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  1. TaffyCaffy added a post in a topic: Different Charity please   

    [quote name='Phidaissi' timestamp='1344734360' post='2296056']
    I think you might have missed my point.

    No, I didn't miss your point. You, however, entirely missed mine. It wasn't until your most recent post that you partially discarded general hyperbole in favor of qualifying your own, personal experiences. I am more than happy to acknowledge that there are some people who hold ridiculous views on autism. What I was pointing out to you is that when you paint everyone with the same brush, even in an emotionally honest statement, you alienate those within your readership who take offense at being treated so. This should sound familiar enough to you from another angle, shouldn't it?

    Wolfie beat the rest to death with a stick, so I'm going to leave it at that.
  2. TaffyCaffy added a post in a topic: Different Charity please   

    [quote name='Phidaissi' timestamp='1344485362' post='2295265']
    ...and have been the driving force between the massively negative and dehumanising view of autism that most of the general public possess .

    Try not throwing such wide sweeping statements out if you want to engage your readership. I'm not sure what kind of "general public" you're dealing with on a daily basis, but the one in my neck of woods certainly does not bear out the description you gave them. To me, (being a member of the "general public",) your statement reads as nothing more than you projecting your own outlook upon other people, with the further kicker of that outlook being pretty offensive. A chip on your own shoulder does not make for a good, factual argument.
  3. TaffyCaffy added a post in a topic: Best way to set up Facebook for use with clients websites   

    I feel you. I really do. I have recently come to believe that FB's "account validation" team plays "rock, paper, scissors" instead of actually looking at the information provided to them. Not at liberty to discuss details, but I am dealing with a case right now that's making me wonder if FB staff and us actually live on the same planet.

    There is one way to get to FB, but it's well beyond the means of an average person. Attorneys. FB's legal department is a lot more awake than others, and they tend to be on the ball when approached directly by counsel.

    Marcher's approach is one that works best, imho. Walking a client through the setup and teaching them about managing the stuff is more time effective in the long run, and sure a lot less frustrating than dealing with the collaterals of doing it yourself.
  4. TaffyCaffy added a comment on a file: ProMenu Basic   

    Installing on my new site shortly. Robert, you are truly a godsend.

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