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  1. allen2012 added a comment: validation email   

    I have lol.... and i went to my host and thye said its your issue I stated that i already had a support ticket in the beginning
  2. allen2012 added a record in IP.Board   

    validation email
    so this has been going on for a few days now already made a support ticket and they said to contact my host now my host is saying to go back to the software people so i am here once again......

    what my problem is when members register the system was sending out the validation emails just fine members would click on the validation link and bam the admin were able to approve accounts just fine

    well now the members register and no validation emails get sent the member has to log in click the resend validation email and then they get it in their email BUT problem is if they click on the link it tells them they have already been validated..... BUT the problem with that is

    in the ADMIN CP they are still green and not red meaning the emails 1 are messed up 2 something weird is going on 3 i need help lol

    the system is not working i would like to get this fixed as the other admin do not know how to approch this issue because they are acustomed to members accounts being validated by staff and look for the red and not the green even when it is green it still says awating member validation

    any help would be appericiated
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  3. allen2012 added a post in a topic: signature upload option   

    i suggested this a while back and guess it got over looked but it would be really really useful for an alternate signature upload option instead of having to host the image off site then copy the code then paste it many other sites i belong to have the upload option for signatures for example impliment something as this (see attachment) this would be nice to upload signatures
  4. allen2012 added a record in IP.Board   

    moderator issue
    [#103119.5] You do not have permission to carry out that function.

    keep getting this error even though the mod group does have permission to merge posts in the forums they are assigned ???
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  5. allen2012 added a comment: isOwner / isUploadable   

    so is their a fix for 4.2.0 as of yet
  6. allen2012 added a record in IP.Gallery   

    gallery issue again
    i just fixed the issue with the upgrade to version 4.2.0 and that was fixed now i get this error message when images are put to be pubished

    everyone is signed in (members) this effects every group besides the admin group now how do i fix this

    getting tired of gallery application being such a pain

    [#1-gallery-review-process-5] Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available.

    everyone has access everyone was able to publish pics before now they cant
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  7. allen2012 added a post in a topic: signature upload option   

    I notice that every other part of ibp has the upload option for the avatar and or post uploads and so on but in order to use a signature you have to link the image then copy the url code or the bbc code and then past it then all that other stuff just to get one simple image to display under ur posts.

    on my forums not all of the members can quite understand this and they are used to having the ability to just simply upload their signatures as some use VB bulletin and they can simply upload their sig from the computer and other software companies

    i don't mind the linking of the sigs my self but when my staff get neumorous pms a day asking i cant get my signature to link and how do i despite the several posts on how to add it

    i would really really like to see an addition for the option to upload a signature it would greatly decrease the over whelming hastle of my staff loading the signatures for members and allow them to do their main jobs on my community

    please please add the upload option for signatures it will be a blessing in the end trust me as I said the upload option is used for everything else please add it for signatures
  8. allen2012 added a comment on a blog entry: Development Update: IP.Board 3.2.3   

    since i cant ever get an answer any where has the center and all that been fixed i mean many people have asked and asked and yet no one wants to say even with the code being changed it still doesnt work

    has the text alignment issues been fixed i mean really it looks crappy any time i try and make something centered and add spaces or hit the return button everything gets bunched up together

    i beg please fix this issue
  9. allen2012 added a comment: Images per post   

    same issu
  10. allen2012 added a record in IP.Gallery   

    members cant upload to global album
    some ones already made a post here and I got the same issue all the permissions are correct as he states in his post im having the same exact issue here
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  11. allen2012 added a post in a topic: Renews and waiting for access?   

    ive done that its been paid 0n credit card
  12. allen2012 added a post in a topic: Renews and waiting for access?   

    would be nice if it was an automatic thing when I ran with vb it didnt matter once the purchase was made or renewd u had access no matter and if payment didnt clear u couldn't download
  13. allen2012 added a post in a topic: IP gallery   

    not seeing it???
  14. allen2012 added a post in a topic: IP gallery   

    where would i find this ??
  15. allen2012 added a post in a topic: IP gallery   

    I am looking into offering video hosting on my site as some of my members have some vidos of cars and or projects that they would like to show on the site /board I was told that the ip gallery supports videos my question is before we make the commitment to purchase the extra software

    what video file formats do they support example does it support windows media player and AVI files as well?

    also I tried it out on here and noticed that there was a size limit to the video can I increase the size limit to make larger videos up loadable?

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