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  1. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: So IPB4 deletes users accounts without warning?   

    Those of you encountering this on a live site, please submit a ticket. It is extremely likely they are simply hidden due to lack of a name and can be recovered so long as no drastic measures are taken based upon assumptions. Please let a support technician review your database.
  2. Marcher Technologies added a comment: url's parsed in codebox on edit   

    It was on this site, but it is indeed fixed now, must have been caught in a ticket. 
  3. Marcher Technologies added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    url's parsed in codebox on edit

    Simply try to edit that post. Also, pasting a url into an existing codebox will parse it. The popup usage will not.
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  4. Marcher Technologies added a comment: to delete single PM   

    Isn't that what you are looking for?
  5. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: [Pages] Page assets - manual mode   

    There is literally no reason for this feature to be limited to builder type pages. Please add it to manual mode, it saves quite a bit of hassle in adding assets for a given page. One still has to go and add the css/js to the template manager, so I have no idea why this is present in the 'easy' mode yet not the 'advanced' mode when it still requires the css/js be written or already exist, thus requiring advanced user involvement at some level anyway.
  6. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: [Pages]Default tab on edit   

    Is a minor thing, but it truly was helpful in IP.Content in 3.x.... could you please have the content tab be the default tab when editing a Manual Mode page, or at least have it remember what tab was selected when save and reload is used? Repetitive edits at the moment involve quite the tedious re-selecting of the content tab repeatedly.
    Thanks for reading.
  7. Marcher Technologies added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Pages] RecordFeed Widget using forums lang
    Minor, but potentially confusing. Visible on the latest bugs widget on this very page.
    {lang="view_this_topic" sprintf="$record->title"}That's a forums language string, and these are not topics.
    In addition, $record->title returns an empty string. should be $record->_title.
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  8. Marcher Technologies added a comment: Ajax Live Search   

    Hello Afternova,
    I will, in fact, be updating that modification. I would like to ask for your patience, this is a fairly complex modification.
  9. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Why aren't general and responsive css merged?   

    Specifically because responsive is a theme setting. While theme settings work in CSS, the actual logic one would need to honor responsive disabled with them both in the same css file does not, and allowing full blown template logic in CSS files is a bad idea.
  10. Marcher Technologies added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [This Site] Hovercard location not honoring perms
    Again this is happening, sure it was fixed previously. I am able to see staff members reviewing what I am certain is a testing forum topic with a title of 'attachment'. Further, even though I cannot view the entry(yet), I am able to see staff viewing the 3.4.8 announcement blog entry.
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  11. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Logs - prescrub   

