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  1. Marcher Technologies added a comment: [RC7] Terms & Privacy Policy   

    Ah. Ignore me. Not seeing anything in the code could possibly produce that message however. Very odd.
  2. Marcher Technologies added a comment: [RC7] Terms & Privacy Policy   

    I'd advise submitting a ticket, that does not appear to be something one could reproduce without that very specific domain in use(the controller name is getting munged by your domain name in the redirect url:controller=terms =>  controller=term'sait'.com, it is very likely you are hitting debug code left in for this very scenario should never occur).
  3. Marcher Technologies added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Disabling comments still shows last comment in listing
    Daniel-son is shown as the last 'activity', even though comments are now disabled for this database.
    Oddly, this only seems to occur within the listing, category views correctly show Mark.
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  4. Marcher Technologies added a comment: Error When Creating Extensions   

    if ( !is_dir( $dir ) ) { mkdir( $dir ); chmod( $dir, \IPS\IPS_FOLDER_PERMISSION ); } IPS\core\modules\admin\applications\developer, line ~2657.
    Making that this:
    if ( !is_dir( $dir ) ) { mkdir( $dir, \IPS\IPS_FOLDER_PERMISSION, TRUE); } appears to resolve the issue(not sure why chmod is used there when mkdir can set perms tbh).
  5. Marcher Technologies added a comment: Error When Creating Extensions   

    I see. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Please allow plugins to add extensions   

    Per title.
    Without them, you are basically feature-freezing the core app extensions to third party developers.
    For example, there is no real way for me to update my pages comments/follow mod for 4, because I can neither add the Notifications extension, nor can I add the MemberSync extension to handle merges/deletes via plugin. The latter I can hook around, sure. The former I cannot, and this is but one example, I'm certain there are many more.

    That is by no means an application, nor should it be.
    Just to head off the reply that if I need an extension it should be an app.
  7. Marcher Technologies added a comment: Error When Creating Extensions   

    I wouldn't think so? You had to have done some customization or hooking for your application's custom extensions directory to even appear in that list. Locally, I have added a custom extensions directory for my specific app, but that directory does not appear at all in other applications' developer center.... It seems 'core' is only intended to be supported by the developer center at default. As a result, wouldn't your code adding this custom extension directory to the developer center need to account for this?
  8. Marcher Technologies added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [This Site]Top contributors block can vanish
    I am seeing this about once a day. I have no idea how to reproduce(sorry, I really wish I did...), but on any given day at least one refresh of the board index will have this block missing. One or two refreshes later, it reappears.
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  9. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Ability to edit post and save as blank post   

    ​You quite literally labeled why a minimum character limit is rather pointless in your own response. Post character quantity is no indicator of quality, and any limit imposed would just see the /10char or similar added to make it the required length, without adding anything of value to the post.
  10. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: RSS Feed - number of items   

    ​This is simply my opinion, but that seems something that would be far better suited to a REST API than RSS. Far more control, far less parsing overhead.
  11. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Liking a PM   

    Wouldn't such a thing be ripe for exploitation? It is a private message, 2 users could bump each other's reputation value without end without the admin or any moderators even being aware of it..
  12. Marcher Technologies added a file in IPS Community Suite 4   

    Relevant Content v1.0.0
    This is a plugin that provides a relevant content widget based on the currently viewed content item's title.
    This plugin uses the native search engine, and Sphinx is supported. The currently viewed item and all reviews/comments thereof are excluded from the results. The results are ordered by relevancy. To promote content discovery, results from all enabled applications are queried for the result.
    Configuration options:
    Maximum Results Group Visibility Show Author Photo* Show Item Container+* Show Author Name* Show Content* Date Display Options: Full Date/Time Date Only Relative Date/Time Do not show * Or not - represents a yes/no toggle.
    + Container is a node in IPS4, such as a forum, album or category.
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  13. Marcher Technologies added a comment: RC6 - Plugin Download Breaks plugin if no install script   

    Apparently this is a completely different issue than I initially thought.
    Can somebody please explain why the formatting(line breaks, tabs, spaces) of the plugin xml file seems to matter? If I simply format a plugin xml in my ide for better legibility, it is broken in the sense it will not install. It's an xml, why does that matter? Can it be made to not matter(especially as XML itself is designed that way, this mattering here is totally confusing), or be less cryptic about what is wrong?
    Sorry for the confusion here, as XML as a format does not care of such, it took me a while to locate it as being the problem. Still rather in disbelief, but it works after reverting the ide 'format' button changes.
    To be clear, simply editing a downloaded plugin xml and adding a single line break between elements breaks the plugin install. Not specific to my IDE.
  14. Marcher Technologies added a comment: RC6 - Plugin Download Breaks plugin if no install script   

    Seems I was confused, it's just this single plugin.
    Can I PM you it, please? It worked fine before downloading it, but nothing I do seems to resolve it causing this infinite loop on install, and I've even gone so far as to remove the install script and hook files from the xml entirely with no change.
  15. Marcher Technologies added a comment: RC6 - Plugin Download Breaks plugin if no install script   

    ​.... O_o ok, I'll give it another try in rc7. Not sure if wamp or something locally, can install a random free plugin from the market to a fresh install and get this loop.

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      12 Precise is.... extremely usable... to me, at this point, less extraneous RAM usage, multiple desktops, easy localhost setup, and a sane terminal with copy/paste says it all :)

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