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  1. consolearmy added a post in a topic: Custom code has stopped working since upgrade   


    I have a quick question. Since I updated to this new version, a piece of my custom code has stopped working correctly. 

    I have a custom PHP block for IP.Content with the following inserted within:
    $this->DB->build( array( 'select'   => 'm.member_group_id, m.members_display_name, m.members_seo_name',
                                                     'from'     => array( 'members' => 'm' ),
                                                     'where'    => "pc.field_12=1 AND pc.field_13=2 AND pc.field_14=15 AND pc.field_15=1",
                                                     'add_join' => array( 0 => array( 'select' => 'pc.member_id',
                                                                                                                      'from'   => array( 'pfields_content' => 'pc' ),
                                                                                                                      'where'  => 'pc.member_id=m.member_id',
                                                                                                                      'type'   => 'left' ) ),
                                    )          );

    while ( $row = $this->DB->fetch() )
            echo IPSMember::makeProfileLink( IPSMember::makeNameFormatted( $row['members_display_name'], $row['member_group_id'] ), $row['member_id'], $row['members_seo_name'] ) . "<br />";

    So, it is grabbing members from the database if they fulfil the Custom Profile Field values which are ran through the system.

    The problem is, where there is more than one member that fulfills the values, it only returns the first members - it does not return any other members.

    Could you please direct me as to what as changed for this to happen? If necessary escalate this up to development

    Many Thanks
  2. consolearmy added a post in a topic: ProMenu Plus   

    I just purchased your APP, installed it into my FTP and IPB ACP. It installed fine, however, I cant fin it in the "other apps" section. Any idea?
  3. consolearmy added a post in a topic: IP chat background color   

    Usually IPB Staff are very fast in responding to queries. Whats going on?
  4. consolearmy added a post in a topic: IP chat background color   

    Is their a way to change the  IP chat background color ? its white and hurts everyone's eyes lol . Directions would be ace :)
  5. consolearmy added a post in a topic: Issue with the color in the text area   

    Yes I would like to this as well. My members are complaining that the white is just too bright, especially since the rest of thew website is dark grey.

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    Did anyone get a small downtime saying "Error communicating with license server?"

    1. JPavey

      I guess its not just me, IPB services must be having some downtime :/

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      downtime D:

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    PSN Down "indefinitely", 71 million people's details stolen by hackers - Not Good

    1. Amy T

      What site is that?

    2. Connor T

      They messed with geohot then graf, the internet isn't forgiven. Sony had it coming.

    3. dogpatch

      sony had it coming.

    4. TheRevTastic

      Anonymous hasn't taken responsibility for it, they even said they didn't do it, coming from a group that loves telling people that they did what happened.