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  1. BuddahBoy added a post in a topic: Gallery on front page - remove title bar "latest ...." & also ...   

    Greetings - I've put the slideshow gallery on my front page (which is IP Content) and would like to remove 2 elements from it:-  I attach an image to clarify :
    1.  Latest images heading
    2.  Comments under picture
    Thanks much in advance - looked in through the forums and couldn't find my answer nor from tech support - appreciate it very much if someone could help with this.  
    All the best, 
  2. BuddahBoy added a post in a topic: Frontpage slideshow size   

    IP.Board 3.4.5
    Gallery   v5.0.5
    I would like to make the whole slideshow less wide than it is by default
    Would also like to make the picture info lightbox less wide.  
    Cannot find where to do this - attach screenshot - - can I get a helping hand please?  
    Thanks much
  3. BuddahBoy added a post in a topic: Download: Stop Spammer Registration   

    Greetings - I am just getting started so please don't mind that my question could be very stupid!
    Using suite 3.4.5 - what about .htaccess files in root and admin - how does that affect this?  
    Thanks much
  4. BuddahBoy added a post in a topic: Automatic amazon affiliate linking?   

    This looks like a good solution but not sure where in the template to install it
  5. BuddahBoy added a post in a topic: How to include an Amazon affiliate code into a topic?   


    In topics that I create I'd like to include an amazon affiliate link to books or dvds from the person the topic is about.

    The slideshow type code is for OBJECT - the banner post is an IFRAME

    Board version: 3.2.3

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, TIA.


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