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  1. Freeborne added a comment on a file: Widget Kit   

    Anyone got some working examples of this?
    Tried it, but with the default theme and such it didn't impress me. Has anyone used something similar (with ajax) to load front-page articles (1 at a time)?
  2. Freeborne added a comment on a file: Metro   

    The full-version Metro theme is not available from Change Theme button on your demo site.
  3. Freeborne added a comment on a file: Media System   

    I purchased this in August last year for $5. It's now $10 and I cannot download it.
    It's cheap, so I can't really complain, but why can I not download new versions 5 months later, or get discounted upgrade?
    I cannot see any mention of upgrades or subscription periods here, so does the $10 only buy this version, and not any upgrades?
  4. Freeborne added a comment on a file: [EN34] Ajax Thanks   

    I'm also not sure what this offers over the existing "Like This".

    Does this add to a person's reputation, which the "Like This" already does?

    6-12 months later, if this mod is not still supported would people lose all their Thanks?

    I could see this also easily being adapted as a RSVP option. Just disable "Thanking" on Replies, and change the name to "RSVP".
  5. Freeborne added a comment on a file: ACP Pages Groups Extension   

    Your description is very confusing. Remember, only use Capitals at the start of a sentence, or at the start of a word if it is the name of a person, place or product brand.

    Would this be more correct?
    "This hook adds a tab to the Usergroup permissions in the ACP, to grant/deny groups access to different sections of IP.Content"

    Even that's probably wrong, as your screenshot and description is just confusing. If you are editing "Administrators" user group, why would you have an option "All current and future groups" in your screenshot? That would mean this is a system setting, not a usergroup setting wouldn't it? Does this over-ride individual Page permissions?
  6. Freeborne added a comment on a file: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    Very well documented and supported application. Await the day it supports multiple forums per group (which will unfortunately require a renewal by the time this happens)
  7. Freeborne added a comment on a file: CCS Utilities Module[32]   

    You have too many capital letters in everything you've written.

    +1 to this being built-in. IPS pay attention to some of Marcher's mods :)

    Like This - because you released it freely, so hopefully others will install this mod and share their own Pages and DB's freely on IPS Marketplace (we might need some new categories)

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    Just visited Social Engine. Some brilliant work there. You should do some write ups on how you built the site for beginners, especially the layout of your pages, background images, etc ;-)

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      Ummm. What you meant exactly?. Thank you...