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  1. Freeborne added a post in a topic: IP.Content is an abysmal failure of a product.   

    I agree with OP, although I'll try not to make my post sound as brutally blunt.

    As Marcher has said in the past, IPC itself is not a weak product, it's just badly designed for it's target market, which is people who want a user-friendly and powerful suite.

    I also see a lot of people on these forums defend IPC, yet VERY few of them actually have their own examples to back up their claims. I've only ever come across half dozen websites with IPC that actually impressed me.

    Even the best programmers here can't make decent websites. The main hurdle seems to be that IPC requires a high amount of skills in programming AND design. Finding people that have skills in both areas is pretty hard. It's even harder to find someone which such skills that also has a passion to build an IPS powered website for a particular niche or demographic.

    My 2c at examples given: namenoc
    @ csm , sorry but those two websites are not impressive. First is not even IPC is it? Is it just a HTML template you used and removed all copyright from? The second is using default 'dime a dozen' theme and the blocks are badly laid out. The logo is also broken. Poor examples of what we can do with IPC sorry.

    @ Dylan Riggs , your site is okay, but your bit of a hypocrite. You defend how easy IPC is to create a website, then say you're too lazy to do it yourself and don't know HTML or CSS. You then call someone else stupid and lazy for not doing what you yourself were too lazy to do. You also advertise website designs in your signature, for $200 or more just for one page. I find this all confusing and can't think of a polite response to it.

    @ fadedturbulence , as someone who's only had IPC for a month, I'm not sure whether the short time you've used IPC makes your opinion carry more or less weight. Can you link to your website so we can measure your success? I loved IPC when I first got it too, but after a few months you realize with growing frustration how hard it is to really make something nice and unique. Then you start relying on 3rd party apps that break and lose developer support after several months. It's a never ending struggle.

    Hopefully IPS 4.0 will change all this though. They seem to be focusing more on making IPC user-friendly and come pre-shipped with better blocks and sample content (the default blocks are basic, ugly and buggy)
  2. Freeborne added a post in a topic: iNetwork   

    Sorry for late reply.

    Tested demo in Chrome, Win8 and OS X. Seems fine. Menu doesn't 'run away' from cursor anymore. I often run Chrome at 125% zoom, so it may have been caused by that.
  3. Freeborne added a post in a topic: iNetwork   

    Hovering on main menu causes menu to jump around the place, very visibly.
    Chrome, OS X.

    Basically when you hover on the menu it drops down 100px or so, which then means your cursor is no longer hovering on it, so it moves back -100px, which then triggers the same hover bug, creating an endless loop where the menu jumps all around your screen.

    Also the toggle buttons in the forum categories is barely visible.
  4. Freeborne added a post in a topic: TeamSpeak 3 Viewer For IPS   

    Maybe you were using a different browser, but on Chrome and Firefox it does not look good.

    See all the white space that shouldn't be there? The items are not aligned properly. The themes padding is inherited, which also means all the dots don't line up, etc.

    I edited my ipb_styles.css and added some custom CSS to tidy mine up a bit.
    /* TS3 VIEWER CSS */, .prefix.client,, .corpus.client { float: left; }, .suffix.client { float: right; } .ts3_viewer.query { display:none; } .__xXts320viewer td { padding: 0px; }

    That fixes the alignment and spacing issues. You also want to hide your server query account from the list, which you can do via CSS or by setting up the TS3 permissions properly. I chose to just hide the element with CSS.

    To hide your server query account, the lazy way:
    .ts3_viewer.query { display:none; }
  5. Freeborne added a post in a topic: TeamSpeak 3 Viewer For IPS   

    dmo1989, you need to create a server query account. You need full server admin to your TS3 server to do this, but that's not within the support scope of this mod anyway. You can try leaving it blank too, if the guest server query permissions were set up to allow this. You may need to add the IP address of your web server to the server query whitelist, on your TS3 server. Again, this is all TS3 support stuff you already need to know.

    CJ, where do I edit the CSS for this hook? I can't find any templates or CSS files to edit. Most of the TD elements are floating to the right, so the tree menu doesn't look right for channels and sub-channels, etc. It's also inheriting the padding from the ipb_styles.css which is 3px, which makes it look to spaced out (and the dotted lines that make the tree menu don't match up).
  6. Freeborne added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Login Handlers   

    Please consider adding native support for Steam login too. It's the de-facto game platform on PC and I see more and more gaming sites popping up with IP.Board as their 'CMS'. Many gaming orientated forum visitors do not like linking their online alias with their real-world identity (i.e Facebook, Google+, Microsoft or Twitter).
  7. Freeborne added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect   

    I am very interested in implementing IPS Connect.
    For a community, it would allow start-up sites to leverage an existing (large) member base, which would help them get started. We all hate registering on 101 different forums, many with dubious owners (you know it's not safe to use the same password, so you have to keep track of dozens of different passwords).
  8. Freeborne added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    Tournaments App, purchases = 37.

