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  1. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Regular Releases. Could you please start doing them again?   

    I really doubt it will be out in December. Always possible, but in the past most of the time they'd have 5 or more betas and several release candidates. Unless they handle it differently now, since they technically haven't been doing release candidates. Personally I think it will be the borderline of December and January.
  2. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: My Activity   

    On the page that takes you to, it would be nicer if the various headings on the left of that page stand out more, compared with the sections under them.
    Also it would be nice if we could set individual defaults for which one of them is selected by default. I guess for it being called my activity, it's best to have it showing activity, but all I know is I miss having it default to topics.
    Also, even with topics there, I still miss it being the 3.x way, where you can see all topics you've posted in and quickly get to your last read post in those, not just the ones you started. If "posts" was displayed a bit differently, that could be the same as the way I liked. Just needs a quick link to first unread.
    Edit: Oops, on that last part I see we can indeed use "Posts" that way. I didn't notice the topic title and star up there. So I guess I just wish posts could be default and possibly look a bit differently.
  3. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Design Switching   

    ​As far as I know the only way to get fonts very big in IE would be if I try to force all fonts to be the same size on all sites. It usually works better by simply using "largest" in the text size menu, but that's still small on here, when using 100%. Looks like probably 10 or 11 px.
  4. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Design Switching   

    ​Thanks, but the ... implies that is common knowledge. I can't know every setting and detail on my own yet.
    What I meant as far as it being a mess is that some features can't be used, easily. For instance if I look at my list of new messages and I click the icon by it to go to first unread message, the screen it takes me to does not show the message. That whole area where the message would normally be is gone and all it shows is a list of all conversations and so I have to click on the title a second time and then the whole screen will fill with the message instead of the convo list.
    I am not sure if that is a bug or just a design decision. Also, 125% for me is different than 125% for others because I have text size at largest and a lower resolution than most etc etc. Again, I know someone can't take only one person;s experience into account, but I just hope I get it sorted enough to where I can deal with it because fonts too small give me a huge headache and when it switches to mobile some important features seem to be missing or at leats harder to find.
    edit: hmm, honestly the skin itself is fine for me with 100% magnification. I mostly just wish I could have it look that way, but bigger fonts.  I could change them in the css, I guess, but then it would be affecting other visitors, who wouldn't want them big. But anyway so that would be my perfect ideal, is keep the current skin look, but have bigger fonts everywhere. I am guessing turning off responsiveness would then stretch some other areas in the skin, but hopefully it will be close enough. I am feeling better about he look today, so I am happy with most everything, just trying to get fonts bigger for me personally is all. 
  5. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    I may wait until next week to release 1.5.0 because the guy I made it for hasn't tried it, so I'm not sure whether to release it before I'm sure he doesn't find some other bug. I spent tons of time bug fixing, though, and it seems fine to me.
  6. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Design Switching   

    This is getting really annoying how 125% magnification in IE makes the skin switch to the mobile skin and then I was in the private messaging area and couldn't even read messages or respond to anyone with 125%. Like I said in another topic, I'm thinking of just stopping developing or using ip.board because that's how much it bothers me trying to use it when my only choices are either have small fonts or not be able to use features. I know the majority don't have vision issues, but it should at least be useable when people have bigger font settings or lower resolution settings and whatnot. I have a vision problem and it gives me headaches looking at this small of fonts (the size needed to have it not mess the skin up).
    edit: now when I went into messenger, I was able to get toa  conversation and could have responded. Either way it's a big mess, though, and still should have the new mail icon and number at the top in that mobile skin anyway.
  7. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    I will probably go ahead and upload version 1.5.0 today or tomorrow.
    If anyone wants any new feature in a ip.board 3.4 compatible version, they better hire me VERY soon because I am planning on forgetting 3.x and moving on to 4.x soon. When even the company forums are using 3.0, it's about time to stop adding things for 3.4.
    Just to give hints of what may be wanted....:
    1.  in 1.5.0 you can now undo matches (change the winner or scores), but ONLY for ones in bracket style tournaments. If anyone needs this to be available for ladders or league tournaments, I would need someone or a group of people to give around $125.
    2. In 1.5.0 there is now a 256 team bracket option. However, the html for it is set up in a totally different way than any other type. If someone needs to have me do anything different to make it easier to modify the html, they would need to have me do that soon, as well.
    There may be more that people want, but like I said, I am starting on 4.0 soon and not wanting to go back to 3.4. Probably around Thanksgiving.
    Also, if anyone has ideas on how to have a 4.0 version look, let me know. Or suggestions for it, as far as new features. Thanks.
  8. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Betting   

    yes, if anyone has suggestions, let me know. I wish I could redo a lot on it, but once people have been using an app it makes it where some changes to the structure aren't really possible. If I can I would somewhat like to start from scratch as much as I can, though. I want it to be as simple and uncluttered as possible.
  9. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Point Exchange   

