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  1. Marcher Technologies added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Messenger from ipad - typing produces no text
    I am not entirely sure what is occurring as my PC is currently in for repairs, thus I am unable to get console output.
    When replying to an existing pm from my iPad, no text appears in the CKE when I type. The ipad spelling suggestions do appear, however no text typed actually appears in the CKE. Hard refresh did not help.
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  2. Marcher Technologies added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Payout Withdraw funds rounding incorrectly
    As an example, let's say I was to attempt to withdraw $10.25. Upon loading the form, the value presented is instead '10.25000152587999'.
    This is not correctable by editing the value, as it then rounds to the first decimal instead of the second. As a result, it's not possible to withdraw the entirety of one's account credit.
    In the meantime, I have been rounding down and leaving 5-25 cents.
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  3. Marcher Technologies added a file in Utilities   

    JSON API v1.0.0
    This is an adapter for the inbuilt IPB XMLRPC API Server to return and accept JSON .
    This modification is free, completely unsupported, and released under the DBAD license.
    This modification is used in and distributed with the Wordpress IPSConnect Plugin as of version 1.1.1.
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  4. Marcher Technologies added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Links 4.0.9 Released
    Links 4.0.9 is now available.
    I would like to go over some of the small, but useful new features and related changes.

    User-uploaded images used to be tacked on as an 'afterthought', when generally they needed to replace thumbshots.
    Now, they take full stage, if you choose to utilize user-submitted images.
    There are now four ways of generating images for submitted links:
    User-submitted Upload. User-submitted URL. Thumbshots Webthumbnail

    For thumbshots and webthumbnail, the option to cache the images to disk instead of continually hotlinking is provided. For URL, the image is always retrieved from the given URL and cached to disk for security and stability.
    Image generation options are completely extensible, as needed one can drop a new API file in.
    Images stored will be re-sized to fit the dimension settings if they exceed the settings.
    Whether they will be 'generated' at all is now a per-category option.

    There is now an option to use a 'portal' style index, replete with fully template hook-able sidebar.
    This is on display at the demo here:

    There are now options on what action to take when a member is flagged for spamming or deleted in links.
    For Spamming, you can choose to: Do nothing. Hide all the members links. Delete all the members links.

    For Deletion you can choose to: Make the member's Links posted as a guest. The above, and Hide all the member's Links. Delete all the member's Links.

    Video doing a run through the new settings here:

    I have redone the furlTemplates of the application to account for many unfurled areas.
    You as the end-user may now permanently customize the whole furl structure by placing a file named 'furlTemplates.custom.php' in the application's /extensions/ directory.

    I have added a template tag to the application.
    This means with very little code you can pull up Links data:
    {parse links="$filtersArray" template="hookOurAffiliates" group="links"}
    Fairly straightforward tag, 'template' is the skin template to use, 'group' is the skin group. so let's look at what options are available for $filtersArray, which is everything basically in getLinks:

    /** * getLinks * Fetches links based on different critera * @param array Filters (see below for specifics) * @return array * * FILTERS: * catId Get links matching the (array) category ids, (int) category ID * linkId Get links matching the (array) link ids, (int) link ID * authorId Get links matching the (array) member ids, (int) member ID * memberData Set memberData (this->memberData is used otherwise) * onlyViewable Set whether this member can view them or not. (default is true) * sortField Sort key (link_added, link_id, etc) * sortOrder asc/desc * skipCategoryCheck Skips the category ID IN list check to ensure you have access to view (good for when using perms elsewhere) * lidIsGreater Where LINK ID is greater than x * lidIsLess Where LINK ID is less than x * dateIsGreater Where DATE is greater than UNIX * dateIsLess Where DATE is less than UNIX * commentsIsGreater Where Comments Count is greater than x * commentsIsLess Where Comments Count is less than x * pinnedOnly Pinned links only * statusType Open/Closed Links Only * affiliatesOnly only pull affiliate links * extraWhere Extra WHERE clause data * searchTerm/searchField Performs a search of the given term on the given column. * skipTags do not pull/parse tag data. * parse parse members/links * limit, offset Limit the amount of results in the returned query */
    So basically, to pull up the board index Latest links, I could just use this code in a template:

    {parse links="array('approvalType' => 1,'limit' => $this->settings['linksLatestLinks_max'],'sortField' => 'link_added','sortOrder' => 'desc','parse' => TRUE)"}
    As the 'template' defaults to 'hookLatestLinks'. :smile:

    Previous/next buttons are available on link view to browse with.
    Default Sort Order is now a per-category option.

    This is a paid Application and can be purchased from the IPS Marketplace here . You can find other applications, IP.Content Modifications, and hooks by me here .