    Customers who have expressed disappointment with the product in this thread, after the release date (just last few pages): I'm sure there's more. If you had a poll asking for a satisfaction rating from all your customers, I think you'll find the majority were not very satisfied with what they got, for what they paid. Your response to feedback and criticism is usually to get very defensive (or offensive) and rarely acknowledge what the customer is saying in a professional business manner. I guess when the renewals for this App start coming up in the next few days/weeks, you'll have an indication on how many/few are happy enough with this mod to renew it.
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  9. Freeborne added a post in a topic: Calendar Topics   

    I can't see any options for that Gareth. It would like just come up with a "permission denied error" maybe, or bypass the permissions altogether. No idea really.

    I have a bug with this I keep forgetting to mention. Randomly it seems, when you go back and view a "Calendar Entry", the "post" section of the calendar entry will contain the contents of the last post in the linked topic.

    So I create a new event "Test Event", using Calendar Templates. It then creates a new topic (with Topic Templates) and links the two. 10 people will post responses in the forum topic. I'll go back and look at the calendar entry, and my original content has been replaced with the last reply from the topic. So instead of saying something like "This event will be taking place in the top floor. You should read the topic for more details, etc.." it will have something from one of the other members with "Yay.. .I'm coming". However when I go back sometime later (perhaps after a new post) it will have my original calendar entry there. Other members visiting my forum have told me, and I noticed it myself too.
  10. Freeborne added a post in a topic: Calendar Topics   

    You need the "Calendar Template System" mod, also by HSC.

    You don't need the "Topic Template System" mod, but it works with this too, and if you have both of those, you can ask for a discount before you buy this mod.

    [HSC] Calendar Template System 1.2 IP.Calendar 3.2.x IPB 3.2.2
  11. Freeborne added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    I'll summarize that last post, as you were rambling:
    "I'm just a developer, I'm not a user. I need you to explain every single feature you want me to design".

    I'll summarize what everyone has been telling you for the past few months:
    "MM, you need to test out other "proven" tournament systems yourself. You need to be a user to understand what we want, so we don't have to keep spoon feeding you, and only have you blame us when you implement it poorly".

    Paid for this to show my support, and because you never stopped referring to needing to be paid. Haven't used the mod, not once. I'm still waiting for when it will be ready for a live environment.
  12. Freeborne added a post in a topic: BBCode Custom Tables Professional   

    Just purchased. I can't use it when making a new topic. Only works on replies.

    Also, when trying to edit a post, so I can modify the table, I cannot as I do not see the tables editing area. The "Post Preview" is also messed up, see screenshot.

  13. Freeborne added a post in a topic: BBCode Custom Tables Professional   

    Can you make it optional to hide the big box around the table which makes it look like an embedded attachment, and JUST show the table (without the table name)???

    Great work zbahadir. Wish it was cheaper, but it will be so useful for me that I might buy it anyway.
  14. Freeborne added a post in a topic: Download: IP.Board Notices System   

    I had same issue with white space remaining when I closed the notices. The area never collapsed in other words.

    Enkidu found the problem for me. I had to re-upload the javascript file from his mod as it didn't upload properly the first time for whatever reason.
  15. Freeborne added a post in a topic: Calendar Topics   

    Got this, and love it.

    Without it, the Calendar and Forums were never fully integrated. Members never knew which one to use to create "Events".

    Worth a quick mention, you can later update the Calendar entry or Topic post and it updates the other linked data.

    Having the RSVP box in the forum thread is fantastic. Members now don't have to click on the Calendar Event anymore to attend, or see who's attending. Basically, once the event organiser creates the Event, that's it. Everything else is continued in the Forum. Which means members don't have to switch between the two anymore, and you can still use the "Calendar" system to advertise events and sort them in a calendar view, as well as exporting the data with IP.Blocks.

    Here's an example of how I set-up this mod, along with HSC Calendar Template System, HSC Topic Template System, and IP.Content.

    IP.Block (my custom)

    I use this to display upcoming events, and promote how many have already attended. I can also easily display any data within the custom fields created using the Calendar Template system. So I can create a custom field "Age Required" which the event organisers select, and show this on the block for each event.

    Creating an Event:
    Now made easier with custom fields that the Organiser's must complete (some are optional).

    Linked to Forum with custom fields:

    I used the hook point in the Topic Template System so I can have all the custom profile fields and RSVP displayed at the top of the topic, regardless what page you are on. So even when you're replying to page 3, you can still RSVP, or see when more people have confirmed as attending.

    This is just how I'm using it. You could use the hook point as a simple way to have data displayed on every page of the forum. Maybe you're selling cars and want the details of the ad displayed on each page of the topic. By dividing up "additional info" into custom fields using the Calendar Template System, I can now also pull out specific data to display in IP.Content.

    So instead of someone putting in ALL the details for a clan match in the main WYSIWYG area, I can put in extra fields like "Game Platform" and have drop-down options of "PC, XBOX, Playstation, Wii". Then I can display that data, or allow visitors to only see Calendar Events for those platforms (that would be bit more work though, so won't show how that's done).

    With a few other things, it can be a pretty feature-rich "event management" system. When HSC has some free time, I'm hoping to be able to RSVP to specific options. Then for gaming events, someone can RSVP to a specific team, or position. That would give lots more flexibility for other uses too. :smile:

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