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  1. Weatherz added a comment on a file: Metro   

    [quote name='Bitter' timestamp='1333747304']
    That is correct. Paid skins are not available to use on my company's forums due to security reasons, unfortunately, but there are a ton of screenshots on the product page, and if you need to see any other view of the skin, I'll gladly take more screenshots!

    Although there are risks for putting up live boards, I'm sure you lose a lot of sales (like mine) due to not showing a live demo. I like to see exactly what I'm getting, before I get it.
  2. Weatherz added a comment on a file: Recent Topics   

    One small problem with this hook is the minimize/maximize is messed up a bit.

  3. Weatherz added a comment on a file: (e34) Custom Name Style   

    This is a really great hook, and I'm so happy it's finally been made! Just one suggestion, make an option to somehow disable black color and white color, so members can't make there name basically invisible.

    Another suggestion towards that could be for certain premade colors to be options in the settings, and for administrators to have to enable or add colors via options or make there own in with the color's hex.

    Other than that, this is perfect.

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  1. Weatherz » ehren.

    I sent you the domain info for

  2. Weatherz » ehren.

    Hey you need to check the permissions on IPBFS, I get a 403 forbidden.

  3. Weatherz

    ModernAdmin is now free, Enjoy this smooth skin, great for any type of forum! -

    1. TheRevTastic

      It's okay, just I really have a thing in for simple re-colors of skins lol.

    2. Marcher Technologies

      Rev, Were Likely to see an influx of these due to the VSE... Quality, Proper skins will always stand apart from these color-swaps though.

  4. Jeuhen » Weatherz

    Keep trugaming for yourself, don't sell it.. i know you've based it entirely off blackstream with a few tweaks.

  5. Weatherz

    Just put a 3.2 skin on the marketplace, awaiting approval, this is my second basic skin :)

    1. Breadfan

      Nice looking skin! :)

  6. Weatherz

    Considering selling the skin I made,

    1. Glumbo


    2. iFMF

      ill buy it!!!

    3. Jeuhen

      That's just blackstream with a few tweaks... :|

    1. Lewis P

      Looks good. I'd change the colour of the search button though - to stands out too much

    2. dogpatch

      very xboxish

    3. iFMF

      thats epic

    4. iFMF

      chack ur PMs

    5. Tangfastics2014

      looks gd

    6. Digitalis

      looks really nice mate

    7. .Corey

      those maintittles are kinda over used and the forum icons are from modding dev same with the bg

    8. Jeuhen

      Plus the whole css is based on MY skin "BlackStream"........

  7. Weatherz

    I made a boo boo, can someone please get boardindextemplate and globaltemplate from the default 3.2 skin, then put it on I will love you forever!

    1. AndyF

      Just revert them ?

    2. martin-al

      yeah. lol.
      You can always revert the template.
      Secondly, add a new default skin, and copy it from there. :)

  8. Weatherz

    I made a boo boo, can someone please get boardindextemplate and globaltemplate from the default 3.2 skin, then put it on I will love you forever

  9. Weatherz

    I made a boo boo, can someone please get boardindextemplate and globaltemplate from the default 3.2 skin, then put it on I will love you forever

  10. Weatherz

    Using PuTTy to manage clients servers got me so excited to use Unix, so I uninstalled windows, and installed Ubuntu. This is SEXY

    1. TeamJesus

      noice Ubuntu is awsum!

    2. The Heff

      I'd do the same, but I am a gamer. Windows is a necessity.

  11. Weatherz

    Realized that running a gaming site is useless, with the 10 new gaming sites a week, as well as the desparate owners who try to spam to get members, I think its time to put my license to better use :)

    1. Feld0

      If you want to succeed with a gaming forum, your best shot is to be the first to start one about a new console. I think your chances of success are quite positive then. I know my Wii U community's doing pretty well, in any case.

    2. dogpatch

      or a forum for a specific brand new game

    3. Cyril Washbrook

      To add to Feld0's suggestion, I recommend developing your own console. That way you're guaranteed to have the first forum dedicated to it. :P

    4. xBeccax

      The easiest way to start a gaming forum is basing it around an existing gaming community, that way, you already have the following built in.

  12. Weatherz

    Still on moderator preview becuase of something from last year :(

    1. ørret

      This is what happens when you punch an old lady and steal her car.

    2. Andy Rixon

      I was on moderator preview, i submitted two tickets to request that it be removed, second time lucky I suppose.

  13. Weatherz

    Duplicated my board, Upgraded to 3.2, ACP is blank and ModCP is Blank o_0

  14. Weatherz

    Where are all these people getting 3.2 beta from!

    1. Planetby

      From this post +beta__fromsearch__1#entry2120049

    2. AlexMc

      ey thanks!

    3. ørret


    4. TheRevTastic


    5. Booth

      Monkey Trousers

  15. Weatherz

    Where are all these people getting 3.2 beta from!

  16. Weatherz

    It appears I have returned!

  17. Weatherz

    CFS for cPanel and WHM servers is Great, the 50 emails an hour notifying me of every action on the other hand, is not xD

    1. co19

      CSF* lol
      and you can turn email notifications for stuff off :)

    2. Gary.

      LOL, Suspious process, High mem usuage.. Bleghhh

  18. Weatherz

    Holding out till 3.2 for a custom skin!

    1. Jamie.

      same :)

    2. ørret

      Holding out till they release beta for testing ^^!

    3. c0bra

      I wish I had! My custom skin to be updated is gonna cost about the same amount it was to be made!

    4. Jamie.

      c0bra you got it from FP ? they qouted to me that it will be about $50 - $80

  19. Weatherz

    This kid has been DDoSing my server for about 5 hours now:

    1. Sandakelum™

      I hate DDiSing kids :@ Thanks for the info

    2. Planetby

      If you have proof then report it to authorities

    3. Brian Guerra

      me? what the hell lol?