  5. Marcher Technologies added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Links: 4.1 Dev Update - Sneak Peek
    I could waste many hours with words detailing all the new toys, but instead.... screen-shots:



    Additionally, users that have permission to view links will be able to see their link submissions that are awaiting approval/are 'hidden' and will be able to edit them if having that permission.
    Upon upgrade, all categories will 'default' to the current system settings/group options before the redundant settings/group options are removed.
    If the feature you are anticipating is not shown, never fear! The entirety of the past two weeks has been dedicated to building a sane set of libraries for the application to use, making adding features a snap, and generally cleaning up code throughout the application, and this application is yet IN_DEV and not yet near a beta, this is merely a 'sneak peek'.
  6. Marcher Technologies added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Links: New Developer, Feature Roadmap, EOL Announcement
    As some may have noticed, I have acquired the Links Directory . This is an application that has not seen nearly enough development/support time/love in my opinion, I plan to end this trend. My support policy differs from Jlogica's, I will not ever charge for support, and never have, a valid purchase/renewal is all that is required for support regarding the application. Bugs will take priority, as always, but many features long overdue for this application are in ongoing development as well.

    Links Roadmap(AKA Planned Features)
    Sphinx Support(#1 priority at this time in feature set as it was claimed, but never actually supported) Content Feed Source. Per-Category permissions, and other controls. Nexus Pay Per Link Integration Ability to display a link in multiple categories, with controls of who may use this. Easily manage Link Author(this is available in listings, but is not in view, which is considerably confusing). Warnings integration More listing sort options. Moderator Control Panel integration. Suite Consistency, such as floating moderator boxes to reduce needless scrolling, etc.

    EOL Announcement
    I am not the type of individual that will maintain and support a stunted, limited, encoded copy of a paid application as a free offering. As such, Links Directory (FREE) is officially considered EOL(End of Life).
    I will not be providing support for this encoded limited code-base, nor will I maintain it. Thus, you use said encoded limited copy of the application at your own risk.

    Report Bugs/Request Features
    I am not the type of individual that will request you submit a bug/request to my tracker to have it acknowledged. However *please*, please note that all I will do is report the same bug in my tracker project, thus if you are a nice individual, as guests can indeed report bugs, you will save me that time better spent on fixing that bug, and developing features, by submitting it yourself, versus posting the item in the support topic.
  7. Marcher Technologies added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    RSS Management 1.0.8
    RSS Management Application 1.0.8 is now available.
    What's New?

    What Does this REALLY mean though, to you, the user?
    I'm certain every heavy user of the Rss feed blocks in content, or RSS Imports Stock to other applications has come across that annoying ATOM Feed that IPB just says 'Nope, can't do it boss, sorry.'.
    This Is a thing of the past with this application installed, From Forums, to Blogs, to Content, RSS and ATOM both are read by the RSS Library of IPB!
    If you have purchased this application, upgrade. :smile:
    If you have not, what are you waiting for? :ph34r:

    This is a paid Application and can be purchased from the IPS Marketplace here . You can find other applications, IP.Content Modifications, and hooks by me here .
  8. Marcher Technologies added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Rss Management 1.0.5
    The RSS Management Application has been updated with al new feature and some important bug fixes.
    Notable Changes:
    [*]2.3.2 Content Tags class compliance. [*]SQL Strict mode issue on card cache insert(replace... enough said, worthless ) fixed. [*]Content Feed Block Added: XML Feed:

    Content Types:ATOM or RSS The IPB RSS Library is not used here, all items data retrieved from the feed within the Limit Configuration will be available. Standard title/content/date/url Keys Provided Force Encoding conversion of the incoming source data from any valid encoding available in into the Native IPB IPS_DOC_CHAR_SET constant. IPSText::convertCharsets

    here here I am quite Pleased to announce 3, as you can imagine :) . This is a paid Application and can be purchased from the IPS Marketplace . You can find other applications, IP.Content Modifications, and hooks by me .
  9. Marcher Technologies added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    IP.Content Database Forms, Submission Customization Unleashed
    I am pleased to announce the release of IP.Content Database Forms 1.0.0, a modification that works in tandem with IP.Content's native template functionality to Allow YOU to custom-tailor the submission form to your needs and desires of any IP.Content Database, Articles, or Category individually, without writing lengthy custom checks or diving into the skin(s) to customize your Database Submission forms.
    Tired of ripping up your skin to Customize a single database, or category submission form?
    Need a set of optional fields presented in only one category's form, without making an entirely new database?
    Enjoy Ultimate control of your IP.Content Database, Articles, And Category Submission Forms.
    Features Include:
    Native Template Help Relevant to the Form Templates. A Stock Form Template upon adding a Form Template for both Databases and Articles, to give a quick jump-start into template modifications. Lightweight: Uses native skin Template data and IP.Content Template Compilation. Control: Choose whether to use the stock recordForm skin template, or a custom form template for any Database, Articles, or any Category individually without needing to dive into the skin to make heavy modifications with checks and additional skin templates. Full control of the end user experience to both provide them with the best possible interface, and to help guide them through the creation of higher quality content via a purpose built submission form.

