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  1. Marcher Technologies added a file in IPS Community Suite 4   

    Relevant Content v1.0.0
    This is a plugin that provides a relevant content widget based on the currently viewed content item's title.
    This plugin uses the native search engine, and Sphinx is supported. The currently viewed item and all reviews/comments thereof are excluded from the results. The results are ordered by relevancy. To promote content discovery, results from all enabled applications are queried for the result.
    Configuration options:
    Maximum Results Group Visibility Show Author Photo* Show Item Container+* Show Author Name* Show Content* Date Display Options: Full Date/Time Date Only Relative Date/Time Do not show * Or not - represents a yes/no toggle.
    + Container is a node in IPS4, such as a forum, album or category.
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  2. Marcher Technologies added a comment: RC6 - Plugin Download Breaks plugin if no install script   

    Apparently this is a completely different issue than I initially thought.
    Can somebody please explain why the formatting(line breaks, tabs, spaces) of the plugin xml file seems to matter? If I simply format a plugin xml in my ide for better legibility, it is broken in the sense it will not install. It's an xml, why does that matter? Can it be made to not matter(especially as XML itself is designed that way, this mattering here is totally confusing), or be less cryptic about what is wrong?
    Sorry for the confusion here, as XML as a format does not care of such, it took me a while to locate it as being the problem. Still rather in disbelief, but it works after reverting the ide 'format' button changes.
    To be clear, simply editing a downloaded plugin xml and adding a single line break between elements breaks the plugin install. Not specific to my IDE.
  3. Marcher Technologies added a comment: RC6 - Plugin Download Breaks plugin if no install script   

    Seems I was confused, it's just this single plugin.
    Can I PM you it, please? It worked fine before downloading it, but nothing I do seems to resolve it causing this infinite loop on install, and I've even gone so far as to remove the install script and hook files from the xml entirely with no change.
  4. Marcher Technologies added a comment: RC6 - Plugin Download Breaks plugin if no install script   

    ​.... O_o ok, I'll give it another try in rc7. Not sure if wamp or something locally, can install a random free plugin from the market to a fresh install and get this loop.
  5. Marcher Technologies added a comment: RC6 - Plugin Download Breaks plugin if no install script   

    as an additional issue... return TRUE; above still triggers the infinite loop. No plugin is installable in rc6, at all.
    even tried removal of the install script:
    <versions> <version long="10000" human="1.0.0"/> </versions>
    fix please? I've got a plugin works fine cannot be approved because of this, when every existing plugin on the market seems affected.
  6. Marcher Technologies added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    RC6 - Plugin Download Breaks plugin if no install script
    <versions> <version long="10000" human="1.0.0"><![CDATA[//<?php /* To prevent PHP errors (extending class does not exist) revealing path */ if ( !defined( '\IPS\SUITE_UNIQUE_KEY' ) ) { header( ( isset( $_SERVER['SERVER_PROTOCOL'] ) ? $_SERVER['SERVER_PROTOCOL'] : 'HTTP/1.0' ) . ' 403 Forbidden' ); exit; } /** * Install Code */ class ips_plugins_setup_install { /** * ... * * @return array If returns TRUE, upgrader will proceed to next step. If it returns any other value, it will set this as the value of the 'extra' GET parameter and rerun this step (useful for loops) */ public function step1() { } // You can create as many additional methods (step2, step3, etc.) as is necessary. // Each step will be executed in a new HTTP request }]]></version> </versions> is inserted into my plugin upon download. The plugin in question requires no install script, and none is on the file system for dev.
    the lack of a return throws the installer into an infinite loop.
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  7. Marcher Technologies added a comment: RC 5 - Plugin Download   

    mark.... i just realized this may go a bit further... what about methods added via hook that don't have a parent method to call?
    public function getRelevantContent($limit = 5) { try { if (!isset(static::$contentModel)) { return NULL; } try { //stuff, MY try/catch } catch (\Exception $e) { return NULL; } } catch ( \RuntimeException $e ) { return call_user_func_array( 'parent::' . __FUNCTION__, func_get_args() ); } } ie, this ^. edited my xml for the download i just submitted, but it shouldn't do that for methods one adds, the return parent call_user_func_array at least(I would want NULL here, for example).
    also... there is this:
    //<?php // base = \IPS\Content\Search\Sphinx\Query class hook47 extends _HOOK_CLASS_ { /** * Exclude a specific content item, ie the currently viewed item * @param \IPS\Content\Item $item * @return \IPS\Content\Search\Query (for daisy chaining) */ public function filterByExcludeItem(\IPS\Content\Item $item) { try { //stuff return $this; } catch ( \RuntimeException $e ) { return $this; } } } is actually what i WANT to do, and again, can't call parent. no such method. if i were to hook in to add it, it would still try to call parent. this is a daisy chain method like many in this object, so even in exception it should return $this.
    have any advice, or care to rethink this?
    perhaps as above, if the code block for a method has a try/catch, assume we know what we are doing?
    The alternative seems to be editing xml's to avoid fatal errors.
  8. Marcher Technologies added a comment: RC6 - Theme creation and IN_DEV   

    The two modes are completely incompatible.
    Why is designer's mode available as an option on the themes screen when IN_DEV btw(RC6)? It's likely leading to this confusion.
  9. Marcher Technologies added a comment: [Beta 8] Plugins/hooks badly broken (?)   

