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  1. Meowcious added a post in a topic: New Member Tour / Tutorial Mod   

    Is there a way to create something "twitter-esque" when a new member creates an account?

    So, they would hit register and then the next steps would be some things like:

    "Congratulations! Now that you're account is setup, let's add some profile information." (there is an "OK" and "SKIP" button with the rest of the site dimmed / dark). If they hit OK, they fill out some fields in their edit profile. They then have a big button that says "NEXT" near bottom. "The best way to bla bla bla is to make a post" (user is directed to some forum with a topic already created, they just fill in some info or something) "Finally, why not upload a new gallery image?" (This could be anything like add gallery image, new topic, make a comment, add a friend, like some content, etc.) "This drop down menu (user profile menu) has lots of things like your status updates, edit your profile, your content, etc." "Did you know you can bla bla bla? All you have to do is click here to bla bla!" So essentially, the admin could create as many "steps" as they want as long as it included all the main IPS apps (forum, gallery, content, status updates, calendar, etc.) and the admin has a selection of "actions" they want the new user to go through (like some content, add an image, make a post, comment on an article, etc.) with the option to skip, the order of steps, as well as just "highlight" selected areas of the website to inform the user of what it does. I think one of the issues is that some people, especially new users, have no idea what certain things are. Maybe they don't know what the little notifications icon is or about the profile drop down. This app could be a combination of "tutorial" / "how-tos" as well as some initial content setup like the examples above.

    Thoughts? Would this be a useful app? I think so as it gets the user to add some info right off the bat and let's face it, users (in most cases) like to be lead through some steps.
  2. Meowcious added a post in a topic: Possible for albums by members to be >   

    This is probably impossible, but I have to ask anyway :)

    Is it possible if I set the max albums by a member to be 1, for them to create an album that then becomes their, for example if their username is joey, their new album would be created and the link to said album would be ?

  3. Meowcious added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    Also, I have settings to allow me delete my own comments but it won't let me. Says I do not have permissions.
  4. Meowcious added a post in a topic: Tutorials   

    Possible to change the icons of each tutorial category? I noticed it uses the default icon but is there a way to change these individually?
  5. Meowcious added a comment on a file: IPB Mobile Skin   

    A mobile skin that actually works with Shoutbox?! This is a first! NICE!
  6. Meowcious added a post in a topic: View ALL Unanswered?   

    Topic says it all. Is there a mod or a way to code a "VIEW ALL UNSANSWERED" posts? I know you can sort this IN the categories but I'd like users to click one button to see all unanswered posts from all Q/A enabled forums.
  7. Meowcious added a post in a topic: Tutorials   


    This app seems to be what I'll need soon. Quick question, is there a way so when one clicks "Submit Tutorial", instead of having a drop down to choose category, it loads a page where they can then select a category on the main tutorial submission?

    In short, can this be modified so category selection is simply moved to the tutorial info/submission page?

    I also noticed that the sidebar when viewing a tutorial simply shows "Added On", "Updated On", "Views" and Next/Previous. Then, the entire rest of the sidebar is just blank. I see you can collapse the sidebar which is nice. So, I may just add the Views and Updated on in the main stats under tutorial title and move the Next/Previous into large buttons at the bottom of each tutorial. This would be possible with the right knowledge, correct?
  8. Meowcious added a post in a topic: How to redirect an entire IPS to another site?   

    I'd like to set up my entire IPB site to redirect to another site. How can I do this so that all links incoming to IP.Blog, IP.Store, IP.Content, etc. all go to one other URL?

  9. Meowcious added a post in a topic: Looking for Backup Services [PAID]   

    Not sure, how would I know?

    Right now I just made a complete copy of all my ftp files and I'm uploading them to another folder called backup. From there, I guess I just need to change some settings in the confglobal and import the databases?
  10. Meowcious added a post in a topic: Looking for Backup Services [PAID]   


    I am looking for someone who can make a complete backup of my current IPB website and put it into another directory such as

    My client is willing to pay for this service if it can be done within about 24-36 hours from now.

    Please let me know!
  11. Meowcious added a post in a topic: Nexus - Print Shipping Labels and Postage in BULK - API   

    Still looking for a dev that can do this for good $$$$!
  12. Meowcious added a post in a topic: Out Of Stock <if> statement?   

    I got it working! Will post the live, working version here once the store is live again later this week! Thanks to all who helped!
  13. Meowcious added a post in a topic: Out Of Stock <if> statement?   

    Can you show me an example of what the code would look like? I'm assuming the entire <if> statement that displays the out of stock message would be the "div.outofstock" or whatnot with relative position?
  14. Meowcious added a post in a topic: Out Of Stock <if> statement?   

    Bump! Really need this.

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