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  1. gxgEric added a record in IP.Content   

    Progress Lost With Error
    We have a character limit for the Teaser Paragraph field. If you try saving the article with a teaser that longer than the character limit a error message is displayed at the top after reloading the page. Unfortunately any progress you have made before Saving the article is completely lost. If you were editing an article and saved the article that had more characters than allows in the Teaser Paragraph field, all those edits would be lost. In many cases, significant efforts are lost and my writers and editors get extremely frustrated.
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  2. gxgEric added a record in IP.Content   

    Maximum Field Length
    The maximum field length setting is counting characters from BBCODE. Using BBCODE reduce the number of characters that you have remaining for actual content. Can you adjust so that it does not include BBCODE in the character count?
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  3. gxgEric added a record in IP.Content   

    Display Hidden Articles
    Hidden articles set to a future publish date are not being displayed in a feed block when I requested hidden articles. Only hidden articles that have reached or passed the set publish date are displayed. I have requested hidden articles to be displayed, "publish date" has nothing to do with my request. Unexpected behavior.
    Block settings:
    feed source: articles
    content type: articles
    filters [record visibility]: hidden
    template: generic list
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  4. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Twitter Cards   

    Please add support for Twitter Card meta data. https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards
  5. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Set Article Image as og:image   

    When liking an article from the facebook like button on the article page, Facebook does not grab the article image. Please set the article image as the og:image in the Open Graph meta for the page. Thanks!
  6. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Allow to choose a search result template for databases   

    Yes! If anything, at least allow us to hide the content from being displayed and allow us to simply display the title with published date for each result.
  7. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Article Title and URL   

    Alright, that is great to read. However, I would still like to see the category names removed from the record URL and to allow the article URL to remain the same when changing the title. Please consider these ideas. Thanks!
  8. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Article Title and URL   

    I believe it does, but if you rename it a second time then that original redirect is lost. Regardless of any redirect, the social share counts are lost when the URL changes.
  9. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Article Title and URL   

    When changing the article title, please do not change the article's URL by default. Instead of automatically changing the article URL when the title is updated, please give us the option to have it updated.

    As is, changing the article's URL for a page that has built up incoming link juice and share counts can all be lost when simply changing the title of the article. This sucks. =/
  10. gxgEric added a post in a topic: User Block Customization   

    This might be a wild suggestion, but I thought about an idea where the user could reposition blocks and create their own blocks within the IP.Content system (non-admins, standard users). I imagine a system where users could customize their own IP.Content views - such as the homepage for example.

    Is this a practical idea?
  11. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Article in Multiple Categories   

    Regarding the URL issue, why just remove the categorizing from the URL? Forum threads dont have the forum title in the URL, just the topic. This is great too when you need to move a topic from one forum to another, as the URL does not change and all the juice it built up doesn't get lost (facebook likes, google +1, backlinks, etc). At least give us the option to do this.

    Regarding tags, you cant template tags results pages. Maybe add this feature too?
  12. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Article in Multiple Categories   

    I don't want to use tags, I want the ability to put an article in multiple categories. There is a big difference.
  13. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Article in Multiple Categories   

    Here is a real example:
    A group called Swedish House Mafia just announced their final performance will be at Ultra Music Festival in 2013. We organize all articles regarding Swedish House Mafia in our 'Progressive House' category. But we also have a 'Ultra Music Festival' sub category under the parent 'Festivals' category. For this news to be easily discoverable and properly organized, I need to be able to organize it under both 'Progressive House' and 'Ultra Music Festival' categories.

    Unfortuantely, I run into this scenario on almost a daily basis. I really need to be able to organize an article within multiple categories.
  14. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Article in Multiple Categories   

    We need the ability to organize an article into multiple categories. Please consider this feature in a future version of IP.Content
  15. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Share Comments on Facebook and Twitter   

    Yes, we need this!

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