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    What I am looking to do, is set multiple content fields in a database. So for example, say i have an application of some sort. And there are the following fields:
    Name (text input)
    Career (text input)
    Biography (text area)
    Time Zone (drop down)
    Something along those lines. Just as an example (those are not the actual fields i am using, but just to give an idea). 
    Now from what I have discovered upon trying is that you can only have 1 content field. So when someone submits the record/application and IP Content then creates a topic under the Board (in a specific forum called 'Applications') it will say the content field (say for example name) and then link to the full application.
    Is there a way to just have all of the fields posted into that thread/topic so i dont have to go the separate record page to view the information?

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