    There is a problem in the second pattern passed to the preg_replace_callback that is supposed to catch the template plugins so phpQuery does not mangle them.
    Regex test and fix please, it's not catching simple things like:
    {template="foo" group="bar" location="front" params="$foo"} {expression="var_export($foo, true)" raw="true"} Not sure how this is a windows specific issue honestly or if it's even relevant - an invalid pattern shouldn't do that.
    Just had the thought to do regex tests against both patterns used for validity, the second one fails.
  10. Marcher Technologies added a comment: [Beta 8] Plugins/hooks badly broken (?)   

    I'm able to reproduce this while IN_DEV trying to make a theme hook as described in RC6. The exact browser error is 'Connection Reset'.
     I added logging all throughout \IPS\Theme::themeHooks.
    public static function themeHooks( $rawContent, $hookData ) { /* Encode any {{PHP code}}, {$var}s and {tag=""} tags to stop phpQuery encoding it */ \IPS\Log::i('disk')->write($rawContent, 'phpquery0'); $phpQueryI = 0; $phpQueryStore = array(); $content = preg_replace_callback( array( '/{{?(?:[^{}]|(?R))*}?}/', '/\{([a-z]+?=([\'"]).+?\\2 ?+)}/' ), function( $matches ) use ( &$phpQueryI, &$phpQueryStore ) { $phpQueryStore[ ++$phpQueryI ] = $matches[0]; return 'he-' . $phpQueryI . '--'; }, $rawContent ); \IPS\Log::i('disk')->write($content, 'phpquery1'); etc etc etc.
    it never makes it past the first block of code there, i only ever have the latest_phpquery0.cgi file. I have no idea why, the anon function should in theory be fine.... PHP 5.5.12, mysql 5.6.17, plain old wamp stack, windows 8.1.
    Not a thing in any log as to what's happening, hence me resorting to the above.
  11. Marcher Technologies added a provider in Providers   

    Marcher Technologies
    I've been developing on IPB for 5 years. I taught myself PHP, MySql, CSS, JS and HTML, as well as IPB3 and IPS4. I have several popular modifications on the marketplace, as well as having completed many custom projects, including but not limited to custom work for the following sites: , , , and .
    More recently, I took a position as the Advanced Support Technician(T2) for IPS. After a year and a half, I realized I was far more developer than support tech and resigned with the experience gained on good terms.
    I have an eye for good UX, and take the best route available to achieve a given task, even when it requires rethinking the idea itself to make it more usable. I am also a problem solver by very nature and enjoy the work and excelling therein.
    I am currently taking projects of all sizes for both IPB3 and IPS4, however please note that:
    My rates are hourly only. I am not currently accepting any fixed-price projects, nor do I plan to, and am not fond of giving estimates as development is never a linear process. My hourly rate is 50 $USD. You are paying for my time and expertise, as well as top quality code. If you are looking for cheaper, look elsewhere. I will not be taking projects on from the projects section of this site. If you want me to make something for you, you need to contact me.
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  12. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Feedback: Suggestions To Cater For Multilingual Sites   

    ​I went back and dumped the contents of \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language(), and realized that is not at all what I thought it was upon reading \IPS\Lang, my apologies. That's actually an array of locale information, things like thousands/decimal separator.
    same code, but use 'short' instead of 'locale':
    {{if member.language()->short === 'en_US' }} HTML to display for english {{else}} HTML to display for second language {{endif}}  
  13. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Feedback: Suggestions To Cater For Multilingual Sites   

    {{if member.language()->locale === 'en_US' }} HTML to display for english {{else}} HTML to display for second language {{endif}} This can be extended for further languages of course. Would have used esperanto in the example but I don't know the locale code off the top of my head for that. Checking locale seems more flexible than id, but you have access to the entire language row if needed regardless via member.language() in templates, and \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language() from within php.
  14. Marcher Technologies added a comment: [Beta 8] Plugins/hooks badly broken (?)   

    ​Skype convo XD
    The thought occurred to me that this read like data that was not utf-8 was sent to json_encode. May not be the case, but as it is likely that was the cause of it occurring on an install with no plugins at all(the install codingjungle mentions above), it seemed worth mentioning.
  15. Marcher Technologies added a comment: [RC5] Parser allow all kind of classes   

    Taking a quick step back. Sijad, can you still reproduce this with a fresh post? The main issue I see is not so much that custom classes are allowed, but that a user without HTML posting abilities(source mode) could post raw html into the CKE wysiwyg interface and it parse.
    I am not able to reproduce that at present, and source mode should generally allow any custom styling one would want.

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