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  1. EricGagne added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    New Content - Page not refreshed when switching content type
    Switching content type in "New Content" does not always work.  It's hard to say how to reproduce because it's a bit inconsistent but here's how you should be able to reproduce.
    Click "New Content"
    Keep changing content type until nothing happens when you click one.  No need to rush, I wait about 1 second between each.
    When nothing happens after you clicked a type, just hit F5 to refresh the page and you'll get it the results.
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  2. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Need help changing Mobile Skin   

    Yes I did but there is nothing built-in that will do this.  Actually it was support that suggested I ask in the forum and check the marketplace.
  3. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Need help changing Mobile Skin   

    The mobile skin is not 100% compatible with Nexus and it does not show the custom package fields.  It shows their titles and that they are required but it does not show the field themselves so the user can't populate them and cannot complete a transaction.  I would like to modify the mobile skin to disable the store tab.
    The preferred way would be display a popup message to tell the user that the store is not available in mobile devices and that they need to use a desktop pc.   If that's not possible or too complicated then I would simply hide the "Store" tab from the skin.
    Unfortunately, it is not something I would know how to do.
  4. EricGagne added a record in IP.Board   

    Small cosmetic issue in search box.
    The "X" that shows up when we start typing in the search box wraps over the magnifying glass.
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  5. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Templates on visual editor created themes.   

    I thought they always upgraded hosted communities automatically.    Could be that I misunderstood but my understanding of 3.4.7 is that it's just a cumulative upgrade of all patches up to 3.4.6.  I thought there was nothing new in it and that it's why they would not upgrade hosted communities.

    I'll check with support.

  6. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Templates on visual editor created themes.   


    I can't upgrade to 3.4.7, I'm on Invision's hosted community and it's still running 3.4.6.  

    I manually changed the code in globalTemplate on the default skin but we don't have templates for skins created with the visual editor.   That skin that we created with VE is our forum's default skin and I need to fix this, we can't run a forum without the quote functionality much longer.  

    I need to find the php file for globalTemplate and edit it outside of the admin panel.


  7. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Templates on visual editor created themes.   

    I need to apply this patch on themes that were created with the visual editor.  How can I get to the code ?

  8. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Cpanel link missing on..   


    I just found the same "issue" and your reply does not answers the OP's question.  Is there a reason cPanel is no longer there ?  

  9. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Add Custom Package Fields to customer search.   

    The title pretty much says it all.
    We have a dropdown custom package field called "Name of your club".  When people buy certain products, they must telle us what club they are member of.
    There is currently no way of searching customers on those custom package fields.   I would like them to be included in the dropdown list of searcheable fields in the customer search form so I could get a list of all the customers who are members of club "xyz".
  10. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Days to renew after expiry ?   

    Thank you Aiwa,

    I created a package that renews every 1 day so I can test the different options over the next few days.

    In our case this will not be an issue.  All our packages expire on Dec. 31 regardless of when they were purchased, it's not a 1 year subscription, it's a "per season" subscription.  I am going to use a custom action on the pacakge to set the expiration date to Dec 31 after each purchase/renewal.
  11. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Days to renew after expiry ?   


    When a user buys this, it grants him access to certain sections of our board.  If I don't set it as a subscription but set a renewal period.  Will Nexus still generate an invoice but remove the user access if he does not pay before the end of the period ?

    I don't quite understand what "subscription" does exactly.  Does it only make it a recurrent thing or is it what allows the system to handle expiration and member groups ?
  12. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Days to renew after expiry ?   

    Is there a way to set a number of days after expiration of a subscription that the user can no longer renew ?

    Purchase price is $35 for year, renewal is $31.50 but I only want the client to get that renewal price if he had the subscription the year before.  If he buys in 2014, does not renew in 2015 then he should not be allowed to renew for $31.50 for 2016.  He should either have to purchase again at full price or renew at full price.

    I tried to achieve this with the loyalty discount but it does not work.   I set a renewal price of $31.50 if the client owns "this package" but it does not work.  The renewal price is $35 for the 2nd year.  I think it's because the renewal price is stored in the purchases table and at the time of purchase, the client did not own "this package" since he was buying it for the first time.
  13. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Suggestion IP.Nexus: More flexibility for upgrades   

    There are cases when upgrades in a group of products are offered only for certain products within the group and the upgrade price does not always equals the price difference between the 2 products.


    Package A: 35$
    Package B: 50$
    Package C: 75$
    Package D: 100$

    Say I only want to offer the following upgrade options at the specified prices.

    A -> B : $20
    A -> C : $45
    B -> C : $30
    B -> D : $55
    C -> D : $30
    I was thinking of something like the renewals where we can add different renewal options except now it would be multiple upgrade options.  For each one, we would select a package that can be upgraded from and enter the upgrade price.

  14. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Suggestion IP.Nexus: Add support for set expiry date on subscription.   

    We sell memberships that expire on december 31 of the year they are purchased.   IP.Nexus subscriptions currently can only be created for a time period, not with a set expiration date.
    I think the following options should be added to subscriptions.
    Set Date (mm-dd-yyyy): The subscription would expire on this date unless renewed by the subscriber.
    Recurrent Date (mm-dd): The subscription would expire on this date each year.  This would prevent us from having to edit the subscription each year.
    Pro Rating: Though we don't currently do it, ideally there would be an option to prorate the price of the subscription with the possibility to prorate only if the customer buys for an extra year.   
    Examples on a $120 annual subscription bought today.

    Not Prorated: I pay $120
    Pro Ration Waved: I pay $60 but only if I buy my 2015 renewal at the same time
    Pro-Rated Always: I pay $60 no matter what.
  15. EricGagne added a post in a topic: Custom dynamic fields.   

    In Customer Fields, I see "State" as a dynamic field.
    I would very much like to be able to create my own and I think I would not be the only once to use this.
    Here'a how I would use it but I'm sure there's hundreds of other good use.

    We are a federation of clubs and we sell access cards, to club members only, and their clubs have to have a valid federation membership. In other words, if your club is not a member of the the federation then you can't buy a federation access card.

    When somebody registers on the site and buys a card, he has to tell us which club he is from and that's where a dynamic field could be useful.
    For now, we will need to create a text field where the user will type the name of his club and someone from the administration will have to verify that this club has a valid affiliation.
    I would like to create a database table containing the club names with their active status and have a dynamic drop list that would only show the clubs that are "active".

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