    This is a paid IP.Content Modification and can be purchased from the IPS Marketplace here . You can find other applications, IP.Content Modifications, and hooks by me here .
  10. Marcher Technologies added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    IP.Content Media System 1.2.3 Update
    The IP.Content Media System has been updated with several new features and an important bug fix.
    Notable Changes:
    HTML embed support 2.3.2 Content Tags class compliance. ACP Control of Selectable Field Types. Auto-Generation of linked YouTube media Thumbnail's. Template and code overhauls in various areas to comply with the above features.

    I am happy to say this should complete any sites media usage needs, being the first system to not only allow HTML, Media URL, and File Upload Input, but give you control over which of these you allow to be utilized per field , with the flexibility and templates to create a limitless amount of media systems.
    This is a paid IP.Content Modification and can be purchased from the IPS Marketplace here . You can find other applications, IP.Content Modifications, and hooks by me here .
  11. Marcher Technologies added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    IP.Content Blocks Feed Block Widget, HookMaker Melded With Blocks Management++
    I Considered This Quite Heavily Before I made This Decision, But I have Made it, and Rightly so, I believe.
    A Series Of Ideas Congealed into a thought process I simply could not shake, Nothing is more versatile and controllable than a feed block.
    IP.Content HookMaker , while simply useful By itself, Updated and "melded" with the Idea Behind Blocks Management
    and A whole New Bag OF IPC 2.3 Tricks.
    Enter The IP.Content Blocks Feed Block Widget Kit!
    I Give You Ajax-loading Content Blocks, with Highly reduced overhead as a result:
    This is A Lightweight IP.Content Block Feed Source of Blocks with premade ajax Handlers to allow Ajax use of any block, and easy rearranging through the ACP ordering per Block Used, or in other desired orders.
    The Provided Ajax Templates are Exponentially lower in Execution Times and Query Counts on Page Load with more blocks on the page than the direct parsing the Feed's "stock" Template provides, and are templated to match the IP.Board skin Styles, while still granting enough markup to manipulate further by skin, or use a premade jQuery tabs ui theme, and keeps track of how many "tabs" yo have used so that each "Tab" Which Can be Any other type of block(Custom, Plugin, any other feed type(recursion :P )) is automatically unique.
    Included Is The IPB3.3/IPC 2.3 Compatible Version Of The IP.Content Hook-maker
    Combined with The Ability To easily Tab-ify any set of blocks with the feed source/templates, Ajax popups and ACP Block Ordering Capabilities This Proves to be the ultimate sidebar Manager Utility as Well.
    For New users, this Widget Kit an easy way to add Vertical or Horizontal tabs to any page with a large amount of blocks with impressively little overhead, And to do the Same in any hook point, With 1 sidebar viably fully manageable from one feed block honoring ACP Positioning.
    For Advanced users, this provides the ability to Ajax any block, from these blocks as a dynamic Ajax feed, without the overhead or extraneous css/js load(as .the "parent" already loads it).
    Get your Blocks Feed Block Widget Kit Today. :sorcerer:
    Every Current Purchaser as of the Release of this Modification of the 3.2 Blocks Management Hook, and IP.Content Hookmaker For 3.2, Will be Generated a Manual Purchase of this file, as 1 can No longer viably stand without the others functionality.
    This Is a RETROACTIVE Benefit for Previous purchasers, and the current price is below the combined price of both files for 2.3, so if you do not have your IP.Content Blocks Feed Block Widget Kit, Pick Your Copy up today! :sorcerer:

