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  1. Mark H added a post in a topic: Maximum number of friends in the counter   

    You would need to login here using your customer account and ask the question in an appropriate area of the forum, or file a ticket to support for assistance.
    Thank you.
  2. Mark H added a post in a topic: IPS 4 Question   

    Yes, it will. As long as the license has active support, you'll have access to that and the Beta/RC versions now.
    And each purchase comes with 6 months of support, so you should be fine.
  3. Mark H added a post in a topic: Is this a bug?   

    That does appear to be a bug, though it's a cosmetic issue that shouldn't prevent normal usage.
    Can you please post that in the Bug Tracker?
  4. Mark H added a post in a topic: What do you do in your spare time?   

    Spare time, eh. Lately, that's been spent gaming. Dragon Age Inquisition. Can't wait for the new Witcher either.
  5. Mark H added a post in a topic: Hybrid Hard Drives   

    Go with a good brand like Intel or Samsung. The few extra dollars spent are well worth it. I have 9 Samsung SSD's among 4 computers, 128 GB to 512 GB, mostly the 840 and 840 Pro models, with a couple 850 Pro's. Rhett swears by Intel SSD's, which are at least as good, or better, than Samsung, really.
  6. Mark H added a post in a topic: Just one word to describe this man   

    I saw the first pilot and the second, and then every episode of the the original series. Leonard Nimoy was one of those actors who quietly went about his work with little to no ego, and some of his other talents weren't well-known, photography being one.
    We lost a real gentleman in him, and yes... a legend.
    R.I.P. "Mr. Spock".
  7. Mark H added an answer to a question: What are the largest websites using IP Suite?   

    There's also
    18.6 million posts makes it one of the largest I've seen.
  8. Mark H added a post in a topic: What server company are you using?   

    As noted, that's something you would have to discuss on another site such as webhostingtalk. You'll get more unbiased information.
    And your ticket will be addressed when it comes up in its department queue.
    Thank you.
  9. Mark H added a post in a topic: What server company are you using?   

    I'm not sure if you're asking us which provider we use for our community in the cloud hosting, or asking others what host they use.
    Details about our network are, understandably I believe, not something we publish.
    And since we offer hosting, we do not permit discussion of other hosts here. That's something best done on a site like webhostingtalk.
    Thank you.
  10. Mark H added a post in a topic: All new users being autobanned   

    The account used to make this topic is a Visitor account and not a Customer account.
    You'll need to login with your customer account, and ask about that in an appropriate support area, or file a ticket to support.
    Thank you.
  11. Mark H added a post in a topic: Demo not functioning   

    We had an issue with the Demo system that has been fixed, though there are a number of demo installs stacked up so it will be a short while before those get done.
    Please try the link again in an hour or two. If it continues to fail, please send an email to sales as Andy suggested.
  12. Mark H added a post in a topic: Cover photo size   

    From your wording I can't tell if you're asking what that feature is, or how to configure it.
    If the former, it's the defined size of album or category cover photos.
    If the latter, that's not a pre-sales question, and you'd have to login with your customer account, then ask in an appropriate support area or within a support ticket.
    Thank you.
  13. Mark H added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [UPGRADE] Offline flag and text not preserved
    Upgrades are not honoring the site offline flag, nor preserving its offline text message.
    When the upgrade is done, the site is online, and when you go to turn it off, the offline text is gone. Some people have rather complex offline messages they will want to preserve.
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  14. Mark H added a post in a topic: vB4 to IPB4?   

    Our converter script can handle a number of other software and versions.
    Please see this page for more information:
  15. Mark H added a post in a topic: Top support via Lindy   

    Thank you for your kind words.
    Lindy is good people.

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