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  1. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: Logo/Banner Feedback   

    ​I'll definitely make notes of it. Thank you.
  2. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: Logo/Banner Feedback   

    Sorry for the double post. I have tried to change the header background but it just isn't quite matching up with the actual banner itself, unfortunately.
  3. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: Logo/Banner Feedback   

    I'll do some changes to the banner, thank you for the suggestions.
    As far as the wallpaper thing, I'd have to change the entire header. My forum isn't running IP.Board 3.x, it's running 2.4.0. (which is a customized upgrade)
  4. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: Logo/Banner Feedback   

    Thank you for the feedback.
    This banner is for the forum. I'll try and change it a bit.
  5. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: Logo/Banner Feedback   

    Hey guys. I am in need of some quick constructive feedback on a banner I made in photoshop. Could y'all let me know what you think?

  6. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: vBulletin 3.8 to IP.Board 2.3.6 Converters   

    So as some may know I like to use the legacy 2.3.6 version of IP.Board and have subsequently gotten permission to "upgrade/update" some files and add newer features that are useful to me as long as I don't reupload the "updated" versions publicly.

    Is it possible to still "convert" a vBulletin 3.8.x forum to IP.Board 2.3.6? I do not have any of the legacy converters which is why I am posting about it here and requesting it.
    Thank you.
  7. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: IPS' Forum Posts gone?   

    Ah thanks.
  8. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: IPS' Forum Posts gone?   

    I just noticed on my account that since the forum was upgraded to IPS4...my posts have been deleted? My post count is now only 134 posts, I had over 700+ posts or so. How come they've been deleted?
  9. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: Perpetual licenses being done away with.   

    Are we still legally allowed to use legacy versions of IP.Board (such as 2.3.x (like I'm using) as long as the license key is in the IPB License Settings or is that illegal now? Because I'm NOT upgrading to v4. It looks horrible. Both the board and Admin CP. Forums are mainly used on DESKTOPs/LAPTOPS. NOT mobile devices/phones...so why make the board/ACP look like Windows 8's layout/mobile device? It's all flat...it's disgusting to say the least.
    I'd personally rather stick to 2.3 regardless of what bugs/errors or security issues you (IPS) seem to say it has.. As far as spam bots, I've already done my appropriate measures to counter them and stop them from registering without disturbing the smooth ability of visitor registrations.
  10. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: If someone got my license number   

    I'm not 100% positively sure it's tied to a servers IP, but is definitely tied to the URL of which the license key was entered and loaded to.
  11. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: If someone got my license number   

    If someone steals your license key, I'd advise having it reset/changed immediately. Although they can't exactly do anything with it as it's only set for your board. However some people seem to assume that if they use someone else's license key, that their "board" is licensed and verified as being licensed by IPS, which is definitely not the case here.
    If you suspect your key being stolen, you can file a ticket in your Client Area requesting it be reset. Please note that if you've changed your license key (reset it) once already in your 6 month period you will have to pay a fee of $15.
  12. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: Google "Notice of Breach" Warning   

    I hope these links help.
    I've never had this email before.
  13. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: Database Driver Error   

    It may be a good idea to code wrap your driver errors in future posts, Jordi. Just saying. :) That was too long to scroll down reading. :P I'm not sure if anyone else noticed but it also says something about a MySQL syntax error.

    Date: Sun, 25 May 2014 15:52:44 +0000 Error: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ORDER BY start_date DESC LIMIT 0,7' at line 1 IP Address: - /forums/index.php?/topic/228-lol-tournament-2-vs-2-end-screenshot-topic/
  14. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: Security   

    Are you wanting to have or use a password strength level for passwords or require passwords to be changed each month? I'm confused here?
    As far as this, I'd suggest you install Global Forum Message by Adriano Faria . You may use this as a global "announcement" message to your users to make sure they use secure passwords and that they change them in x days/months.
  15. NSanityHD added a post in a topic: Steam Login Integration   

    Is it possible to get a Steam Login API for 2.3? I know 2.3 is way out-dated and unsupported but that doesn't mean it's no longer part of the IPB software, and this section IS IP.Board. (And also does not say that it's only FOR the latest releases only) I was wondering if it's possible to make a modification to allow the use of Steam login for IP.Board 2.3.x? :)

Status Feed

  1. NSanityHD

    Finally renewed license...

  2. NSanityHD

    sigh...stupid email notifications from my dedi saying its banned a bunch of IPs...JOYFUL!

    1. Amy T

      Spammers or ddos?

    2. NSanityHD

      Neither. Some people keep attempting to login to my dedi via root...one person I had an argument with lives 2 hours from me in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire UK...I had an email saying an IP from Stoke on Virgin Media tried to exploit my server but failed and had his IP auto perma banned... :P Several attempts to access my dedi have been made from different countries.

    3. Amy T

      Ah ok. I have had the system block my own ip before.

    4. AlexJ

      What did u add to get those email notifications? Does fail2ban sends email notification also?

    5. NSanityHD

      Not sure. I entered my email into my WHM configuration for email notifications.

      Main >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup:
      Contact Information
      * Enter one or more email addresses to contact in case a problem arises with this server. - My email
      * Enter one or more cellular phone or pager email addresses to message via email in case a problem arises with this server. - My email.

    6. Amy T

      You use cpanel? I have not used that in a long time. I prefer directadmin.

    7. AlexJ

      Oh dang.... i just use shell.. need to figure out...

    8. NSanityHD

      I use ConfigServer Firewall (CSF) for my security and what not.

    9. Amy T

      I use that it took me a while to figure out how to install it. But the host was very helpful. Only firewall I know that works with directadmin. So how much trouble did you have getting csf on cpanel?

    10. NSanityHD

      None. I installed it via WHMXtra. :)

  3. NSanityHD

    Got an X-Bawks? Add me! :) - iComRadK3L

  4. surferboy » NSanityHD

    I DO think so!! It rocks and works all day long, the status update, that is, ... in 3.3.2!!!

  5. NSanityHD

    Got a PS3? Have PSN? Add me: "ComRadKeL". :) (Without quotation marks).

  6. NSanityHD

    WOOT! Gonna renew my license soon, and am getting a PS3 with Black Ops, GTA IV & Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood! :D

    1. ørret

      Nintendo FTW!

    2. NSanityHD

      Nintendo is good too, but I prefer the PC, PS3 and 360. :)

    3. DarkGizmo

      Awesome games for an awesome system dude. :-)

    4. Shadow82x

      Just be careful. PSN may be down :P

    5. NSanityHD

      @Shadow: Yeah true...I wouldn't be surprised. :P

  7. NSanityHD

    Omg NOOO! My License has expired :(

    1. AndyF

      Time to renew then :)

    2. NSanityHD

      Nah, not yet. I'll renew soon. :P

    3. nook


  8. AndyF » NSanityHD

    Thanks for adding me :)

  9. NSanityHD

    A problem with that DawPi?

  10. DawPi » NSanityHD

    "Formally Known on IPS as ComRadKeL & Kel-F. " good to know.