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  1. GX93117 added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Using .htaccess mod_rewrite makes my subforums dissapear   

    Aiwa, thanks for the reply. I think you got what I was saying.

    But I finally figured it out. It had something to do with some of my custom code to optimize the forums based on what part of the forum you're at. Enabling the mod_rewrite confused it. I added it a while back and forgot about that part.

  2. GX93117 added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Using .htaccess mod_rewrite makes my subforums dissapear   

    I would really like to have friendly urls by enabling " Use .htaccess mod_rewrite" in the search engine optimization section of ACP, but for some reason my sub forums disappears when I turn it on. I don't believe its a permission error since they are visible when I have it turned off.

    I also have " Redirect to new friendly URL format " set to yes and " URL type" set to path info, but they seem to be working properly.

    Some details:
    I have several category containers that list my sub forums.

    When set to NOT use .htaccess mod_rewrite my URL structure is

    Also, I am running on an NGINX server and have placed the equivilant of what would be the .htacess mod_rewrite rules. I'm not ruling out if that is my issue yet but for now I doubt that it would somehow mess IPB from outputting my subforums when viewing a category. I would think if I had that configured incorrectly I would just get pages not found errors all arroud.

    Finally, Just so there is no confusion, this is not the issue other people are having when setting the parent container as a category instead of a forum and not having the subforums show up on the board index as small links under the main forum. I saw this issue alot while searching for answers.

    There was only one time where I found someone with a similar issue:

    Any ideas appreciated.
    http://boards.mydomain.com/index.php/forums/10_mycategorycontainer/[/CODE] Everything works fine in this case. Everything is visible and all navigation works. When set to [b]USE[/b] .htaccess mod_rewrite my URL structure is [CODE]http://boards.mydomain.com/forums/10_mycategorycontainer In this case only my main forums are visible. When I go to the category container none of the subforums are listed inside. If I try to access the subforum with what should be the mod_rewritten URL http://boards.mydomain.com/forums/10_mysubforum i get page not found. HOWEVER, here's the weird thing: With the htaccess mod_rewrite turned on. If i manually type http://boards.mydomain.com/index.php/forums/10_mycategorycontainer/[/code] I can see my subforum list. And if i try to access my subforum at [CODE]http://boards.mydomain.com/index.php/forums/10_mysubforum I can see it. So I know its there and works with it turned on.

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