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  1. ADKGamers added a comment on a file: [rct] World Clocks   

    Developer is a pleasure to work with, and got this mod done quickly after the requests on the forums.  (Even after a few changes were requested)   If you're ever looking for work to be done don't hesitate to contact rct2 here on the IPB Forums! 
  2. ADKGamers added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    CometChat - Dark Theme (Red) v1.0
    This is Dark Theme (Red) for Comet Chat

    ::IMPORTANT:: Before you install, please backup the default themes folder as you will be overwriting the default theme.   
    You can view a LIVE working demo at
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  3. ADKGamers added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    Awards Icons - Set 1 v
    This is a zip file with 19 icons for an awards system.   They are 35x14 and fit best in the post profile.    
    **These images may not be sold or distributed without permission.**
  4. ADKGamers added a comment on a file: Social Groups 2.0.0 Latest Visitors Addon   

    I hope to see more addons as well! Good work! :)
  5. ADKGamers added a comment on a file: (M34) Form Manager   

    For those of you who have any doubt of getting this because of the Renewal Fee, you should think again. In the few days, or possibly a little over a week that I've had this Mike has helped me out tremendously. His support for his product is top notch, and he even helped me suit it to my needs for one particular contact form that I needed.

    It's well worth the renewal fee, so don't let that stop you from getting this if you need something like this!

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  1. adonismale » ADKGamers

    So I couldn't find the Private Message on InvisionPower, but I'm hoping you don't mind if I ask on your profile feed. How did you get that slider for your homepage?

  2. ADKGamers

    Playing on one of our BF3 Servers! Search for =ADK= in the server browser If you'd like to join us!

  3. ADKGamers » Rhett

    Thanks for trying to help with my issue that I posted about on the forums! I appreciate that you took your time to try to re-create the issue to help me and your quick responses.

    1. Rhett

      Your very welcome, glad to help!