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  1. DigitDraft added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    Social Media v1.1.7
    In a simple way promote your social networking pages and social profiles. Three display modes, different sizes and styles of icons. This allows you to fully customize your own social media. There is 4 most popular social networks: facebook, twitter, linkedin, google. Works on Ie7+, FF 3.6+, Chrome, Opera & mobile browsers!

    Live Demo with Fix Mode

    http://i.imgur.com/HFKeuKR.png http://i.imgur.com/g8suk64.png]

    Different styles and sizes. Choose your favorite style to reflect your community. Adjust the size of the icons to fit perfectly into your forum. Now there are two styles of icons, the first is "Modern" pure colors and clear graphics. The second "Simple" simplified design and colors. Of course there will be new unique style icons thereby widening the choice.

    The default Social Media display mode is called "Line". This mode causes the social buttons to slide out and arrange themselves in a straight line, in any direction you want. Another mode that the Social Media supports, it's called "Arc". The social buttons fan out, evenly distributed regardless of the amount on the arc of a semi-circle. The angle at which the arc starts can be configured very easily. There is a last type of display Social Media is called "Fix". This is similar to the Line but this mode shows only social buttons in a horizontal line, without animation.

    Social Media has 20+ options to configure and customize social in your community. Such as: extended settings display mods, which of the groups on forum will have access to Social Media, icon settings, "CSS Code" custom settings where you want to display Social Media and much more. The documentation includes a description of the application possibilities of each option.

    Features [*] Three display modes, different sizes and styles of icons. [*] 20+ options to configure and customize your social [*] Add social buttons without any knowledge of code [*] Showcase your site in the 4 most popular social networks [*] Works on IE7+, Firefox 3+, Chrome, Opera and Safari
    Social included: [*] google [*] linkedin [*] facebook [*] twitter [*] rss
    Files Included: [*] hook xml file [*] scripts files [*] icons files [*] readme
    Compatible with: [*] IP.Board 3.4.5
    Whats next? [*] more icons style [*] more improvements [*] more networks

  2. DigitDraft added a comment on a file: (CGN) After War   

    Skin update to 1.8.2 version, fixed list in change log
  3. DigitDraft added a comment on a file: (CGN) After War   

    all will fixed in a few days
  4. DigitDraft added a file in Themed Skins   

    (CGN) After War v2.0.1
    After War by codegame.net

    After War professional skin for IP.Board 3.4.x
    Skin set in a fantasy world after global war, successor to the last D3V skin.
    Color combination of brown with shades of yellow and orange.
    Designed special for game servers community.
    Such as Metin2, MU Online, League of Legends, Lineage and other games.


    Skin features [*]registration baiting [*]social media [*]unique appearance of tables and boxes [*]two different style of avatar [*]skin adapts to any screen resolution [*]and other you can see on the demo [*]google [*]hi-5 [*]flickr [*]meneame [*]linkedin [*]myspace [*]youtube [*]stumbleupon [*]netvibes [*]picasa [*]lastfm [*]facebook [*]twitter [*]vimeo [*]logo & font [*]skin files [*] readme [*]Blog [*]Nexus [*]Shoutbox [*]Content [*]Downloads

    Social Media included:

    Files Included:

    Skin Compatible with:

  5. DigitDraft added a comment on a file: Nexus Account Credit   

    exactly what I needed :D
    you are the best

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