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  1. GIANT_CRAB added a post in a topic: Essential IP Nexus documentation missing   

    Since IP Board has their "new SEO" system, is 404'd.
    So where's the article? I tried finding it everywhere but its nowhere to be found.
    Please fix this.

    Edit: Seems like its not the SEO system but rather the documentation being moved to
  2. GIANT_CRAB added a post in a topic: Full HTTPS support   

    Seems like its the template that doesn't support HTTPS, sorry.
  3. GIANT_CRAB added a post in a topic: Full HTTPS support   


    Currently, only the admin area has HTTPS protocol support.
    I think IPB should take it up to the next level, supporting full https protocol through the entire forums, not only the admin area.

    What do you all think? :smile:
  4. GIANT_CRAB added a post in a topic: New customer looking for advice on CDN/PHP Accelerators   

    CDN: MaxCDN (Quality but no Asia support yet)
    PHP caching: xCache (It is currently the fastest)

    APC is supported by PHP team and confirmed to be in PHP 6 (released in 2014), eAccelerator is dead.

    Cloudflare is now a bad CDN provider because they have been "banning"/shutting down sites temporarily that are under heavy attacks. (complains from those who went for the free version)
  5. GIANT_CRAB added a post in a topic: how to speed up things ?   

    PHP caching such as xCache, EA accelerator, etc.
    CDN such as MaxCDN, Cloudflare, etc.
  6. GIANT_CRAB added a post in a topic: IP Downloads deadpooled?   


    I am just wondering if IP.Downloads development is abandoned/dead-pooled?
    I've barely seen any updates on IP.Downloads >_>

    Best regards,
  7. GIANT_CRAB added a post in a topic: IP.Board password hashing is no longer secure   

    [quote name='bfarber' timestamp='1345645253' post='2299662']
    Changing the hashing algorithm is NOT something to be done lightly.


    I also understand that IP.Board password hashing is not that /great/.
    However, there are factors to put into consider:

    Is it really needed to change the hashing method when new hashing algorithms are broken sooner or later?
    Your site must be hacked before the hackers acquire the hashed password; wouldn't it be better to fix your site's loop-holes than to "upgrading" IP.Board's password hashing algorithm?
  8. GIANT_CRAB added a post in a topic: Pointing two domains to 1 website   

    [quote name='THL' timestamp='1345634746' post='2299597']
    Is there anything wrong with pointing two domains to one website, will I be penalised by google or affect seo?

    No, nothing wrong with it unless your "one website's" IP is blacklisted.
  9. GIANT_CRAB added a post in a topic: Video Chat application for IP.Board   

    Comet chat
  10. GIANT_CRAB added a post in a topic: Linux OpenVZ VPS hosting for IPB? How?   

    [quote name='Crimsawn' timestamp='1343227607' post='2290846']
    Intel core i5 4x2.66 ghz
    Ram: 16GB
    2TB space

    Fully managed

    Free plesk for 1 domain free

    Planning to host Minecraft, Team fortress 2, teamspeak, forums, l4d2, killing floor and other game servers hopefully in the future

    Quad cores can't handle so many games.

    You won't want to stress your server too much.
  11. GIANT_CRAB added a post in a topic: Adding the USPS API to Nexus   

    Should add OP delivery, OP delivers for free.


    I second this idea too but it should be done much later on, there are many other things IP.Nexus should focus on instead.
  12. GIANT_CRAB added a post in a topic: Customer from 2 months - opinion.   

    Well, I agree with DavidAM that Nexus needs to be updated or it will continue to lose out to WHMCS and many other client billing softwares.

    Right now, web hosting, including VPS (which nexus does not support yet), is the main thing to earning customers.

    WHMCS is capable of almost everything for web hosting, which makes it a selling product.

    IPS needs to compete against WHMCS.

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