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  1. FaithFirst added a post in a topic: Thinking about making the switch   

    Nice network you have going there. As the owner of a network of communities, how do you avoid spreading yourself too thin?
  2. FaithFirst added a post in a topic: Download: .Peter - Skysa Bar Integration   

    I love this app! Thanks for helping bring it to IPB!

    Quick question, how do I stop the chat text from pilling up on itself? If you look at the attached image you will see that you can only read the last line of chat text posted in each message. It there a way to stop the chat from rendering the green bar with the text?
  3. FaithFirst added a post in a topic: Download: (MT22) Share IT!   

    Do you know how I could change the look of the share widget?
  4. FaithFirst added a post in a topic: Download: (MT22) Share IT!   

    How can I change the color and style of the widget?

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    1. ørret

      All bad.

  1. FaithFirst

    Is IP chat working for you guys? I hope it works! I invited 1.7 million people to join for chat! >.<

    1. xCurlyx

      They are moving the licensing servers.... no.

    2. Charles

      It's working now.

    3. FaithFirst

      I still get "System Error
      [#CSTART-4] The room ID supplied was invalid. Please notify the administrator."

    4. Collin S.

      Please open a support ticket so that we can assist you.

  2. FaithFirst

    How do you recach a template?

    1. .Brian

      Status updates are not meant for support. Please use the forums.

  3. FaithFirst in now launched! We are ready to help you create powerful forums!
  4. FaithFirst

    Good news guys is back online. We have been down for days but I think we are good now.

  5. FaithFirst

    What are the "Big" forums out there that are dedicated to helping forum admins? Please reply here: Thanks! Your input will help me a lot!

    1. Michael

      You know, you *can* just post your topics without having to also advertise them here too.

  6. FaithFirst

    Just launched a new graphic and coding forum to help admins. If you can help us provide free and paid services to admins let me know!

    1. Zhana

      Please send URL.

    2. Clickfinity

      If it's - - it isn't currently responding.

  7. FaithFirst

    Just launched the beta version of a new forum aimed at helping admins!

    1. SCS

      PM Sent.

    1. Zhana

      Where is the thread?

  8. FaithFirst

    Anyone run a Christian board?

    1. Aisha

      yeah there's someone. i forget his name though.

    2. Lyndon

      No, was thinking about starting one

  9. FaithFirst

    I am doing a quick survey to see how many boards on average reach more than 150 members... Could you post your board info here:

  10. FaithFirst

    I am in quick need of 35$ to start a board. Anyone need any graphics?

    1. Black-Elmo

      How many time do you have to keep spamming this.

  11. FaithFirst

    What are some good forums that help people build up their forums? I need some ideas for a forum I am creating to help web designers

  12. FaithFirst

    Anyone want to start a graphic, coding and design forum? More info:

    1. FaithFirst

    2. mysupername

      I've replied!

  13. FaithFirst

    Anyone want to start a graphic, coding and design forum?

    1. Benny.

      pm your plans :)