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  1. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Mailchimp Integration   

    I just purchased this plugin. I am presented two separate files to download, which one do I use?
  2. gxgEric added a post in a topic: IP Content and Search Engine Friendliness   

    I am having some serious issues with IP Content and ranking for key phrases on search engines. I work within a very fast paced industry and breaking stories is what makes a brand stand out from the rest. My editorial staff has breaked several big stories and we continually see us not listed for related key phrases.

    In most instances, I would write this off as an article not receiving enough backlinks or too similar to other larger news outlets. However, the stories that we have reported are major articles within our industry. We were the first outlet to break the story, and other major outlets referenced us as a source for their article. If we were the first to break the story, and more established brands with larger audiences are referencing us - we should be at least listed on the first page for related key phrases.

    For example, here are some of the major stories we broke...
    Tomorrowland Headed To The United States! Tomorrowland United States Expansion Due To Buy Out? Insomniac For Sale? SFX and Live Nation Are Interested... Beatport For Sale? SFX Wants A Piece! SFX Website Reveals New Buyouts: Beatport, Electric Forest, React Presents, Clubtix, Q-dance, and More! These articles were the very first at breaking the story. These articles have hundreds of shares on facebook and twitter (the first article listed has just under 9,000 facbeook shares). These articles are all indexed by Google. But none of these articles rank for any important key phrases. WHY??!!

    As you can imagine, I am extremely frustrated and at a loss. The IP Board portion of my website brings in lots of traffic from Google, but the IP Content portion of my website brings in barely anything to where it should be at. If we are breaking major stories, receiving links form major sources, and receiving thousands of social media shares - why are we not ranking for related key phrases in Google Search?
  3. gxgEric added a post in a topic: [XI] Delete Old Topics   

    Can I use this modification to mass delete threads with no replies?
  4. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Would like to use HTML vs BBCode in Articles   

    Check the field settings for the Body, you can enable HTML there. However, I find the HTML very difficult to work with coming from WordPress.
  5. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Mobile   

    Yes, my users complain that it isn't very mobile friendly. Would love to see more attention to this area of the product.
  6. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Embedding Tweets   

    Has anyone figured out how to embed tweets into an article? It doesn't work even with HTML enabled on the body field. https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-tweets
  7. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Database Relationship Fields   

    I really just needed to know whether or not if it is possible. I have a designer working on page designs, and needed to know whether or not to design for it.

    At this point, it appears to be possible but requires someone to really know what they are doing to make it work.
  8. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Database Relationship Fields   

    When linking database records to each other via database relationship fields, is it possible to display data from one record on the template of the other?

    For example, if I create a Event database with a database relationship field called Venues. Can I display venue information beyond just the linked title in the Event template? For example, if the linked Venue record had a street address - could I display this on the linked Event template?

    Hope this makes sense. Thanks!
  9. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Teaser Paragraph Field   

    Allow us to control the 'User Editable' parameter for the 'Teaser Paragraph' field on Articles. We do not use this and is very annoying that I have to continue staring at on the 'New Article' form.
  10. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Twitter Cards   

    Please add support for Twitter Card meta data. https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards
  11. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Set Article Image as og:image   

    When liking an article from the facebook like button on the article page, Facebook does not grab the article image. Please set the article image as the og:image in the Open Graph meta for the page. Thanks!
  12. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Allow to choose a search result template for databases   

    Yes! If anything, at least allow us to hide the content from being displayed and allow us to simply display the title with published date for each result.
  13. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Article Title and URL   

    Alright, that is great to read. However, I would still like to see the category names removed from the record URL and to allow the article URL to remain the same when changing the title. Please consider these ideas. Thanks!
  14. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Article Title and URL   

    I believe it does, but if you rename it a second time then that original redirect is lost. Regardless of any redirect, the social share counts are lost when the URL changes.
  15. gxgEric added a post in a topic: Article Title and URL   

    When changing the article title, please do not change the article's URL by default. Instead of automatically changing the article URL when the title is updated, please give us the option to have it updated.

    As is, changing the article's URL for a page that has built up incoming link juice and share counts can all be lost when simply changing the title of the article. This sucks. =/

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