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  1. Mark H added a comment: 4.0.3 - Let us know when you get there and try again   

    Post feedback in the forums, please.
  2. Mark H added a post in a topic: i want to buy this script i need some information   

    You can purchase a Standard License for IP.Board, the cost is $175.00. The addons such as Blog, Gallery, etc, are priced separately.
    Purchase includes 6 months of support and upgrades.
    Once support expires, you can renew for 6 more months (see our pricing page for renewal prices, they are much smaller than the purchase price) or, if you choose not to renew, you can continue to use the software with the version you have installed at the time of expiration.
    Pricing and terms can be found here:
  3. Mark H added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Chat - Guests cannot use Chat, only shows spinning circle.
    The guest group can be chosen to have access, but if a guest enters the room, all they will see is a spinning circle.
    Others already in the room see a very long session id (?) attached to the guest name, and the menu does list them as being in the room, but it never resolves fully.
    Ticket 912501 and I've verified on 3 test installs.
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  4. Mark H added a comment: Staff Directory - "See more" issue   

    Ticket 912369 for more details.
  5. Mark H added a post in a topic: ip Chat error 2H269 / 2   

    I believe this was addressed in your ticket, but for anyone reading, Chat permissions in v4 are set in the Group. That is being investigated to see if it can be made more clear in a future version.
  6. Mark H added a post in a topic: Questions before Purchase   

    Thank you for your business, and welcome to IPS.
  7. Mark H added a post in a topic: bug in RC 7a unicode   

    The account used to post this topic is not a customer account, I'm afraid.
    You'll need to login with your customer email address and password, then inquire in a support area, or file a ticket to support.
    As this is not a pre-sales question, the topic will be closed.
    Thank you.
  8. Mark H added a post in a topic: "Recent Topics" etc?   

    If you have a v4 demo, that's done on the front end. Mid-page, on the left is a right-arrow icon.
    Hover over it and it will say "Manage Blocks". Click it and it will open the Block Manager. Drag/drop the blocks, then click Finish when done.
  9. Mark H added a post in a topic: That chat bubble is bugging me ;-)   

    Correct, it's not showing now, if no one is in Chat.
    We listened.
  10. Mark H added a comment: [RC3] https for logins redirect loop   

    Ticket 911434
    For anyone reading... it's not obvious, but the form action is using https.
  11. Mark H added a post in a topic: Being Nosy Topic- Age-How old are you.   

    If you had asked the question two months from now, I'd be the only one responding in the "60+" group.
  12. Mark H added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 BETA DOWNLOAD   

    There is no publicly available "demo" for version 4.
    It's not released yet, but there is a Release Candidate available to Customers with active support.
    Your account shows as a visitor (non-customer), however. In order to download anything from the Marketplace, or to access the Release Candidate, you'd need to login with your customer account email and password.
    Thank you.
  13. Mark H added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC6] Manual task rebuild has fatal errors again.
    Manual rebuild of tasks, after successful upgrade, throws a fatal error again after running for a few minutes.
    That worked fine in previous RC's on this particular test install, but looks like the problem has returned.
    Pinning in case this is endemic.
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  14. Mark H added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [UTF-8 Converter] says external archive DB is already at UTF-8, but it isn't.
    Have a separate archive database.
    The stand-alone converter "sees" it, but says it's already using UTF-8.
    However, the table is actually latin1_swedish_ci.
    (Possibly related to the other two reports I filed today about an external archive database?)
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  15. Mark H added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [UTF-8 Converter] Browser method, Archive tab, error after first step
    In the stand-alone converter, browser method, if there's an external database defined in conf_global, a new tab "Archive" shows.
    Use that and it does start the conversion on the external DB, but after finishing the first step (which does convert the tables correctly), it throws an error about a duplicate table name when finishing, and appears to be looping back to itself. Manual check of the DB shows the table was converted, and the orig_table is there as well.
    If a table prefix is in the mix, there are more issues. Filed that as separate bug report.
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