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  1. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: IE Ad Blockers   

    eh it says adblock in some places and adbloc in others I think.
    Anyway, so far seems to be working very well for me. my computer is finally not making crazy noises overloaded with ads.
  2. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: IE Ad Blockers   

    Just curious if anyone has tried many ad blockers that work in internet explorer and can comment on which worked the best. For now I am using AdBloc Plus. I read about some others, but anything there is has some bad reviews, as well.
    I know I am not the only one who would have never resorted to an ad blocker if not for how intrusive current ads are becoming. If the dummies had not gone so far, they'd have less people bothering to block them.
  3. Midnight Modding added a comment: PM Wonkiness   

    The id for the conversation itself is 178888. I havent noticed it lately, although the other participant in it said it was acting weird again today.
  4. Midnight Modding added a comment: PM Wonkiness   

    It was on this site. It also did it to the other participant in it. It just kept disappearing every time I showed up and then if I sat there on the page it would eventually say it had a new message.
    I am guessing it's not happening now, but posted just in case.
  5. Midnight Modding added a comment: PM Wonkiness   

    Andddddd now it's missing again.
  6. Midnight Modding added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    PM Wonkiness
    I got an email notifying me of a new pm. I come to the site to read it. There is no new pm there. I sit ther ein the conversation for a few minutes then it says there is a new reply. I click show reply and it shows that missing reply from several hours earlier, whereas I was not on this site or even in my browser at the time it originally sent, so it should have already been showing.
    I also only get some notifications for a new PM and some I don't get. I was told my server is kicking them, but all I know is it wasn't happening until recent versions on here, so maybe it's something about the software causing it to be kicked. I have had so many PM issues for a while now.
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  7. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: My Activity   

    Bump. Most people are going to be using that link to see post histories, and you have to go through a long column to find where in the world topics and posts are and click them to get to it. It should either stand out quicker or have forums automatically at the top, regardless of app ordering, in my opinion.
  8. Midnight Modding added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    No Emails
    Not receiving emails notifying me of a new PM for this site, lately.
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  9. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: What video game system do you own?   

    I'm the one person who has a wii u. It does have a lot of good games for it, though (but I haven't yet played them).
  10. Midnight Modding added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Login Broken
    For the company forums here, my display name and password, used for a long time, and stored in IE, does not work when logging in anymore. I had to switch it to my email address to get logged in. I am assuming it's a problem with the space in my display name.
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  11. Midnight Modding added a comment: Editor Issues   

    This has happened multiple timrs yet again today, someone else in hrre says it's been going on a for a long time, yet nobody takes it seriously and keeps saying it's not happening. It's really annoying when I click inside the editor to unpack it that I then have to undo pressed buttons. Sometimes the buttons that automatically press cause popups for filling out info!
    In fact, on this site, almost all of the bugs I have reported before are still happening. Still sometimes pagination is messed up, almost all the time these editor issues, I got emailed saying someone posted a topic as if I am a moderator when I'm not, etc...
  12. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic: 3rd Party App Developers   

    I'm planning to update mine. It's tough to know how long it's going to take, though, because I haven't done much yet, due to finishing up custom work. I am guessing a couple months, but it could always be quicker or longer.
  13. Midnight Modding added a comment: Logged Out   

    Happened again. Basically what it does is simply go to: http://community.invisionpower.com/login/
    Rhen it shows my username and encrypted password down there and if I click sign in again it then signs me in, I just realized. So basically I log in with the dropdown, but instead of logging me in it goes to the actual login page and makes me do it again. yet if I do NOT log in that second time, I can simply go to a forum and I am logged in anyway. But then it logs me back out for the board index sometimes.
  14. Midnight Modding added a comment: Logged Out   

    Just happened again, where even if I clicked the banner to go back to the board index I was still logged out, and I had to go to an actual forum and then I am logged in everywhere again. I hadn't read this yet, though, so I didn't note the url yet.
  15. Midnight Modding added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Logged Out
    On this site I was logged out, so I logged in and it kept giving the error as if the pw was wrong, Yet if I clicked a link to a forum, rather than stay on the main page, I was actually indeed logged in.
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