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  1. Cameron.S added a post in a topic: Arrow Keys   

    Am I missing something, or is the ability to go to the next image by pressing the corresponding arrow key on your keyboard not present? Assuming it isn't, this should be something quick to implement that I know my (and others') users would very much appreciate.
  2. Cameron.S added a record in IP.Gallery   

    sRGB Handling
    I uploaded a bunch of pictures that I'd processed in Photoshop and batch exported using 'Save As' (which doesn't embed the sRGB colorspace). When I look at pictures processed this way, colors are less vibrant, but only on those resized by IP.Gallery. For example, browsing through the images normally they look bland, but in slideshow view they look as they did in Photoshop because it uses the originally-uploaded images for those.

    If I upload a copy exported using 'Save for Web/Devices,' the sRGB colorspace is embedded and maintained throughout the resizing process by IP.Gallery. I'd use this normally, but Photoshop doesn't allow for batch processing with custom naming schema when using Save for Web.

    I realize that this isn't necessarily something to do with IP.Gallery (Chrome butchers the coloring with and without sRGB), but if there were some way to fix it in the way that IP.Gallery handles image processing, it'd be an improvement.
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  3. Cameron.S added a comment: Basic Authentication / Key System for Webcal URLs   

    I suggested something similar ([url=""]Here[/url]); it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that would like to see this implemented.
  4. Cameron.S added a record in IP.Calendar   

    Not Caching for Upcoming Calendar Events
    I've noticed that ever since upgrading to IP.Board 3.2.3 and IP.Calendar 3.2.2 (from 3.2.2 and 3.2.1, respectively), sometimes when I visit my site I see 'There are no forthcoming calendar events' under Upcoming Calendar Events, even when there are. Recaching the calendar in the ACP fixes the issue, and sometimes it seems to fix itself (I'm guessing because of a scheduled task), but it's not very useful when it only shows events half of the time.
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  5. Cameron.S added a post in a topic: RSVP Capacities   

    I love having Event RSVP'ing, as well as the new option of allowing users to un-RSVP themselves.

    What I'd like to see implemented is a limit on how many members can RSVP. For example, allow an event creator to specify the maximum number of attendees that can RSVP when they create the event, and disallow further RSVPs once that threshold has been reached. Most events can't support an unlimited number of people, especially if your members actually actively use the feature, although having a 'Enter 0 for no limit' option would be important if this were added.
  6. Cameron.S added a comment: Social Networks Bypass Disabled Registrations   

    I realize that you'd have to receive credentials from the third-party API before anything can be done. I'm not familiar with the actual processes that are carried out in processing the login, but it seems to me that when that data is passed back to IP.Board, it either [a] logs you in using your preexisting associated account, or [b] creates a new one and associates that third-party key with it. It would seem logical that a check could be implemented before [b] is carried out that throws an error and discards the data if registrations are disabled.
  7. Cameron.S added a record in IP.Board   

    Social Networks Bypass Disabled Registrations
    When I installed IP.Board 3.2.2, I set 'Disable New Registrations' to 'Disable All (IP.Board, Twitter, Facebook, etc).' Users were able to create accounts using social networks, but they were treated as validating (listed as Incomplete in ACP, pending approval). I wanted it to be configured such that existing users could link their accounts and log in using social networks, but that new accounts could not be created using social networks (or IP.Board).

    In IP.Board 3.2.3, when a user logs in using Facebook (without a preexisting linked account), a new account is created, fully usable, without admin approval. My settings haven't changed; all new registrations are set to disabled (for IP.Board [i]and[/i] Facebook/Twitter).

    If this is the intended functionality, I think the intent of the functionality needs to be reevaluated: disabling all new registrations should prevent any new rows from going into the members table not manually added by an administrator. I've temporarily worked around the problem by moving all new accounts created to the Banned group by default, but based on the phraseology of the setting itself, it seems the mechanics need to be changed.
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  8. Cameron.S added a post in a topic: IP.Calendar RSS/iCal Export Permissions   

    At present, if you force members to log in before accessing the website, the ability to use Calendar RSS/iCal exporting is broken. There should be an option that lets you select groups which can use these functions (with authentication, like I think Google's does), or at the very least override the security permissions (e.g. public to anyone who has the link). Either would be better than the way it is now.
  9. Cameron.S added a record in IP.Calendar   

    'Upcoming Calendar Event' Hook: Invalid Dates
    I have a weekly recurring event that starts on September 6 and lasts through December 14 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm (entered as 6:59pm due to a bug I submitted previously). The event doesn't show on the 6th itself; the first place you see it is on the 13th. Also, on the 'Upcoming Calendar Events' hook for the board index (v1.0), it shows the event as an upcoming event occurring on the 6th when it should show it as upcoming occurring on the 27th (the next occurrence).
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  10. Cameron.S added a comment: 12:00am !== 12:00pm   

    Thanks, Brandon. I'd forgotten that IP.Calendar was an add-on separate from IP.Board with a staggered release cycle (I was looking at the IP.Board version).
  11. Cameron.S added a record in IP.Calendar   

    12:00am !== 12:00pm
    I'm having a number of issues with Calendar at the moment:[list=1]
    [*]If I want an event to begin/end at 12:00pm, I have to input 12:00am (inputting 12:00pm results in the event being shown as 12:00am). This appears to include any time within the 12 o'clock hour, as in 12:40pm is translated to be 12:40am.
    [*]The Timezone Mismatching issue I reported previously still appears to exist (exported events occur 24 hours longer than they should with a one hour offset). I've also noticed that it appears to affect iCal Imports in the same way. [See [url=""]Here[/url]]
    [*]When Calendars aren't viewable by guests, an error is received by members when they try to subscribe to Calendars via iCal. I'm guessing this is intended functionality for security, but there needs to be an option to override it and/or allow for authentication when attempting to fetch the Calendar.
    [*]Anything involving 7:00 seems to just screw things up. Since IP.Calendar has a built-in method for checking whether an event's end time is after its begin time, I think the screenshot below shouldn't have been possible. I realize that this was supposed to have been fixed [url=""]here[/url], but it's still happening for me on a vanilla installation of 3.2.2.
    [*]There are some minor inconveniences/aesthetic concerns. For example, when adding a second-level bulleted list item, a linebreak between it and the item above it is added when parsed. Also, it would make a lot of sense if an event's end date were set equal to its start date via JS onBlur (this is an unnecessary annoyance when adding events with start/end times on any day but today).
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  12. Cameron.S added a record in IP.Calendar   

    IP.Calendar: Export Timezone and Duration Mismatching
    When single-day IP.Calendar events are exported to third-party applications using the iCal format, they appear to occur at the wrong time and span multiple days.

    I created an event starting on 8/24 at 4:00pm, lasting until 6:00pm on 8/24 in the Eastern timezone:

    When Outlook subscribes to the Calendar, it shows the event as being in the correct timezone, starting an hour later, and lasting until an hour after its end time (7:00pm) on the following day (8/25):

    Importing to Google Calendar has a similar effect:

    The timezone for the server (ACP), the user (UCP), Outlook, and Google Calendar are all set to Eastern with DST enabled:

    I've tried changing between 12h/24h format, recaching events, recreating events, changing durations, etc... and the same results persist. On events that actually span multiple days, they span one more day than they actually should.

    All of the above was tested using an official IPS demo installation ([url=""][/url]) with default settings (I didn't change any settings until after verifying the problem's existence with the defaults; no changes produced an effect on the problem). If it would be helpful in diagnosis, the event and originally-assigned admin password are intact on the aforementioned demo installation.
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