    Well, the way it is now, it wouldn't exactly work that way because for the tournaments app commenting and joining teams is one type of points and then points to join tournaments is a totally separate type, which can only be earned by winning matches and tournaments, basically, OR you can make people give points to join your team, and those points can be used to join tournaments.
    This app is all based on individual members, also. I guess you could use it for individual members to buy points and join tournaments that use individuals instead of teams. You'd probably have to have me make something custom. For teams it would have no way to know which team to give the points to, currently, since this is all assumed to be for individual members. And actually now that I think about it, it won't work for individuals, either, if I'm not mistaken, because it uses a different table.
    I guess you could do it where individuals buy points with this and then use those to join teams which cost points to join and then it would be converted to the type of points to join tournaments. So there are some ways it could "somewhat work, but otherwise would ened changing.
  10. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    yeah, it's been asked about quite a few times.
    Btw, if anyone has suggestions for this app, I have to redo quite a bit whenever I update it for ip.board 4, so would be a good time to change some things up. I am also coming out with a new version for 3.x within the next week or two, but anything I add in 3.z versions, or at least MOST things, are only if someone wants to pay to have them custom added in and usually they have to agree to let it be in the main app. It's a real headache managing multiple sets of files. I am already maintaining two copies of each lang file, as it is.
  11. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    It's in system settings. The reason I haven't changed it to be more like most ip. apps is because any change I make risks bugs since I would have to change all the checks in the whole app. So I might as well do all of that for ip.board 4 when I will already have to test everything again anyway.
  12. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    I didn't ever make an exact demo. I added it to the site with my username as the url (trying not to post it where bots pick up on it lol), but everyone joining there, just about, was spammers, so I closed down registrations. I have it on a test site is about it. I could maybe let people test it there, but I don't want to do that often, having a lot of people having access to testing sites.
  13. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    Version 1.4.0 has been released. Have tournaments use members instead of teams, call them clans instead of teams fi you wish, add and manage tournaments form the public side, 128 team or member tournaments, career streak (not retroactive, but the first time you win after this update, it would update it to that current one for best), auto byes, auto move teams to next round if they face byes, leaderboards, battle system, and more.
    All of this was done as a custom project, but for the public app, as well, so some features may be done in a way different than what you would like. I tried to give options on it. The battle system is done the way they wanted it, so you would currently have to do it the way they liked or disable it in case it will be changed to allow more ranking options in the future.
    The way the battle system currently is, you challenge a team or member to a battle. Once the battle is completed, ranking points are given. The team who loses always loses 100 points. If the better ranked team wins, the winner gets 100 points, If the lower ranked team wins, they receive half the difference in points between the two teams. This is done the same way for individual member battles, as well. These totals are CAREER totals. There is also an option to have this battle system of scoring used for regular tournaments, as well. If you use it, then the leaderboards will rank based on these ranking points. otherwise I believe they are ranked based on tournaments won.
    If you would rather not have tournaments added or managed on the public end, then simply don't enable it for any groups and you could delete the folder for it if you don't want the file even there.
  14. Midnight Modding added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Tournaments 1.4.0
    Tournaments 1.4.0 has been released. This version adds: [*]ability to create and manage tournaments from the public side [*]automatic byes added to bracket style tournaments when starting before being full [*]participants facing byes are automatically moved to the next round without having to submit scores [*]took seeds for byes off of the bracket [*]ability to have tournaments use individual members instead of teams [*]128 team/member tournament [*]top teams leaderboard [*]top members leaderboard [*]career best streak [*]call them clans instead of teams [*]a battle system for one time matches not belonging as tournaments [*]the same ranking system used for battles can be used for traditional matches, as well, as a career ranking system [*]bug fixes [*]more
    You can view this app here .

  15. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: Simple Points   

    It's a little more trouble, though, than only getting rid of the intval(). You have to change the database field for it to be decimal instead of int and I think I use str_replace() to get rid of decimals and commas, so you'd also have to get rid of that.
    Actually, I just looked and I only have it replace commas, so technically you wouldn't need to mess with str_replace. And you wouldn't necessarily have to use floatval(), since the numbers it uses are from the acp, so you don't need too much to secure it, since users don't enter anything, it's only from that acp one.
    So you would pretty much have to go into the pointhook.xml file and I guess remove all of the intval( and then the ) at the end of it. But then also you would have to change the points field in the database to be decimal instead of int. And you'd need to import the hook file after getting rid of the intvals.

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