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  1. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: Using Mandrill Email App   

    have noot had chance to deal with it but I was wondering too. mandrill allows template editing so I think there is a manner there.
  2. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: I can not tell if it's attack or vulnerability.   

    its been a bit since I messed with it but you may need to tweak the stock evasive settings if you are using ip.content as default app using the constants.php file. I forget how I had to set it but stock settings caused drops when doing stuff like mark all read on forums due to the way it redirects to the home page after.
    may not be issue for you, just thought I would mention that.
  3. Dmacleo added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    can't do 3.47 as lic expired and waiting a bit before renewing so hoping it works ok on 3.46.
    will do backups and test tomorrow and see if I find any issues.
  4. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: [Eek. Help, please!] Would someone like to help me with my limited server?   

    what I mean is if you are already on vps looking for speed and load handling it won't be long before you go dedicated and, even though its a steep learning curve, you'll be glad you did due to the benefits.
  5. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: Nexus on PHP 5.4. Better use Ioncube   

    yeah  I figure OP saw the issue on a content page even though its only issue with nexxus installed
  6. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: Can you specify step after Author saves new Article?   

    never seen that, when I submit it goes to the article.
    you perhaps set it so they need approval or something?
    this might be something a ticket should be filed for.
  7. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: Nexus on PHP 5.4. Better use Ioncube   

    ioncube also works with php 5.5+
  8. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: [Eek. Help, please!] Would someone like to help me with my limited server?   

    heh soon you will be looking into unmanaged dedicated and really dealing with some crap on your own. and you'll be glad you did I bet :)
  9. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Site URl   

    seems to be up now
    looks like it was a 1and1 reason I dumped them years ago
    yesterday even 1and1 told me I could buy that domain. I didn't though :P
  10. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Site URl   

    do a whois for the domain and it shows available to buy
    you not pay a domain yearly fee?
  11. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Site URl   

    yeah your dns is really whacked, ping has no results.
  12. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: bash bug: new vulnerability found   

    centos (so redhat) released a patch they knew wasn't fully correct yesterday but was useful to help mitigate issues and this morning I got another bash update that I believe is the final one needed.
    I don't see this as being as bad (potentially) as heartbleed was just due to the needs before it could be misused. while many distros use bash there would have to be a cgi component in use for the problem to be taken advantage of remotely. of course if someone had access already then its real bad, but if not using apache/nginx/whatever to call a cgi then remote wgets are not as disastrous as if you were calling a cgi component.
    so its a potentially bad issue that affects a lot more systems than heartbleed I don't think it has the overall risk as heartbleed had.
    but I could be wrong. seems there are a lot of people that think this too and there are many others that disagree.
    still, its good to update as fast as possible to prevent any potential issues.
    and the maintainer did decent job backporting for really old versions also.
    so...problem seen, tests run for a day or so then notifications sent out. within hours patches flowing.
    I call that a pretty good response.
  13. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: iOS 8 iPad Problems   

    not an apple  user so take this with grain of salt, but I have read a lot of people saying problems they had were fixed by using itunes to install as "new".
    not sure how that works, maybe installing in that manner treats it differently than an upgrade?
    but figured I would post that as i had seen MANY say that on problem threads on macinsider (iirc) forums.
  14. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    should show in mod control panel, unapproved content, tutorials section if its not something you are used to looking for.
    edit: didn't see Adriano answered, sorry.
  15. Dmacleo added a post in a topic: What managed dedicated server will I need for 500-1000 users at once?   

    running dual xeon 5150 with 16gb ram using 2 500gb sata in raid1 and have handled that much load no issues.
    few weeks ago had 700 streaming a video hosted on server and another 1200 in forums with no issues.

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    Saw your site through an IP.Content help thread and I find it disappointing that someone as helpful as you in the IP community chooses to run a hyper-partisan site which can only serve to further polarize the political situation in the US.

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    Thank you again for helping with our new forum. You rock!

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    Very nice guy, Has helped me on all the stuff i had troubles with and done much more to make sure im in good shape on my site :)

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