also this is my database error
    Error: 1054 - Unknown column 'g_credits_access_shop' in 'field list'
  5. nitt added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    Do I have to pay the full price again or extra fees when IPB4 is released? Will you update the mod for IPB4?
  6. nitt added a post in a topic: Who Read This Topic   

    Yep! other groups like members can still see "who read a topic" despite the group restriction
  7. nitt added a comment on a file: Content - German Language Pack   

    Danke :)
  8. nitt added a post in a topic: floating header bar when scrolling down   

    no to the no!
  9. nitt added a comment on a file: Random Topic   

    Yes I like it!
  10. nitt added a comment on a file: Gallery - German Language Pack   

  11. nitt added a comment on a file: (DDK33) Quote Selected Text   

  12. nitt added a post in a topic: PLZ improve the smilies in ACP   

    well the old layout wasnt bad at all.
    right now i find it very difficult to drag or add a smilie one by one. for few smilies its not a problem, but if you have 100 of smilies, its really painful(for my hand :smile: and frustrating.
    also it would be great if we can create groups with different purposes i.e. smilies for birthday, sad smilies, .... like vbulletin.
  13. nitt added a post in a topic: PLZ improve the smilies in ACP   

    well i dont know who came to the idea but this smlies arrangement system sucks!
    i ve to spent huors to regroupe and arrange, i am really pissed.
  14. nitt added a post in a topic: (TB) Group Format   

    nwm.... i deleted all files, cached the browser and reinstall. everythings fine now. thanks!
  15. nitt added a post in a topic: (TB) Group Format   

    no its the original skin of ipb.... here you go

    <div class='topic_controls'> {$links} </div> <h2 class='maintitle'>{$this->lang->words['online_page_title']}</h2> <div class='ipsBox'> <div class='ipsBox_container'> <table class='ipb_table ipsMemberList' summary="{$this->lang->words['users_online']}"> <tr class='header'> <th scope='col' width='55'>&nbsp;</th> <th scope='col'>{$this->lang->words['member_name']}</th> <th scope='col'>{$this->lang->words['where']}</th> <th scope='col'>{$this->lang->words['time']}</th> <th scope='col'>&nbsp;</th> </tr> <if test="onlineusers:|:count($rows)"> {parse striping="online" classes="row1,row2"} <foreach loop="online:$rows as $session"> <tr class='{parse striping="online"}'> <td> <img src='{$session['_memberData']['pp_small_photo']}' alt="{parse expression="sprintf($this->lang->words['users_photo'], $session['_memberData']['members_display_name'] ? $session['_memberData']['members_display_name'] : $this->lang->words['global_guestname'])"}" class='ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_mini' /> </td> <td> <if test="username:|:$session['member_name']"> <if test="userid:|:$session['member_id']"> <a hovercard-ref='member' hovercard-id='{$session['member_id']}' class='url _hovertrigger' href='{parse url="showuser={$session['member_id']}" template="showuser" seotitle="{$session['seo_name']}" base="public"}' title='{$this->lang->words['view_profile']}'>{IPSMember::makeNameFormatted( $session['member_name'], $session['member_group'] )}</a> <else /> {IPSMember::makeNameFormatted( $session['member_name'], $session['member_group'] )} </if> <else /> {$this->lang->words['global_guestname']} </if> <if test="anonymous:|:$session['login_type'] == 1"> <if test="viewanon:|:$this->memberData['g_access_cp']"> * </if> </if> <if test="showip:|:$this->memberData['g_access_cp']"> <span class='ip'>( {$session['ip_address']} )</span> </if> </td> <td> <if test="nowhere:|:!$session['where_line'] || $session['in_error']"> {$this->lang->words['board_index']} <else /> <if test="wheretext:|:$session['where_link'] AND !$session['where_line_more']"> <if test="wheretextseo:|:$session['_whereLinkSeo']"> <a href='{$session['_whereLinkSeo']}'> <else /> <a href='{parse url="{$session['where_link']}" base="public"}'> </if> </if> {$session['where_line']} <if test="moredetails:|:$session['where_line_more']"> &nbsp; <if test="wheretextseo:|:$session['_whereLinkSeo']"> <a href='{$session['_whereLinkSeo']}'> <else /> <if test="detailslink:|:$session['where_link']"><a href='{parse url="{$session['where_link']}" base="public"}'></if> </if> {$session['where_line_more']} <if test="enddetailslink:|:$session['where_link']"></a></if> <else /> <if test="nomoreenddetailslink:|:$session['where_link']"></a></if> </if> </if> </td> <td> {parse date="$session['running_time']" format="long" relative="false"} </td> <td> <if test="options:|:$session['member_id'] AND $session['member_name']"> <ul class='ipsList_inline ipsList_nowrap right'> <if test="notus:|:$this->memberData['member_id'] AND $this->memberData['member_id'] != $session['member_id'] && $this->settings['friends_enabled'] AND $this->memberData['g_can_add_friends']"> <if test="addfriend:|:IPSMember::checkFriendStatus( $session['member_id'] )"> <li class='mini_friend_toggle is_friend' id='friend_online_{$session['member_id']}'><a href='{parse url="app=members&amp;module=profile&amp;section=friends&amp;do=remove&amp;member_id={$session['member_id']}&amp;secure_key={$this->member->form_hash}" base="public"}' title='{$this->lang->words['remove_friend']}' class='ipsButton_secondary'>{parse replacement="remove_friend"}</a></li> <else /> >


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