    If you are a current purchaser of either Previous File, this Updated and Enhanced file will already be available for download, if not, Feel Free to take the sweat, labor, and overhead out of IPC Block's Management Today:
    Purchase Link
  12. Marcher Technologies added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    RSS Management Application, Tutorials, Consistency, Resource Usage Update
    As maybe some have seen ..a fully-featured RSS Management Application has been released. :ahappy:
    I just wanted to go over some of the key updates for 1.0.2.
    I Overhauled Both Frontend and Back in regards to Hovercards specifically, The URL feed result is now cached locally for ALL users by URL... which means the Feed is Actually Available locally for use, with a refresh time of 30 minutes.
    This is Done Behind the scenes, so is a transparent difference, But means the Resulting HoverCards Load Much more snappily, and intense usage should cause much less resource strain.
    Feed Content Within The hoverCards now have Truncation controls as a global Setting, so if you don't want to truncate, or show less/more, feel free to adjust :smile:
    Importing to Michael McCunes Tutorials Application Is Implemented for Owners of That application to utilize Importing RSS Feeds into, Complete with Title Truncation Options, Tags, And Title Prefix Functionality:
    {catname}, where noted in Field Descriptions for the Title Prefix, will be replaced with the selected Category Name within Tutorials and Content Imports.
    {database} Will Be Replaced with the Database Name From Database Configuration When used within The Title Prefix There.
    RSS Management Application: Feature Rundown and Usage Videos :ohmy:
    Usage Video Part 1
    Usage Video Part 2
    Have so Many RSS Output Feeds The menu reaches for the "sky"? :baby:
    Need Better Options For Where, and How to Import your RSS Feeds into your site's Database?
    Need RSS Import with a lighter footprint?
    Get Your Copy Of The RSS Management application Today. :sorcerer:
  13. Marcher Technologies added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Introducing the IP.Content Block Hook Maker
    I am very pleased to announce having finished development on an item that has been in my "sights" so to speak for some time.
    Many are the times when one has finished developing/making/importing the "perfect" block for their site, but have no easy way to use it within IPB skins outside IP.Content, and either have a choice of hacking up the skin(skins? :baby: ) to get it "just so" where a hook point already natively exists and thereby losing the native hook ordering for that skin hook point, and/or make an entire new hook from scratch to parse that single block.
    Enter The IP.Content Block Hook Maker :

    Each block exported as a hook hence imported has group viewing permissions for that individual hook via a system setting:

    An Entire System Settings Tab Is Present to manage these View Permissions, grouped by block:

    As with all hooks, they may be re-arranged at whim, and advanced users may also change the hook point to parse the IP.Content Block in any hook point in IPB for all skins, without touching any templates.
    Make Managing and Re-using your IP.Content Blocks throughout the IPS Suite easy and intuitive today. :sorcerer:
    Demo(top block there is a hook, like all hooks, fully reorderable)
    Purchase Now:

  14. Marcher Technologies added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    IP.Content Media System 1.1.5, Media Tags!
    After Much Debugging of a converter script from ID#/Channel usage to Media Tag URL's, I am pleased to announce the release of IP.Content Media System 1.1.5 :sorcerer: .
    This IP.Content modification now utilizes any IPB Media Tag installed.
    Adding a media type to this System is now the install of an IPB media tag.
    Direct URL Input, uses URL Validation.
    As a Result, the entire System becomes easier to use and more intuitive.
    My Form on my Demo Site now looks like so:

    The Upgrade Script Included will Convert the Media Demo, or previous versions Media System ID#'s into Full Media Tag Url's.
    I myself used it to upgrade my DEMO
    The Readme has been completely overhauled with an eye towards ease of use, and context Sensitivity regarding Install, Upgrade, or Conversion.
    ACT NOW!
    There will never be a renewal price, but until January 2nd, 2012 the price is still $5.
    As of that date, after the time/effort I have put into this item, I have decided it warrants $10.
    Get Your IPC, IPB Media Tag and My Media powered Media System Today. :sorcerer:
  15. Marcher Technologies added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Content Media System 1.1.4 Released
    I am pleased to be able to announce having finished up development on some new feature additions to the IPC Media System .
    The Entire interface has been scrutinized and redesigned, for a cleaner, standardized, modern, more visually appealing look.
    Gone are the dismays of no image provided, the submitter photo is then used.
    Also Gone are the days of image overlap in listings being hidden, submitted thumbs are re-sized to a standard max-width/height, but are not disturbed in ratio thereof.
    More data, such as record views, submitter, and and time if given(though wholly optional) provides an at-a-glance rundown of the basic information of a media submission.
    Share links are available at the Media View, to allow social networking if share links are enabled.
    Multiple additional Media formats have been added, making the list of currently supported media Formats:
    Vimeo, Youtube, Yahoo, DailyMotion, TwitchTV, JustinTV, .mp3, .swf, and .flv.
    Additionally, a My Media extension has been added, with an admin choice:
    OFF: Safety KillSwitch, Disables the tab entirely.
    Link: Standard My Media format with information, links, and thumbnail.
    Embed: Direct Embedding of Media Submissions into a CKE usage.
    Additionally, Settings Are Provided For What Groups(including secondaries) May Use The extension, as Well as What Groups(including Secondaries) may see and post Media they Did not submit.
    Don't just Input Media, Share and reuse it throughout the IPS Suite.
    Get Your IP.Content-Powered Media System Today (w00t)
    Demo Purchase Link

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