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  1. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: Invision Power Board Demo   

    I'm going to that website and it's working for me.
  2. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: loading slow?   

    Same here, and every time it happens I hope it's because they're upgrading the forums to 4.0 :P
  3. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: [rct] World Clocks   

    That is correct, I don't currently have the "reference time" set. And use the "relative time zone" as "Member Time"
  4. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: [rct] World Clocks   

    You can now view it in my sidebar:
  5. ADKGamers added a comment on a file: [rct] World Clocks   

    Developer is a pleasure to work with, and got this mod done quickly after the requests on the forums.  (Even after a few changes were requested)   If you're ever looking for work to be done don't hesitate to contact rct2 here on the IPB Forums! 
  6. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: [rct] World Clocks   

    I will have it up on my site soon for you to check out as well if you'd like. Just need to do some css work for it to match my site :)
  7. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.   

    I like your site too! Looks great and haven't seen anything like it before! :ph34r:
  8. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    awesome :)
  9. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    Not certain you're understanding what I'm talking about. So I'll take the screenshot and show you.

    You can set the points per post/topic BUT it's only within the actual forum itself. So for people like myself who have numerous sections of my forums it's going to take forever to edit those settings, as instead of editing all forum sections at once on one page you have to go through say 5 steps PER forum.
  10. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    And I do like the option that you can change points per section of the forum, so what about possibly having a section within the iCredits admin area where you can change points. Which will make it less time consuming for people with boards like myself.
  11. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    Is there a way to edit the forum credits all together? Rather than having to go through 1 by 1?

  12. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    Found a small typo:

    Will let you know if there's any other issues, so far so good though.
  13. ADKGamers added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Moderation Part 5: Warnings   

    This is awesome.  Getting excited for 4.0 with every new blog post!  
    I love the "have to acknowledge" before they can post again as well.   That will come in handy!  
    Keep up the great work!
  14. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: IPB "Search" Function   

    Probably because the most searched thing on Google is installing IP. Nexus.

    You're going to get the most recent topics/posts/etc. . related to IP. Nexus on these forums, so I wouldn't say it's anything to be upset about as they are 2 different search engines so of course you'll get different results.
  15. ADKGamers added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    I find it interesting that people are getting so upset about this and talking about going to a different forum software. Honestly if you want to go to another forum software that doesn't have a major upgrade in the near future, lacks many of the features that IPB has as well as being stuck with less than what you currently have here with 3.4.6, then have fun. . . nobody is stopping you!

    It's a lose lose situation for IPB and they aren't going to make everyone happy. And it's not really that hard to get a customer back when you have a superior product. In this day and age people want what they want when they want it. . . and they want it NOW. There's no more patience or waiting for anything anymore; we're all used to getting real time updates on everything and it goes to show here. I understand some people want to release certain things or start a new project. But what are you going to get out of going to another forum software vs just using 3.4.6 at this point in time? Have the people here treated you so bad that you can't use 3.4.6, or you can't wait until 4.0.

    I agree with people that I'd love to see more about 4.0 and I'd love for it to have been released a few weeks ago. But unfortunately that's not the case here, and there is truly no reason to get pissed off at them for not doing something that you'd like to see. Give your input because I'm certain they are taking that into consideration even when they aren't saying they are, and have some patience as well.

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  1. Joel R » ADKGamers

    So I couldn't find the Private Message on InvisionPower, but I'm hoping you don't mind if I ask on your profile feed. How did you get that slider for your homepage?

  2. ADKGamers

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    Thanks for trying to help with my issue that I posted about on the forums! I appreciate that you took your time to try to re-create the issue to help me and your quick responses.

    1. Rhett

      Your very welcome, glad to help!