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  1. 23R added a post in a topic: Links Directory   

    First off, great app
    Is there any information on how to force it to sort alphabetically A->Z? Or would I need to wait until a new version? By category or app wide doesn't matter. 
  2. 23R added a post in a topic: IP.Content Help Needed (Paid)   

    I currently have an ipb 3.3.4 site and need help integrating ip.content into it. I have psd renders of the design that I'm looking for. Beyond the layout and skin adaption, I need help creating blocks, setting up advertising with ip.nexus, and modifying navigation and other aspects of the site. Retaining search engine optimization is important to me as well.

    If interested, PM me with examples of previous work and I'll be happy to discuss the project.

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