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  1. WraithWatcher added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Transferring License Query   

    This topic can be closed, amazingly enough I got a response from Support faster than the members
  2. WraithWatcher added a post in a topic: Epic fail   

    I am not a big fan of companies that charge extra for PRIORITY support & then tell us that if we want faster service, we need to pay for it, especially when part of the renewal of license is supposed to allow us that support
    When we renew our licenses, the whole idea of that renewal is to get support, to actually be told that we can always pay extra to be put ahead of the rest who have already paid money to renew their board is simply appalling

    I submitted a simple query re transferring my license days ago, knew about delays with new release out etc, but considering my request was account related rather than board or technical, I would have expected to hear back within 48 hrs, it's now been well past that & my ticket has miraculously disappeared from the client area
  3. WraithWatcher added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Transferring License Query   

    Hello All
    I haven't used my board software now fore over 18 months, however I just renewed it again as I believe I cannot transfer it to someone else unless it is active
    That being said, I also have Blog & Gallery with this licence which I haven't renewed, however I was wondering can I still transfer the entire suite with 2 add ons that are expired?
    So I have IP Board (exp: 25/07/2013)
    Gallery (expired)
    Blog (expired)
    can I transfer all to a new owner who has a use for the software or do I have to renew all addons first?
    I clicked on the Transfer License option in my client centre however it gives me some error & asks that I contact support
    I did this a few days back, thinking I would get a response by now as I sent it to accounts rather than technical support but on looking, it appears my ticket disappeared because it is not showing anywhere any more
    If anyone can answer this for me, that would be appreciated 
  4. WraithWatcher added a comment on a file: IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes   

    Excellent Skin & color changing tool, so easy & my members are going to love it, thank you
  5. WraithWatcher added a comment on a file: User Online Status in Topics   

    Thanks for restoring a feature that the developers removed, very grateful & my members thank you as well

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