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  1. shaks added a post in a topic: [REQUEST] Ability to close poll without closing topic   

    Are you kidding me? It's such an obvious feature that should have been implemented ages ago! It's no wonder why i don't feel the need to renew my subscription anymore.
  2. shaks added a comment on a file: 'Start New Topic' Button on Topic View   

    This mod should have been integrated into IPB by default with the option to turn it on or off, depending on the admin's preference.
  3. shaks added a comment on a file: Advanced Tags & Prefixes   

    Thank you for considering the suggestions, Ryan. I will continue this discussion in the support thread. This is indeed a fantastic mod and i'm very eagerly waiting for the new improved version. Consider me first in line to buy it when it's available!
  4. shaks added a comment on a file: Advanced Tags & Prefixes   

    Hi Ryan

    I've been thinking about buying this mod for a while now, but there is something essential that's missing. For all of us who haven't been using tags (IPB tags are just a new feature and all those millions of posts and communities who existed prior to the addition of tags to IPB's latest release) have only the new posts that will feature the use of tags by the members. Of course, you can say that the older topics can edited to add tags, but what if (in all likelihood) there is a million older posts, so then what? Will the moderators and members have to edit each and every old post to include tags? You do understand what i'm hinting at? We need a search/parsing system for your modification that will go through all the posts on the IPB forum and automatically add the tags and prefixes, which are set in the ACP based on specific criteria. For example, you could set certain specific keywords in the post, so that when searching to add tags to the topic, if the first post of the topic contains the word "sale" then the tag and/or prefix "sale" should be edited into the topic automatically. Get my point? It would make full use of IPB's innate new tag feature. Please take this into consideration for your next release, which will be soon, i hope!
  5. shaks added a comment on a file: 3.2.3 HOTFIX: Make tags editable   

    It's surprising how something as critical as this went under the radar during the beta testing phase prior to the final release of 3.2.3

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