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  1. Marcher Technologies added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Allow widget reuse does not work with widgets added via plugin
    This does not appear to be occurring at all when set to yes for widgets added via plugin.
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  2. Marcher Technologies added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Embeddable by Pages app does not work with widgets added via plugin
    This does not appear to be occurring at all when set to yes for widgets added via plugin. Attempting to add a plugin block appears to only be showing options for widgets embeddable for applications and not plugins.
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  3. Marcher Technologies added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    QA pagination possibly there might be a yet to be approved answer causing an issue? all i see is this on page 2:
    • 2 replies
  4. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Please provide a list of all of the features that were in 3.X, but have now been removed in 4.0   

    ​Please stop spreading this FUD. sure, there are a spare few features missing that I would like to see added back in, but this is not at all a fair assessment. Custom fields in pages are far more robust than anything we had in the content application. Blocks have seen a very nice rethink, utilizing widgets that are globally available instead of code custom for the application, while still allowing custom code and templates. Templates themselves have seen quite an improvement, with logical grouping applied and less cramming it all into one template cause you had to. A rticles database features have parity with the rest of the databases, allowing much more flexibility instead of being forced to misuse articles for something else due to the unique feature set.
    Most importantly, it doesn't take a developer to use it. That alone is a massive improvement.
    More features were added than are 'missing' in the pages application compared to content.
  5. Marcher Technologies added a comment: widgets added via plugin do not work at all within the pages app   

    I actually managed to dig in far enough to fix this. had to know how to load a widget manually anyway for a mod, fixing this helped me get that right.
    2 files, 4 changes.
    \applications\cms\sources\Pages\Page.php, line ~967:
    $_widget = \IPS\Widget::load( \IPS\Application::load( $widget['app'] ), $widget['key'], $widget['unique'], ( isset( $widget['configuration'] ) ) ? $widget['configuration'] : array(), ( isset( $widget['restrict'] ) ? $widget['restrict'] : null ), $orientation ); should be:
    $_widget = \IPS\Widget::load( isset($widget['plugin']) ? \IPS\Plugin::load($widget['plugin']) : \IPS\Application::load( $widget['app'] ), $widget['key'], $widget['unique'], ( isset( $widget['configuration'] ) ) ? $widget['configuration'] : array(), ( isset( $widget['restrict'] ) ? $widget['restrict'] : null ), $orientation ); then line ~1489, same file:
    if( $pageBlock['app'] == 'cms' AND $pageBlock['key'] == 'Database' AND ! empty( $pageBlock['configuration']['database'] ) ) should be:
    if( isset($pageBlock['app']) AND $pageBlock['app'] == 'cms' AND $pageBlock['key'] == 'Database' AND ! empty( $pageBlock['configuration']['database'] ) ) \applications\cms\modules\front\pages\builder.php, line ~83(the initial json error):
    if($block['app'] == $key[1] AND $block['key'] == $key[2] AND $block['unique'] == $key[3] ) { $widget = \IPS\Widget::load( \IPS\Application::load( $block['app'] ), $block['key'], $block['unique'], $block['configuration'], null, \IPS\Request::i()->orientation ); } should be:
                            if( isset($block['app']) AND $block['app'] == $key[1] AND $block['key'] == $key[2] AND $block['unique'] == $key[3] )                         {                              $widget = \IPS\Widget::load( \IPS\Application::load( $block['app'] ), $block['key'], $block['unique'], $block['configuration'], null, \IPS\Request::i()->orientation );                         }                                                 elseif( isset($block['plugin']) AND $block['plugin'] == $key[1] AND $block['key'] == $key[2] AND $block['unique'] == $key[3] )                         {                              $widget = \IPS\Widget::load( \IPS\Plugin::load( $block['plugin'] ), $block['key'], $block['unique'], $block['configuration'], null, \IPS\Request::i()->orientation );                         } That specific change  has the last error cropping up, on line ~153:
    if ($block['app'] == $key[1] AND $block['key'] == $key[2] AND $block['unique'] == $key[3] ) { $widget = \IPS\Widget::load( \IPS\Application::load( $block['app'] ), $block['key'], $block['unique'], $block['configuration'] ); $widget->menuStyle = $widgetMaster['menu_style']; } should be:
                    if ( isset($block['app']) AND $block['app'] == $key[1] AND $block['key'] == $key[2] AND $block['unique'] == $key[3] )                 {                     $widget = \IPS\Widget::load( \IPS\Application::load( $block['app'] ), $block['key'], $block['unique'], $block['configuration'] );                     $widget->menuStyle = $widgetMaster['menu_style'];                 }                                 elseif ( isset($block['plugin']) AND $block['plugin'] == $key[1] AND $block['key'] == $key[2] AND $block['unique'] == $key[3] )                 {                     $widget = \IPS\Widget::load( \IPS\Plugin::load( $block['plugin'] ), $block['key'], $block['unique'], $block['configuration'] );                     $widget->menuStyle = $widgetMaster['menu_style'];                 } which leads back to the first and second change listed above when it actually tries to load it on the given page via the model's getWidgets method or reorder is attempted in the case of the postWidgetOrderSave method. All the changes above made have it working without any issue i can see.
    Hope that helps save some time.
  6. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Where is the members list ?   

