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  1. Iller added a post in a topic: Mass Pm direct loop?   

    Alright I set it to 50 then. maybe it wont redirect this time.. its been sitting here for about two minutes now. Hasnt done it yet. Maybe my chome didnt like sending data that many times..
    scratch that. took about 6 minutes for it to redirect loop again. so im not sure if its even sending them or not.
  2. Iller added a post in a topic: Mass Pm direct loop?   

    Hey again, I tried to send a mass email to the 1600 or so members on my site. It said to set under 50, (I assume amount of emails per person?) So I put 1.

    I click send, it sits, and I thought it was sending. But then it gives me an error saying this

    " The webpage at has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer."

    Any idea? I clear out my cookies frequently..
  3. Iller added a post in a topic: Hey Im having some issues I need help with.   

    [quote name='Aiwa' timestamp='1348686670' post='2313288']
    Well, when you upgrade, you don't lose any content... Posts, members, uploads, etc all stay there... It's just 3rd party apps and skins may not be compatible and would need upgraded along side the board...

    Sounds like you weren't really given a whole lot of direction... Best to just get everything 3rd party updated and compabitle with the current 3.2.3 you have installed and call it done...

    I wasnt given ANY direction. lol I figured it out myself, with help from here of course. I might just do that. Idk..
  4. Iller added a post in a topic: Hey Im having some issues I need help with.   

    [quote name='Aiwa' timestamp='1348684512' post='2313271']
    If the board has less than 100k posts, upgrading is really easy... Upload the new files, run the upgrade file, log in, and it goes to town all by itself...

    Or, even easier, just submit a support ticket to IPS and they will upgrade your board for you... The only thing you would have to do is update any 3rd party apps and update the skin to 3.3...

    Well since this technically isnt my account Im not sure if I should or not. Ill have someone else update the skin though. as for the apps. Theres like 15.
    And I think theres around 50K and we dont want to lose them..
  5. Iller added a post in a topic: Hey Im having some issues I need help with.   

    [quote name='Aiwa' timestamp='1348683678' post='2313263']
    I thought we were talking about upgrading to 3.3.x? If you are, your 3rd party mods will likely need to be upgraded as well.

    Thats something Im not sure if I can do.

    Or handle. >.>
    And Im kinda wiped for the day. can continue later maybe. But Im totally willing to if it'll help. I just dont know a whole lot yet.
  6. Iller added a post in a topic: Hey Im having some issues I need help with.   

    [quote name='Aiwa' timestamp='1348682881' post='2313253']
    You need to check the version of each of them... Just because they say they are 3.3.x compatible doesn't mean you have the 3.3.x compatible version installed.

    Well we have 3.2
    So... >.<
  7. Iller added a post in a topic: Hey Im having some issues I need help with.   

    [quote name='NenaDice' timestamp='1348678297' post='2313224']
    To upgrade your forum you can open a ticket at your customer area and one of the Ips staff will take care of it for you. However that will not include the third party mods/applications. You can check their download page and make sure that you have the latest versions of them.

    well supposedly they all say they are so I dont think I should need to worry about it. Maybe everything still is up to date. Idk.
  8. Iller added a post in a topic: Hey Im having some issues I need help with.   

    [quote name='Aiwa' timestamp='1348673636' post='2313168']
    Lets nail a lot of these...

    1) License Key... ACP, on the left side of the dashboard there is a link to 'License Key'... Put it in there..
    2) IP.Chat... You have to have a license key for it to work... So that's why your chat is down... So put in your license key...
    3) Facebook... ACP > System Settings > Social Media and Sharing.. Make sure your secret key and app id are in there... Facebook integration doesn't just depend on your board... You have to have a corresponding APP in facebook. to facilitate the logins
    4)Capcha... What Shane said...

    To make things easy for you... There is a search on the top right of the ACP... put in there what you're looking for and it will be EXTREMELY helpful in guiding you to where you need to be...

    Thanks for replying guys. very helpful. I got the license key fixed. and the chat is functional.
    Im looking for the FB stuff, (we do have a page)

    And the bouncyserver radio is expired. as far as I knew it was free so im not too sure on that yet. (scratch that. Ive deleted the radio application from them, as its almost ACTUALLY expired. and we dont have money to renew it. nor can I figure out how to fix it and I dont have the password for the bouncyserver login anyway.)

    Anyone recommend a FREE radio application thats fairly simple to use/implement?

    And lastly. Any way of updating everything? making sure everything is all set?
  9. Iller added a post in a topic: Hey Im having some issues I need help with.   

    [quote name='shanert' timestamp='1348667873' post='2313138']
    Where to start ... enter the license-key? Without that, you can't use the chat for example. And setup a captcha. The question and answer challenges would be best I think.

    Alright, Well Im not sure where it is or how to put it in. The upkeep for the site hasnt been done for months, because people bailed. and it was kinda thrown into my hands. So.. bare with me. haha

    *edit* with a little poking around I found it in the purchases. And I went to enter it, and apparently I dont have permission. So Im waiting on another admin to check if he can give me this permission. Otherwise, The owner, which owns everything, (Obviously) Bailed on the site and doesnt even pay for it anymore. the admins have been. as far as Im aware, and if he has the only account that can access that, then Im lost. and idk what to do.

    As for the moment, I have to wait for the admin to get back to me.

    *Edit again!*
    I found the admin cp login info that he used.
    I entered the license key and bam. worked like a charm. and the chat works again.

    Now, I need to fix our radio, We have bouncy server. And it says our license expired. But as far as I know it was free, so Im unsure on a fix for this.

    And Im not sure how to add the captcha feature to the account creation process. Ill keep poking around however.
    Lastly I need to fix the Facebook login. and clean things up / update anything I can.
  10. Iller added a post in a topic: Hey Im having some issues I need help with.   

    Hey all, Im not REALLY sure how to put this. But I need help updating my forum.
    Ive been asked to do this, as its TECHNICALLY not mine. But Im an admin. And I said I would give it a shot. Now Im not a programmer or anything of the sort, but Im not an idiot, and I know quite a few things in this area but this task seems a bit daunting to me. and I was wondering if I could get some help.

    I think the WHOLE forum needs to be updated. But some of the current problems Im having are:
    Our radio is down and or not working.

    We dont have a captcha in our registration, (I think this is the problem) And its allowing bots to register and theres been about 150 - 200 spam posts in 4 days.

    The chat is down, (I have no idea why, it says its not setup correctly).

    Our Facebook login is broken.

    And other general clean up things as removing spam accounts. etc.

    Lastly, Im currently getting this when I log in to the Admin CP:

    Now to me this sounds like a TON of work.. But I could be wrong. I just dont know what Im doing and I dont want to bring the site down If I do something incorrectly. I figured I would ask here.

    We have IPB 3.2, Or thats what it says anyway. so Im thinking its very out of date.

    If any more info is needed, I can try my best to get it/post it here.

    Thanks a TON for any help/advice.

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