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  1. TeamJesus added a comment on a file: (SD) Short URL   

    ironcube for a free hook? no thanks
  2. TeamJesus added a comment on a file: AVChat 3 Video Chat Application for IP.Board   

    wow, i would like to have this, but at $179? *falls over dead*
  3. TeamJesus added a comment on a file: Temperatures Templates   

    this would be cool if one could do this for forum topics as well... i'd buy it if it was abouts :)
  4. TeamJesus added a comment on a file: iRadio Hook   


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  1. TeamJesus

    hrm what to do :D

  2. TeamJesus

    so wanna use ipb 3.2 in a live envorment! but gonna wait *sniffles*

  3. TeamJesus

    i wonder if cleancut will be upgraded for 3.2! that would be awesum!

    1. Aisha


    2. TeamJesus

      aw dang it.... wonder if someone will though? ;)

  4. TeamJesus

    i wonder where the reuputation has gone to in 3.2?

    1. Collin S.

      We're using the Like-Only mode here on our company forums. Reputation is still there, we've just disabled it for the time being.

  5. TeamJesus

    hrm.... wonder where my client data got too? its gone int he client area!! LOL

  6. TeamJesus » kukuzag

    google even lol

  7. TeamJesus » kukuzag

    its goggle and various other crawlers crawling here, and its users :P

  8. TeamJesus

    its so close i can smellz it!