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  1. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: Time used on upgrading   

    Ah, the old system let anyone opt-in. I have a large community, but shy of 150k members (we're more post heavy). I would appreciate still being able to run the queries manually.
  2. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: Time used on upgrading   

    Previous upgraders did, but I've never seen the option when testing upgrades from v3 to v4.
  3. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: Time used on upgrading   

    ​Are there any plans to add a CLI? Or at least the previous option for large communities that listed the queries to run?
  4. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: /forums/forum   

    ​As @jhutch pointed out, it happens even when installed to the root of the domain. With a clean install of IPS4 to the root of the domain, if you set Pages as the default app, then forums are given the url
    I would also appreciate clarification on the questions I asked...
    ​This site has the forums set as the default app. That's the difference.
  5. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: /forums/forum   

    This is related to which app you have set as the default. The issue doesn't appear on this community because forums is the default app, so the forum URLs are and If you set any other app as the default, then the forum URLs are prefixed by /forums/, and you end up with and
    This is a change from v3. My community is set to have IPC as the homepage, but the forum urls remain and To me, this makes more sense than the redundant /forums/forum/ structure.
    v4 does have a nice interface to manually edit how your URLs appear, but it's also accompanied by a warning.

    So, if I change the URLs to /forum/xxx-name, the software is unable to 301 the /forums/forum/xxx-name URLs? Well, that would really devastate my community's indexing. Okay, I can write an nginx rewrite (or .htaccess if that's your flavor), but this is way above an average user's ability just to restore v3 behavior.
    If I upgrade my community, will the old /forum/xx-name URLs be properly forwarded to /forums/forum-xxx-name? I can't test the upgrade until the next beta (all the bugs I've encountered have been fixed), but based on my clean install /forum/xxx-name URLs get 303 forwarded to /forums/forum/xxx-name... which I had to look up (303- See Other) and seems less preferable to a 301.
    Off topic, but I just noticed: is there really no way to preview your post's output before posting it? Is that a gear icon to insert a quote?
  6. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: Xcache vs. other solutions   

    @Kirito, can you give opcache any more memory? You had an OOM restart within two days of starting, so can probably increase the hit rate with a little more memory and avoid the cold cache reload on each restart.
    With IPS and Drupal on the server:

  7. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: IPB Responsive by IPS Themes   

    I can help. I have purchased products of yours from both the IPS Marketplace and your former site.
  8. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: Track Members   

    Question: Will moderators be able to see tracked members from the ModCP even if the moderators' usergroup is not selected in "Can Track Users"?
  9. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: Track Members   

    Thank you. It's amazing how responsive you are to requests.
  10. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: Track Members   

    Great mod, wish the built-in logging could be this in depth. Does this mod show when tracked members edit a post?
  11. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: performance professional   

    Well I'm an Arsenal fan so this is awkward, but...
    There are a lot of different options that might work. Some might be simple (such as disabling certain features), while others are fairly complex (like installing an alternate web server). With the right combination of tweaks, IPB can be pretty efficient. I've found that nginx, php-fpm with apc, mariadb, and sphinx provides a very stable, fast, and lightweight setup. I believe this can all be done on your cPanel server.
    Is your main site hosted on the same server? I see it's powered by WordPress. The above software stack works great with WordPress as well, and any changes/optimizations made should take both apps into consideration.
    I think overall your community would be better served by switching to a dedicated server with a different host. You can get 8x2.5GHz CPU, 16GB of memory, 1TB of redundant disk space, and 10TB of bandwidth for easily less than $100, usually around $60. You can use some of the saved money to pay someone to manage the server. Hiring a server manager would also mean you can get rid of cPanel, which saves the license fee as well as removes a big memory hog from your server.
    On an aside, I don't want to bash your current host, but it appears your website is hosted in San Jose, CA, USA. Their website says your site should be hosted in Chicago, Amsterdam, or Singapore, but when I traceroute to your server it takes my traffic to San Jose. That's not right. If your users are mostly from the UK (taking a guess), then your server should be located closer to there. Certainly not across an ocean and then another continent. A server on the east coast of the US would be much better, and cheaper than most server deals I see in Europe. 
  12. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: Both APC and Memcache   

    Yes you are right. To prevent APC from duplicating data caching, simply remove it from conf_global.php. APC does opcode caching automatically, but only does data caching when IPB is configured to use it.
  13. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: Both APC and Memcache   

    Nope, memcache only does data. You do have to configure IPS to send data to memcache using the instructions Mikey linked to above.
  14. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: Both APC and Memcache   

    You are mostly correct. Memcache does data caching, but APC does both opcode caching and data caching. XCache does both as well.
    If you use Memcache for data caching, then you would also want to use APC or XCache for opcode caching. To configure this you'd insert the memcache settings in conf_global, but leave out APC or XCache. The opcode caching will happen without any configuration.
    As you mention in your first post, if you have multiple servers then no doubt use Memcache. For one server, however, stick with just APC or XCache. Memcache is slightly slower because it's an external program, but APC and XCache are modules added directly into PHP.
  15. Syscrusher added a post in a topic: Elections System   

    Thanks for the quick response. There's still an issue with the images. Uploading the election images into the folder for the master theme means they're not called from custom themes. The path /public/style_images/{theme}/elections/*.jpg) replaces {theme} with the current theme. I see two solutions. I could (and will) manually upload the images into each theme folder. However, since you're using the exact same images as stock IPB, might as well just call the default images at /public/style_images/{theme}/*.jpg. This solution also means that custom themes have their specialized images used, which looks better.

    I also edited my first post while you responded, I just had one other feature request. When electing to run for a position, candidates should be allowed to make a statement about their candidacy. A text box on the nomination form, displayed on the final ballot.

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