    It would be really, really nice if the logs for sql errors(at least, being the most commonly used) were scrubbed before storing to remove sensitive information.
    Base URL(domain and directory(if any) 4 is installed in) and admin session key stripped from the URL logged, as well as the base file path of IPS4 root stripped from the stack trace are the things I am speaking of scrubbing before storing. They are truly not needed and it is immensely tedious to scrub it manually for a bug report.
  12. Marcher Technologies added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Pages] plugin block templates - DM and others
    If you have DM, IN_DEV, OR mysql strict mode enabled adding a plugin block without selecting a custom template fails with this sql error:
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wed, 13 May 2015 10:32:44 +0000 (Severity: 2) - <removedAdminUri> IPS\Db\Exception 1048: Column 'block_template' cannot be null #0 /<rootDir>/system/Db/Db.php(755): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('UPDATE `cms_blo...', Array) #1 /<rootDir>/system/Patterns/ActiveRecord.php(442): IPS\_Db->update('cms_blocks', Array, Array) #2 /<rootDir>/system/Node/Model.php(1782): IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord->save() #3 /<rootDir>/applications/cms/sources/Blocks/Block.php(900): IPS\Node\_Model->save() #4 /<rootDir>/system/Node/Model.php(2250): IPS\cms\Blocks\_Block->save() #5 /<rootDir>/system/Node/Controller.php(336): IPS\Node\_Model->saveForm(Array) #6 [internal function]: IPS\Node\_Controller->form() #7 /<rootDir>/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): call_user_func(Array) #8 /<rootDir>/system/Node/Controller.php(63): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #9 /<rootDir>/applications/cms/modules/admin/pages/blocks.php(39): IPS\Node\_Controller->execute() #10 /<rootDir>/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(129): IPS\cms\modules\admin\pages\_blocks->execute() #11 /<rootDir>/admin/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #12 {main} Easily reproduced by enabling designers mode, then making a plugin block of database records/articles, supplying a title and nothing else and hitting 'Save'.
    This, I can work around, and was doing so when I hit blocking issue #2:
    Pages seems to be unable to decide whether to use DM files or cached files for CMS block templates when DM is enabled. The CMS block template selector lists templates from DM, but in actual calling of the template for display it is looking for a compiled cache file, and silently errors as a result:
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wed, 13 May 2015 22:28:14 +0000 (Severity: 2) - <removedDemoSiteUri> OutOfRangeException 0: #0 /<rootDir>/system/Data/Store.php(96): IPS\Data\_AbstractData->__get('content_templat...') #1 /<rootDir>/applications/cms/sources/Blocks/Block.php(271): IPS\Data\_Store->__get('content_templat...') #2 [internal function]: IPS\cms\Blocks\_Block->getTemplate(Object(IPS\cms\Databases), Object(IPS\Patterns\ActiveRecordIterator), NULL) #3 /<rootDir>/system/Widget/Widget.php(222): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #4 /<rootDir>/applications/cms/widgets/RecordFeed.php(296): IPS\_Widget->output(Object(IPS\cms\Databases), Object(IPS\Patterns\ActiveRecordIterator)) #5 /<rootDir>/system/Widget/Widget.php(749): IPS\cms\widgets\_RecordFeed->render() #6 /<rootDir>/system/Theme/Theme.php(3824) : eval()'d code(883): IPS\_Widget->__toString() #7 [internal function]: IPS\Theme\theme_cms_database_display_in_the_pit_record(Object(IPS\cms\Records1), '\n<div data-cont...', Object(IPS\Helpers\Form), Object(IPS\cms\Records1)) #8 /<rootDir>/applications/cms/sources/Theme/Template.php(159): call_user_func_array('IPS\\Theme\\theme...', Array) #9 /<rootDir>/applications/cms/modules/front/database/record.php(178): IPS\cms\Theme\_Template->__call('record', Array) #10 /<rootDir>/applications/cms/modules/front/database/record.php(178): IPS\cms\Theme\Template->record(Object(IPS\cms\Records1), '\n<div data-cont...', Object(IPS\Helpers\Form), Object(IPS\cms\Records1)) #11 /<rootDir>/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(94): IPS\cms\modules\front\database\_record->manage() #12 /<rootDir>/system/Content/Controller.php(45): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #13 /<rootDir>/applications/cms/sources/Databases/Dispatcher.php(291): IPS\Content\_Controller->execute() #14 /<rootDir>/system/Theme/Theme.php(3824) : eval()'d code(15): IPS\cms\Databases\_Dispatcher->run() #15 [internal function]: IPS\Theme\content_pages_3() #16 /<rootDir>/applications/cms/sources/Pages/Page.php(940): call_user_func('IPS\\Theme\\conte...') #17 /<rootDir>/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/page.php(95): IPS\cms\Pages\_Page->getHtmlContent() #18 /<rootDir>/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/page.php(43): IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_page->view() #19 /<rootDir>/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(94): IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_page->manage() #20 /<rootDir>/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/page.php(33): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #21 /<rootDir>/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(129): IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_page->execute() #22 /<rootDir>/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #23 {main} ------------------------------------------------------------------------Reproducible by enabling DM on a fresh install, and adding a .phtml file within /themes/cms/block/recordFeed/ and attempting to use it. It will appear in the template selector for the plugin block, but upon usage will produce no content and silently log the above error. 
    In this specific instance, I am working with a designer making changes we are maintaining VCS of through GIT, disabling and re-enabling DM every single time I make a change is just not viable, tripling(if not more) the time spent.
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  13. Marcher Technologies added a file in Utilities and Stats   

    Feeds v2.0.0
    Feeds, formerly known as RSS Management Application, is an application allowing a listing of RSS/ATOM feeds of the admin's choosing, and/or import of RSS/Atom Feeds to various content types within the suite. Additionally, a widget is provided with advanced RSS Import and display options.
    Currently supported Import Content Types:
    Forums Posts(each item is a new reply)Pages Database RecordsPlanned features:
    RSS ExportMore Content type options for both import and export.Known Issues: Upgrade from the 3.x application is not fully finished yet - the editor content is not rebuilt, and the upgrade script itself needs work. Please do not upgrade until this message has been revised.
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  14. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Pages: "index.php" - bring back Subdomain Support!   

    I would actually far prefer they enhance and not just replicate the functionality. There was talk of entry domains for individual pages a while ago. That would be much more flexible imo.....
  15. Marcher Technologies added a comment: [Downloads] Like email subject   

    Still happening in 4.0.3.
    A bit more information on the plaintext email - it seems to be saying the author of the \IPS\Content\Item is the one 'quoting' me for a like notification.
    Hope that helps.