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  1. Marcher Technologies added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Page title issues?
 Seeing this on this site. No matter where I browse, the page title is always just the above.
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  2. Marcher Technologies added a comment: Focus editor when quoting   

    In chrome, expanding a CKE is having no typed text appear. Using an expanded CKE, or closing the keyboard and refocusing seems to have the text typed appearing. Does not seem to occur in safari. Tested on iPad, iOS 8.1.3. Related:
    It took me a bit to make the connection only collapsed by default editors seem affected.
  3. Marcher Technologies added a comment: Messenger from ipad - typing produces no text   

    Ack. This can be closed.... It's the lastpass tab browser causing it. Double checked in chrome/safari and it works fine.
  4. Marcher Technologies added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Messenger from ipad - typing produces no text
    I am not entirely sure what is occurring as my PC is currently in for repairs, thus I am unable to get console output.
    When replying to an existing pm from my iPad, no text appears in the CKE when I type. The ipad spelling suggestions do appear, however no text typed actually appears in the CKE. Hard refresh did not help.
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  5. Marcher Technologies added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Payout Withdraw funds rounding incorrectly
    As an example, let's say I was to attempt to withdraw $10.25. Upon loading the form, the value presented is instead '10.25000152587999'.
    This is not correctable by editing the value, as it then rounds to the first decimal instead of the second. As a result, it's not possible to withdraw the entirety of one's account credit.
    In the meantime, I have been rounding down and leaving 5-25 cents.
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  6. Marcher Technologies added a comment: beta 4 - Who's Online   

    I don't know if this helps, but it generally seems to be a page behind(in location) for me even when maintaining an active session.
    For example, visiting the board index directly from this page will show on the active users that I am still viewing this bug report, a single refresh shows me on the index.
    It seems like it could be an issue in handling the current member's session update for the rest of the page, possibly a shutdown query or the like. It doesn't seem to be doing this for accounts not the current in testing.
  7. Marcher Technologies added a comment: Downloads - Description Details corrupted   

    It's actually not an issue to me, simply as rebuilding the post in the support topic saves me manually having to make all those lists in the cke again, copy+paste from support topic OP to file description works perfectly, thanks for that.
  8. Marcher Technologies added a comment: "Next unread bug report" still broken   

    There appears to be more going on here the more you test it.
    'Next' unread bug is just 'Some' unread bug, there is no consistent order applied I can discern.
    Edit: I think this is going off of submission date..... when we are speaking of unread functionality, that probably should be last update.
    Today I have also had several bug reports viewed using this link not actually be marked as read. :\
  9. Marcher Technologies added a comment: Plugins   

    I have a question about this.... where does one specify code to be run when uninstalling a plugin? If I add fields on install, I need to remove them on uninstall.
  10. Marcher Technologies added a comment: Plugins   

    I have a question about this.... where does one specify code to be run when uninstalling a plugin? If I add fields on install, I need to remove them on uninstall.
  11. Marcher Technologies added a comment: odd topic - post counters wrong, new posts cannot view   

    This seems to have either corrected itself or been fixed, regardless the posts show for me now.
  12. Marcher Technologies added a comment: IPB 4.0.0b Not sure if bug but ...   

    That actually makes sense. On that page, you are not actually logged in, as the admin panel and front use separate sessions for security, thus it using the default theme would seem intended. To use the front theme selection would require one to access the front session, which for one may not even be possible, and even if it is, the mere access as such on the login page for the ACP would likely cause a security concern.
  13. Marcher Technologies added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    odd topic - post counters wrong, new posts cannot view
    This topic: says it has 25 posts while viewing it, but within the forum listing it says it has 24.
    Further, the forum listing indicates there have been replies after terabyte's reply that is shown as the last post in topic view, yet I am unable to find any such replies viewing the topic. 
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  14. Marcher Technologies added a post in a topic: Grammatical case in Pages   

    I realize the above post was critical without providing constructive feedback, so am coming back to this to provide a viable solution.
    I understand the desire to have these items easily editable separately for the laymen... so what you could opt to do is add a yes/no for 'advanced language support' on the database configuration 'Language' tab, that when yes, the noun fields are hidden and instead all the relevant strings are listed to be customized as translatable fields and saved as custom strings for the given database's use. This would allow the easy editing you wish to provide for the general end user in languages like english with looser grammar rules in regards to nouns, while providing the flexibility for correct grammatical support for power users using languages with stricter grammar rules.
    Considering that with the words seperated from the strings they are used in, the fully formed strings are being built at runtime, thus using such an advanced language option would actually be more resource efficient, to note.
  15. Marcher Technologies added a comment: Disabled plugin's hooks still execute   

    Never mind, seems it's a duplicate and was recently fixed:

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    Demo site: Upgraded to 3.4.1, 2000 spammers pruned, 198 members left, If i nuked you, apologies.

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      yeah... I've been unable to mass-prune spammers for a long time.... bug fixed in 3.4.

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      yes... used win for years, got really really tired of win7 sucking up >2gb of ram for basically nothing... tried Ubuntu 12 Precise and thoroughly enjoyed it... not going back. :)

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      Ahh I used to use Ubuntu, looked at some of your screenshots of mods, I wanna go back now :D

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      I had last tried at I believe Ubuntu Mandriva 8 which was just .... nasty.
      12 Precise is.... extremely usable... to me, at this point, less extraneous RAM usage, multiple desktops, easy localhost setup, and a sane terminal with copy/paste says it all :)

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    well, that was a quick nuke of a topic... suppose I am not allowed to call them like I see them.

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    Thanks for helping with IP.Content!! Cheers!

  23. Marcher Technologies

    Fail.... IPS Gives us the ability to change version on bugs... and it is abused within the week...

    1. surferboy

      I'm confused. Who has failed or what has failed? Is it the ability the change version on bugs that has failed? Who or what has been abused, the change version, or how people have used it the change version?

    2. Marcher Technologies

      The change version is being abused, the people doing so are the fail.... The only reason for US to change a version is to correct our submission with a wrong version... not going around changing reports to no version assigned that are marked as fixed.

    3. surferboy

      only way to reach you I guess .... "The member Marcher Technologies cannot receive any new messages" is your mailbox full? Yikes, you are a busy coder!!!!

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      -.- My Inbox here's shelf life is about 3 days..... try to keep room... but they keep flooding in ;)

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