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  1. odox added a post in a topic: RSVP recurring events   

    Not to mention, if you delete one event out of the recurring, rather than get an option to remove the singular it removes the lot! This makes recurring events rather limiting...
  2. odox added a post in a topic: Article image - choose from Media Library?   

    When I create new articles, I use similar image logos for each article depending on the subject matter. I currently have a folder on my computer with 6-7 images that I use all the time, it would be better (for me and my moderators) if we could use the media library to select an article image.
    This would keep the posts consistent and the images uniform throughout the area.

    Ideally I'd like to see an option of having a 'shared' media library folder which can be used to pool pictures and then shared throughout my moderators, or whoever I chose.
  3. odox added a post in a topic: RSVP recurring events   

    When you RSVP to a recurring event, it marks you as attending ALL events - this shouldn't be the case, or you should at least have an option to attend all recurring or just the singular event.
  4. odox added a comment: [Beta 3] User with primary and secondary group does not get proper name formatting in who's online   

    Thanks Andy, can you use a similar method to filter the forums which are used? I'd like to exclude a couple.
  5. odox added a comment on a file: Pulse by IPS Themes   

    Fantastic skin, great documentation and easy to modify.
  6. odox added a comment on a file: Facebook Like Box   

    Thanks for this Michael, great job. It'd be nice to remove the Header Text entirely but apart from that it's perfect :)
  7. odox added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Improve Flash Uploader Settings in ACP   

    Agree with all of Lux Aeterna post :)
  8. odox added a post in a topic: Request permission to join a user group via UCP?   

    Just looking into this at the moment. Is there anything out there?
  9. odox added a post in a topic: A 'New Feature' link popup   

    Either a popup or a box on the right or left side (or however best it fits into the design).. maybe a different colour to make it stand out.. offering guidance on the new features. Lots of other websites already do this when they add new features so it makes sense for IPB too!

    A rough example (google reader new feature notification) below...
  10. odox added a post in a topic: Thank for you adding the quick navigation to the top   

    I think it's great at the top with the rest of the navigation, but agree with marklcfc, it should be at the bottom too. I still think the symbol needs a rethink.
  11. odox added a post in a topic: A 'New Feature' link popup   

    I think it would be a useful addition if new users got a 'How to use this' popup box, or a 'new features' box depending on if it was the first time they have used the site, or if the version has been updated recently.

    If they click on the link then they get directed to a tutorial page explaining how things work (The gallery springs to mind), or if updated, where things have moved too.

    The box should have an X to close it once they have worked out how to use the blog/calendar/gallery.. etc..

    I think this would help a lot when we update our websites to new versions, or if we are moving over a userbase to IPS products as it can be a big change for many users!
  12. odox added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor   

    Worth the wait :P
  13. odox added a post in a topic: Calendar - Time & date validation?   

    If you select "not a full day event" you get the option to insert a time.
    Would be nice if that was validated with a simple red box to green? Or perhaps a cross to tick?

    If the values aren't correct in the date or time box then you get an error page. When you go back to correct, all the data you put in is lost, unless you remembered to copy the post data!

    I think this would provide a more fluid experience if you filled in bad data into either box by accident.

    Examples below :-

    Wrong time

    Correct time

  14. odox added a post in a topic: Google login Integration?   

    Thanks guys, good to know.
  15. odox added a post in a topic: Google login Integration?   

    Loving the facebook and twitter integration. Any plans to add Google accounts as an integration option?

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    Beta 3 smells goooood ;)

  2. odox

    Can almost smell Beta 3..

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      Me too... Smells like new shoes... or Tires... or Tennis Balls. mmmmm :)

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      Think there will be?

  3. odox

    Quick Navigation - Like the placement, not so keen on the symbol, shouldn't it be more.. navigation based?

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      Instant here. Are you using IE6 or something?

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      Chrome here teaking about 2/3 secs but I ain't complaining I wont use the feature but some people will

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      didn't even know it was there until you mentioned it.

  4. odox

    Looks like google have copied IPS's design, clean and simple hehe :D

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      There's a difference between a clean and simple design over a plain design Shadow ;) Google's previous designs were simply plain, I wouldn't say they were clean though - just boring.

      This has Metro all over it, which is nice :)

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      That is true.

    4. Shadow82x

      My only complaint is how the links are now displayed above the site description. That will take some getting used to.

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    I wonder how many bugs IPS has squished since beta 1 :)

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      Another test (sorry odox :P).

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      Two hard boiled eggs and some nuts.

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    Not had a blog update from IPS for a while now.. something coming soon?

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      a blog is due this week from Matt.

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      We need to hunt him down with pitch forms and sit him at the keyboard of a blank blog.

  8. odox

    3.2 beta 2 getting released soon?

    1. Ryan H.

      Probably not until mid-week at the earliest. Beta 1 has only been out a few days.

  9. odox

    Beta out! Time to get testing :D

    1. Breadfan

      Oups! I renewed my licence!

  10. odox

    Currently refreshing the page at an alarming rate in the hope of some beta news :)

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      haha same here :) I am planning to purchase 2 new licenses and probably will start forums with beta release :)

  11. odox

    me like :)