    I must note I do not work for IPS anymore, this was a personal opinion based on what I know of the issue and should not be construed as anything but that.
    Personally, I feel sympathy for whatever modder decides to actually make this, I'm not sure it can be done in a way that active sites could use it without issues in the first place, the base idea itself of a member list.
  7. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Where is the members list ?   

    The members list is by no means effortless to add in. You are basically talking about listing the largest table in the suite in most cases, and the most accessed table in all cases. This in itself is resource intensive. Even the ACP does not generate a paginated list of all of them in one go(is tabbed by status), and with good reason. Additionally, the ACP is not something thousands of users can hit at once.
    The reason most sites disabled it when it was available was for such resource reasons, and maintaining that kind of resource hog, attempting to keep it from being too much of one, is no easy task.
    Apologies if that came out offensive, but you make it sound so easy, when it truly has implications you are not considering.
  8. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: [Pages]More Export/Import options please?   

    I find that I am missing several of the basic tools for getting my work ready for distribution/import to a live site.
    There is no longer the ability to export or import a block, or any templates. The option to download a database replete with all of it's database settings, templates, custom fields and categories is indeed a fine thing, but this very simply does not address the blocks embedded within those templates, the assets included on the page the database is used on that provide a custom style/javascript functionality, or the common need to export just a template for use with an existing generic database like the default articles system, or multiple available templates to choose from for a given database view being added from a given mod, or even the inability to export page templates(from providing more builder templates to custom wrappers this would be useful).
    Could you pretty please possibly review the export/import options present within the pages application and restore the basic tools for distribution where the contents of the database settings and fields are irrelevant?
    As it stands, I'm not going to be able to update several of my mods with it like this, and I've already had to do a manual copy/paste job for a featured articles listing template and a css asset to the live site for a custom, which simply will not fly in distributed works.
  9. Marcher Technologies added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    widgets added via plugin do not work at all within the pages app
    Be it sidebar or the main area, regardless of configuration, i get ' Couldn't save block positions' upon attempting to drag the widget into position.
    Json response reads:
    {"error":{"type":"Whoops\\Exception\\ErrorException","message":"Undefined index: app","file":"C:\\wamp\\www\\ips4rc\\applications\\cms\\modules\\front\\pages\\builder.php","line":83}} however i can drag them into any other application sidebar just fine.
    • 2 replies
  10. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Which beta will focus on final mobile skin?
    Fairly certain he's referring to these two reported bugs. Been fighting to work around them myself from ipad.
  11. Marcher Technologies added a comment: Limited autoexpand on mobile and no scroll inside editor   

    Quoting a large piece of text brings forth this issue as well, immediately, without refocus. Combined with auto save saving this quote, it makes it impossible to reply to certain topics afterwards unless you just submit the post out of frustration with just the quote as contents.
  12. Marcher Technologies added a comment: [Beta 5a] Select multiple always loads with first value selected   

    ​If whoops was enabled or strict MySQL used this becomes clearer, with an error that infers an object is being inserted into an int field. The node field type returns a node object, you will need to modify the value in your saveForm method if this is a node to refer to the object's 'Id' instead of the object itself.
  13. Marcher Technologies added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    upload new version + Save Previous Version?= no axes all screenshots
    I just uploaded a new version of this file:
    I opted to not save the previous version, as there was an obscure bug therein. Is it intended that it removes all screenshots when this option is configured as such? it's not obvious by the wording if it is.
    • 3 replies
  14. Marcher Technologies added a comment: [Beta 6] Pages - Database default modul   

    Actually, it may be the inverse. I see your point, it may be wise to lock the default module in pages to the Pages module, or provide a way for modules to relay their support for being a default module or lack thereof. Not every module is going to have output to display, to state it simply.
  15. Marcher Technologies added a comment: [Beta 6] Pages - Database default modul   

    Choose   Pages   default   APP   and   Database   default   module
    I'm pretty sure that is the issue actually. The databases module does not actually serve the database, but merely performs ancillary functions related to databases on demand. The Pages module serves pages, which databases are embedded in, thus pages should be set as the default module. 

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